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2012 Super Awesome Power Tool Gift Guide

Christmas Gnome

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be upon us shortly which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the handy guy or gal on your shopping list. We here at Coptool put together a few nice gift ideas we personally wouldn’t mind unwrapping Christmas morning. With a wide variety of price ranges and interests in mind hopefully some of the items on this list will be that perfect gift or at least give you some good ideas for yourself.

The Latest & Greatest Gadgets of 2012 (more…)

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Porter Cable ClampSaw Now Available in 18 Volt Cordless


While we have not had much experience with the Porter Cable 12V ClampSaw we have had a fair amount of time with the Dewalt 12V recip that shares a similar design (minus the clamp). For the Dewalt it was a very positive experience; see our recent post on 12V Recip Saw Showdown. The Porter Cable ClampSaw probably should have been included in our original test as it is one of the most popular 12V cordless saws on the market thanks to the nice design coupled with its low price point and easy accessibility at the Lowe’s. For more info on the 18V version checkout the full Porter Cable press release below.


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Porter Cable 2.5amp Oscillating Multi-Tool PC250MTK Review


Being one of the last to the oscillating tool party has had its advantages for Porter Cable and their new PC250MTK ($104, Amazon) Multi-Tool. To start with they bumped up the horse power to a larger 2.5 amp motor and added a 10’ corded for better worksite maneuverability. The feel of the unit also seems a little more thought out and comfortable, like they laid out all the competitors and said how can we do this better. Check out this detailed Video from WoodCraft blog:


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Porter-Cable Launches 18V Cordless High Pressure Tire Inflator

Just last week Porter Cable announced a low profile cordless drill which really seems to be targeting more professional users and then this week they are announcing the launch of a cordless tire inflator. Interesting mix of products and both have their place certainly but we are curious what the master plan is for the Porter Cable 18V cordless. Price for the inflator will be less than $50 and should be available soon.


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PORTER-CABLE 18 Volt, Two-Speed Close Quarters Drill PCC520B

Information on this drill was just released today and it looks like it could be a very handy addition for many plumbers, electrician or anyone who finds them themselves in tight situations. The projected cost for the bare tool would be $79 at any Lowes or online at Amazon. It does not look like there is going to be a kit with batteries and charger available at launch in November but our guess is it would not be far behind.      


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Porter Cable 1.25HP Compact Router Combo 450PK Review

Several months ago Porter Cable launched this new compact router as a fixed base unit 450 ($99, Amazon) as well as with a fixed/plunge base combo kit 450PK ($162, Amazon). The unit is designed to compete with other palm routers in a heavy duty production environments, so while it is compact and inexpensive it also needs to stand up to all day abuse. At the same time the lower price and versatility do make it an attractive purchase for the DIY users as a starter router.

The Porter Cable vs DeWalt Compact Router Kit

Just prior to the Porter Cable launch, DeWalt launched the almost identical looking compact router kit DW611PK ($179, Amazon), which you can read more on in a post we did here. There are some differences in the two brands and we think this was really handled pretty nicely. The Porter Cable has the lower price but also loses a few of the bells and whistles including the LED lights on the base and variable speed control. In terms of motor, soft start, digital speed control, etc the units are pretty much the same and should perform equally well however we have only seen the DeWalt and have not given it a full test drive.


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Porter Cable 23ga Nailer PIN138 & Compressor C2004 – Review

In the interest of full disclosure this is the first time we really have spend any significant amount of time with a pin nailer. Previously we had thought of an 18ga brad nailer more as the go to finishing tool for molding, trims and regular finishing. The pin nailer, in our head, seemed more for decorative accents or craft projects.

After some research and using the Porter Cable PIN138 ($136, Amazon) a couple of times we are starting to feel pretty stupid for that kind of thinking. Similar to how we felt the first few times we used an impact driver instead of a traditional drill several years back. Now we are curious just what all this little pinner is capable of, in chatting with some folks in different construction forums they were discussing techniques of using liquid nail and pins (more to secure while the adhesive dries) to install crown molding. That seems pretty optimistic but they are having success with it and no need to go back and fill holes.


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Stanley Black & Decker Sells Popular Woodworking Brand Delta


A few weeks back it was it was announced that Stanley Black & Decker would sell off the popular woodworking brand Delta to the Taiwanese company Chang Type Industries. Ltd. (TOTY). As huge multinational companies who own all our long time favorite tool brands pass them around like cards in a game of poker what does this mean for brand dependability? How does it play out for Stanley as a company with all its other brands and what about the new Delta Power Equipment Corp moving forward?


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Porter Cable 7 1/4-in 15 Amp Circular Saw PC15TCSMK

Back in April Porter Cable announced a new Heavy Duty 15 Amp 7-1/4in Circular Saw. We were lucky enough to have one sent to us for testing and over the last month we have used it on several basic projects. The unit is intended for serious DIY and professional use with many nice features at a reasonable price.


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International Woodworkers Fair (IWF) 2010 Review & Videos


The 2010 IWF Show was last week in Atlanta, Ga and while we could not make the show we of course were waiting patiently for news of new products, reviews and videos to be available. Unfortunately we were a little disappointed; typically the woodworking crowd is pretty internet savvy when it comes to blogging, videos and updates. Even with the show reduction in size and several vendors pulling out all together we thought there would be a little more coverage. The good news is our buddy Chris Marshall with Woodworker’s Journal was on hand with a camera crew and got many of the highlights, which were up almost instantly.


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