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Stanley Black & Decker to Acquire Powers Fasteners?


Being on the inside of the tool business we can tell you there is one common enemy most power tool brands share, Hilti. This is because Hilti has done 3 unique things that really separated them from the competition of Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, etc. Those 3 things are going direct, selling the “complete solution” and locking in customers with leases which are very hard to leave. In the 2000’s Hilti was on fire but with the downturn then relatively flat economy, the going direct option has become a somewhat shaky proposition. The practice of locking customers in with leases that can cost 2-3+ times the price of the competitor’s tools has absolutely backfired in many cases.


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Powers TriggerFoam Pro – Fire Block, AllSeason, Window & Door

Available now are several new options in the Powers Fasteners line of professional TriggerFoam. Powers has had excellent expanding insulating Foam products, 29oz 08132N ($10/can) which include the disposable straw trigger with each can. The new TriggerFoam system required the use of a dispensing gun which is certainly not disposable. The Deluxe Trigger Gun 08128 ($119, Ohio Power Tool) themselves demand a pretty decent price but provides the highest level of flow control possible while allowing users to get into pretty tight spots. When professional quality is required this is definitely the way to go.

For a limited time & while supplies last Ohio Power Tool will provide a FREE Deluxe Trigger Gun ($119 value) with every order that has a minimum of 2 cases (24 cans, mix & match) purchased. Call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 to take advantage of this deal, while it is still offered!


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Powers C5 Trak-It Gas Tool Wins the Shoot Out for Ohio Casino

Gas Fastening has become the standard for many construction professionals and one area we have seen a lot of innovation. Powers Fasteners at the 2011 STAFDA trade show announced the launch of their new Trak-It C5 Gas Tool ($699, Ohio Power Tool) along with a full line of new C5 Anchoring Pins. Each box of pins includes 800 which now also include a C5 Red Fuel Cell in each box. This simplifies everything and with the rechargeable battery lasting 4500 pins minimizes most of the downtime. The new C5 system works with all the Powers Stick-E installation accessories people have come to depend on at the jobsite. How does the new C5 compare to Hilti’s Gas Tool? They went head to head on the half billion dollar Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio, see who won in the potrion of the Powers press release we posted below the video.


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How to Install Concrete Dropin Anchors that can be Inspected


On any large commercial construction job anywhere in the country there are going to be thousands of Dropin Anchors installed. One of the biggest problems however is that there is no great way to inspect the installation afterwards. There are horror stories out there of anchors installed improperly and failing as well as stories of building inspectors having companies redo the whole process because they were not happy with the installation. Typically the installation of a dropin overhead is a very tiring and uncomfortable job and sometimes entrusted to the greenest guy on the job. The Powers Fastener Smart DI+ Dropin System not only takes much of the manual labor out of the process but also clearly marks the anchor for easy inspection later.


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Bosch Stop Bits – Perfect Tool for setting Drop-In Anchors


These new SDS-Plus Bosch Bits are specifically made to drill the exact depth of the most popular Drop-In anchors. This is a much better method of installing these type of drop-ins quickly and accurately every time. Joe from  does a great job of demonstration how these are used in this YouTube video with the Bosch press release below that. If you are interested in purchasing some of these bits call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 or get them online under SDS-Plus Bosch Bits.


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Powers Fasteners Free Design Software & Estimator Tools

It is impressive how helpful the team from Powers Fasteners can be at times, they are very dedicated to supporting every level of users that would have interaction with their products from architect to installer. There are several useful resources you can find on the web, including detailed Training Videos for a variety of products as well as a handy Epoxy Volume Estimator to help more accurately calculate amounts of Powers Chemical Anchors required for any given job.

The product that impressed us most however was the Powers Design Assist (PDA) Software which is built for architects and engineers to use in the early design stages. The software put technical data into a real-time environment and helps you visualize, consider and specify anchors in today’s changing engineering climate. Did we mention it’s completely Free software to download (click the link above) which you wouldn’t even need to use Powers Fasteners to find helpful.

If you have any specific questions on Powers Fasteners products, another excellent resource for professional support would be Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email     


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DOT Approved List for Anchoring Systems by State

For anyone that does work with any of the Department of Transportation (DOT) across the country this may be a helpful list. The links are to copies of the approvals for your records. The list was provided by Powers Fasteners and you can order these products online from the Chemical Anchors & Fasteners page from Free freight and discount on pallet orders for all the epoxy, chemical anchors as well as Mechanical Anchors for Powers Fasteners. If you have additional questions call 800-242-4424.   


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PowerPatch Concrete Repair Kit from Powers Fasteners

I recently sat through an hour plus presentation on new building code compliance for “Cracked Concrete” and the different products available from Powers Fasteners. As you can imagine this was a thrilling endeavor but unlike the name might suggest, it had nothing to do with fixing cracks in concrete. Instead it was all about what different types of concrete fasteners that meet the new codes for use in buildings today (even more exciting than you thought right). Powers does however make a great product for fast setting crack repairs in concrete floors and roads called PowerPatch. Also World of Concrete 2010 is only a few days and I need to bone up on my product knowledge.

The Concrete PowerPatch Kit ($153, Ohio Power Tool) is a 3 step process where an equal part A & B are mixed together then 3 times part C (aggregate) is added. The mix is incredibly fast acting and can be ready for road traffic in as little as 15 minutes. This product is idea for repairing heavy traffic sprall, patching bridge deck, walk-in freezer floor (cures in 60 minutes at 10°f), airport runways or patch prior to coating applications. The area does need to be very clean and dry before applying. Checkout the video below for more information:


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