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Ridgid SeeSnake DVDPak – LCD vs OLED

The DVDPak monitor and DVD recording units are available and shipping now! Super news, however there are 4 model options to choice from and you might want to spend a minute to make sure to get the right one for you. The big decision is LCD vs OLED screen. The LCD screen is larger at 5.7” vs OLED which is 4.3”. Both units are priced the same so you would think it’s a no brainer right. However OLED has higher resolution (480×272 OLED vs 320×240 LCD) but this also means the screen ration is slightly wider. I don’t know if there is possible visibility loss from the camera but traditional screens are 640×480 the same ratio as LCD screen. That would lead me to believe if there were image cutoff or stretching it would occur on the OLED (this would be a very minor effect). The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is the newer technology and is in debate on whether it will take over LCD as the new TV technology. For this application however the OLED has a big advantage in that it can operate in temperatures from -30f to 130f which is huge if you are going to leave this monitor in the truck during winter nights or summer days. The choice is yours, choose wisely.    

All the units feature full SeeSnake controls on the monitor, the ability to fully power any size SeeSnake camera reel from the microDRAIN 32663 to a 325’ self-leveling SeeSnake Plus. The units also features the new line trace technology which allows you to energize the entire camera and trace the full path of the camera (not just the head) using Ridgid locating equipment.

Ohio Power Tool has all 4 models available OLED 32923, OLED w/battery 33203, LCD 32673 & LCD w/battery 33198. If you get the unit by without batteries now and decide later you want to add the Ridgid batteries & charger, no problem. As always the Ridgid experts at Ohio Power Tool are happy to work with you to configure the right SeeSnake system and answer any questions you might have. If you are in the area all these units will be available to demo Friday August 14th at the Ridgid Roadshow in Columbus, Ohio.    

See more live pictures of the OLED DVDPak unit in this Album


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Ridgid Reputation Roadshow – Really Nice Deals

There are a lot of reasons to come checkout the Ridgid Road Show at anyone of the stops on their nationwide tour. There will be several knowledgeable Ridgid employees on hand to answer questions, train on equipment and demo the newest products. You will get free Ridgid products like tee shirts and hats with additional chances to win prizes such as a Micro SeeSnake. There will be a Ridgid Calendar Girl to meet and have sign your Ridgid Calendar, CJ Perry will be at the Ohio Power Tool Event, with different models at each stop. There will also be Free Lunch and who doesn’t love free food. I’ve seen two grown men put on dresses & wigs and race each other on ice in front of 10,000+ for free pizza, at a hockey game. All you need to do for this free food is stop by the Roadshow between 11am-2pm.

As if all this wasn’t good enough to get you to come to Ohio Power Tool in 3 weeks (Friday, August 14th) there are also some amazing deals on all Ridgid Products. Ohio Power Tool is supporting this event with some really nice specials such as a limited number of FREE Wet/Dry vacs (model 96877 above) with any order over $250, nearly $80 in free goods, instantly. For larger orders the deals look just as good and leasing options are also available through 3rd parties working with Ohio Power Tool specifically on the Ridgid Roadshow event. An example I saw for a short term lease payment was around $300/month for a Full Size SeeSnake & Scout Locator.   

These deals are only good the day of the event however it is highly recommended that you call Ohio Power Tool and pre-order your Ridgid Products now, so the products will actually be in-stock the day of the show. Even the $250 orders should be pre-ordered if you are hoping to get one of the FREE wet/dry vacs.  Lease options can take up to a week to setup so there is no time like the present. Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email for more information on the Ridgid Roadshow event and specials.


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New Ridgid 118 AUTOFEED Cutter with Ratchet Handle

The Ridgid Model 118 Close Quarter AUTOFEED Cutter 86127 ($23.57) was recently introduced which improves on the previous cutter designs by incorporating AUTOFEED. This feature automatically continues to tighten as the unit turns after the knob is tightened just once. This feature is ideal for tight spaces but actually very helpful anywhere. The model 118 is designed for use on copper, aluminum and brass with capacity ranging from ¼” to 1-1/8”.


Ridgid has again improved upon this design by incorporating a ratcheting handle. The model 118 cutter attaches to the handle but can still be removed and used without. Together they can fit into extremely tight spaces and with the ratcheting action operate with as little as 10 degrees of movement. The New model 118 w/ Handle 32573 is only a few dollars more at $29.57.

If you have any questions about any of the Ridgid Cutters or other Ridgid plumbing equipment contact the guys at Ohio Power Tool either by phone 800-242-4424 or by email at Also don’t forget if you are going to be in Ohio Friday, August 14th to check out the Ridgid Roadshow. It will be a great chance to play with all the new Ridgid Plumbing Tools, meet a calendar girl, get some free lunch and take advantage of some really great special promotions at the show for that day only.


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CJ Perry – Ridgid Calendar Girls 2009

An update on the Ridgid Roadshow stop for Columbus, Ohio on Friday, August 14th. Possibly the most important detail for some… Who is the Ridgid Calendar Girl that will be there? It has been confirmed CJ Perry (January/February 2009) will be at Ohio Power Tool signing free Ridgid calendars. I googled her and found her Model Mayhem profile. Apparently she is also very accomplished in all types of dance and being insanely hot is just a way to pay the bills. Below is a little about her and a youtube video of her “Reel”. We look forward to having her out to visit.

A little about myself, I am Portuguese but grew up in a little country called Latvia which is the Former Soviet Union. That is where I got my professional ballet training and danced with the Latvian National Ballet Company and a Professional Modern Dance company starting at the age of 14. At 17 I moved to NYC where I danced with Ballet Hispanico and Alvin Ailey. Major in Dance at Florida State University in Dance and Acting.

In College I started break dancing which lead me to tour and work with artist such as Keri Hilson, T.I, Rich Boy, Akon, Bow Wow and Paula Deanda.

I love modeling, singing, acting and dancing and take my career very seriously. I am very passionate about my work and I am easy to work with!



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Ridgid 65S Stainless Steel 1/4″-2 5/8″ Tube Cutter 31803

The new 65S stainless steel tubing cutter from Ridgid can handle from ¼ – 2 5/8” stainless tube. This cutter has been designed specifically for stainless so it’s built to do the tough cutting.  Available now from Ohio Power Tool the 65S (Ridgid 31803) is on sale for $62.92. This is a great addition to the hand tubing cutters, featuring similar improvements as the very popular 35S (Ridgid 29963) stainless steel tubing cutter that can handle ¼ – 1 3/8” tubing. Official Ridgid release info below.    

RIDGID is proud to continue its tradition of delivering the most innovative products in the market by introducing the 65S Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter. The 65S has been designed to optimize cutting performance on Stainless Steel Tube and build on our successful line of cutters for a wide variety of pipe, tube types and sizes.

The 65S features six individual bearings that replace traditional rollers and a specially-designed heavy duty cutter wheel with bearings to create a smoother, faster cut. The oversized, easy-to-grip, X-CEL® knob is especially helpful for easier and quicker adjustments while cutting tube. This tool works for you as it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, while rotating the cutter around the tube, making a more precise cut. Lastly, the X-CEL wheel pin means a quick and easy, no-tools-required wheel change on the job site.


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Ridgid Upgrade – Microsite

Ridgid has recently introduced several new Seesnake Inspection monitors, dvd recorders and reels with several more on the way. We had previously posted some information about these new items but Ridgid has also created a great microsite ( just for these new products with additional pictures, videos, PDFs, specs and more.

Some of the new items are in-stock and available now but we are still waiting on the DVDPak & MicroDRAIN. You can pre-order both items from Ohio Power Tool and will get them as soon as they are released without worry of running out of stock and backorders.

If videos aren’t good enough and you want to see the real deal in action there is always the Ridgid Roadshow which is currently traveling around the country, showing off all the new and existing equipment. All this plus there will be free lunch and Ridgid Girls. Mark your calendars for Friday, August 14th when the show stops at Ohio Power Tool in Columbus.        


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The Ridgid Roadshow Adds One More Stop – Columbus, OH

The Ridgid Reputation Road Show kicked off in Vegas a little over a week ago and will be touring the nation all summer long. The shows will feature some of the new products coming out this summer such as the MicroDrain, LCDPak, DVDPak and lots of other fun goodies. There will be expert Ridgid staff on hand, a Ridgid calendar girl, skill competitions, prizes and some grub for everyone.

Checkout the official Road Show website with a list of Cities & Dates near you –

However this site will need to be updated because a new date has just been added today for FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th in COLUMBUS, OHIO. This might not apply to most of you but if it does mark your calendar because it’ll be a good one. The sponsoring site for Columbus will be Ohio Power Tool, your favorite spot for Ridgid Plumbing Tools. If you have any questions about the Columbus event specifically please feel free to email See you there.


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RIDGID Video Contest 2009 – “Luck of the Draw”

Back for 2009 the Ridgid Video Contest is open and taking submissions until July 31st. That gives you a few months to write the screen play for the greatest plumber adventure ever, hire A-list celebrity actors, build elaborate futuristic sets, tie it all together with amazing CGI effects and submit the video… or get a case of beer, a few buddies, a video camera and give it your best shot on a Sunday afternoon. Either way it should be fun to make.    

Grand prize is $2500 in new Ridgid gear which is perfect because it times up almost exactly with the release of the New microDRAIN & DVDPak both in that price range. Top 5 semi-finalists get an all expense paid trip to Cleveland, Ohio for the Ridgid Round-Up and maybe more importantly you get bragging rights on the Ridgid Forum. If you have no interest in entering the contest no worries but you can still enjoy the videos from 2008, which you can watch on the contest site and check back in a few months for the 2009 new ones.  


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New Ridgid SeeSnake Inspection Products

At the recent Pumper Show in Louisville, Ridgid showed off a wide range of new products in the SeeSnake inspection line. Some of the products are available now and other we will have to wait until summer (probably July or August). Here is a quick rundown of the new products:

LCDPak – SeeSnake 10.4” LCD Monitor – $2635
 Compact & Lightweight size
 Can operate whole SeeSnake system on 1 or 2 18V Ridgid Batteries
 New Integrated Line Trace Feature allows you to trace the push cable with your RIDGID® locator (requires transmitter)
 Available Now!
 Models: 31763 Monitor Only & 32898 w/ 2 Batteries

MINIPak – SeeSnake 5.7” LCD Monitor
– $1795   
 Compact & Lightweight size
 Can operate whole system on 18V Ridgid Battery
 New Integrated Line Trace Feature allows you to trace the push cable with your RIDGID® locator (requires transmitter)
 Available Now!
 Models: 32668 Monitor Only & 32748 w/ Battery

New SeeSnake Color Compact 100’ – $5074
 Uses new MINIPak 5.7” monitor
 Can operate whole system on 18V Ridgid Battery
 New Integrated Line Trace Feature allows you to trace the push cable with your RIDGID® locator (requires transmitter)
 Available Now!
 Models: 32913 w/o Battery & 32903 w/ Battery

DVDBase – DVD Recording Accessory
– $1364   
 Connects to any Ridgid Monitor with Video Output
 Can operate recorder on 18V Ridgid Battery
 Fully Weatherized Design protects your equipment whatever the job conditions
 Available Now!
 Models: 32678 w/o Battery & 33098 w/ Battery

DVDPak – OLED Monitor & DVD Recording – $2596
 Use with any Ridgid SeeSnake Reel
 Can operate whole system on 18V Ridgid Battery
 Fully Weatherized Design protects your equipment whatever the job conditions
 Available this Summer – PRE-ORDER now!
 Models: 32923 w/o Battery & 33203 w/ Battery

microDRAIN – 30’ Inspection System – $1685
 Use with microEXPLORER or other SeeSnake monitors
 22mm flexible head fits through toilet traps and tight turns  
 Compact & Lightweight size make it easy to take on any job
 Available this Summer – PRE-ORDER now!
 Models: 33103 microDRAIN only & 32928 w/ microEXPLORER

If you have any questions about any of the Ridgid Plumbing Products please do not hesitate to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 or email, new products, repairs, rentals, parts, etc.   


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How Do I See Past the Toilet Trap? …microDrain

Our hopes for the original Ridgid Seesnake Micro were crushed when we found out it couldn’t get past the traps. When we heard the 9.5mm head was coming there was again discussion it would be more flexible and it would do the job but again hopes and dream down the drain. Then news of the microExplorer… surely this would be the answer to our prayers but with all the great new features it still could not pass the trap test… until now.

Finally Ridgid has solved the problem once and for all. Coming this summer you can get your hands on a simple portable machine that will take you to the promise land on the other side of that trap. It is called the Ridgid microDrain and you can see the video of it in action below (Ohio Power Tool will have pre-ordering available several months before its release). It will work with the Ridgid microExplorer which means you can capture pictures and video onto your SD card. It also means you have another reason to pickup the Explorer now if you haven’t already got one. The new microDrain is basically a 30ft push cable on a light weight reel (8.6 lbs together) with a 22mm head, small enough for toilet traps and 1-1/4” lines. The Explorer attaches perfectly for a very compact nice package which will be very easy to carry around.    

Ridgid Micro Explorer

This makes me even more excited about the future investment Ridgid is putting into the Micro Explorer product. We still haven’t seen any updates about what is to come for the expansion slots but the hope is we could see thermal, infrared or other imaging technologies available which could greatly expand the functionality of these cameras. Obviously that means the Explorer is going to be around for several years to come in its current form so no excuses not to get one.     



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