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Rotozip RotoSaw 5.5 Amp Basic No Frills Spiral Saw SS355-10


Rotozip has been known for their spiral saws for over 40 years, so when they redesigned their staple product and actually reduced the number of SKUs we were interested. The new RotoSaw ($69, Ohio Power Tool) is similar to its predecessor, Rotozip DR1 which had been the market leader however it gets a new 5.5 amp motor that cuts the weight to provide the best power to weight in the class.


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Dremel & Rotozip Father’s Day Gold Partner Promotions

Earlier this week we mentioned the very aggressive Father’s Day Bosch Gold Partner online promotion, see post, good for up to 20% off basically everything. Ohio Power Tool is also a Gold Partner for Dremel and Rotozip and both companies also have online Father’s Day Promotions good until June 23rd, 2012.

The Dremel deal is only good for the Rotary Tools & Accessories. Promo Coupon Code DREMEL10 can be used on the first page of checkout for an additional $10 off orders $125 and above. Unfortunately this coupon is not good on the Dremel Multi-Max Tools or the new Saw-Max Tools.


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Rotozip ZipSaw RFS1000-20 vs Dremel Saw-Max SM20-02

A little over a year ago Rotozip launched the ZipSaw RFS1000-20 ($89, Ohio Power Tool) and then more recently Dremel a similar tool with the Saw-Max SM20-02 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Because the two are fairly similar we thought it might be helpful to look at some of the differences between the two units. Their price points and barrage of TV commercials will no doubt make both hot holiday gift items this year but which one is right for you (or whomever is receiving it)?


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FREE SHIPPING on Bosch – Dremel – CST/Berger – Rotozip

Thinking about ordering some tools before the end of the year? Ohio Power Tool is offering FREE SHIPPING on all Bosch, Dremel, CST/Berger & Rotozip until the end of 2010. The Free Shipping applies to all Tools & Accessories simply use coupon code “HOLIDAYS” in step 1 of the checkout process. There are a few limitations such as order must be over $99.00, individual items cannot weigh over 70lbs, and promo does not apply to shipments outside the continental US. The FREE SHIPPING will travel by UPS Ground and will often ship the same day if item is in-stock.  


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Dremel Trio Tool 6800-01 Review for Cutting, Sanding, Routing


Dremel has been known for years for their small high-quality rotary tools, and then a little over a year ago the company launched the Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool. Right off the bat the Multi-Max was a huge success among home owners as well as some professionals, making the Multi-Max the most popular power tool of 2009 (according to their sales rep). When the Dremel Trio 6800-01 was getting ready to launch, Home Depot locked in a 3 month exclusive deal for these units. So you may have already seem them but now they can be found all over and we were lucky enough to get a unit to test out.


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Rotozip Variable Speed Spiral Saw RZ2000 Kit

It is pretty safe to say Rotozip has gone well beyond a handy tool for cutting out drywall at this point. The inventor of the spiral saw is still the best option for quick cutting in drywall but now the tools come standard with attachments to use the XWheel & ZipWheel saw blades. This changes the whole functionality of these tools and opens the gates to a wide range of cutting in metal, tile, masonry, stone, wood, grout removal and other materials. While these new Rotozip Accessories have been out over a year now, some of the trades they are best intended are just now adopting them.

The RZ2000 Spiral Saw Kit ($167 Ohio Power Tool) is the latest kit to come out and includes an even better saw attachment head with a handle. The saw is more powerful at 6.0amp, variable speed (15,000-30,000RPM), ideal for the growing range of applications. The kit also has a variety of saw blades and rotary bits all packed into a nice new case.

Checkout all the different options for Rotozip Spiral Saws and Accessories as well as the very popular Tile Dock ($69 Ohio Power Tool). You can see the Tile Dock and Diamond bit in the video below. Rotozip is a part of Bosch Tool so you know the quality is excellent, it also means the cordless Rotozip works with the Bosch 18v litheon batteries. If you have any questions about Rotozip tools email   


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New Video for Bosch Diamond Hole Saws


Last month Bosch introduced their new line of Diamond Grit Hole saws (see original post).  The new hole saws are basically broken into two different groups the Mini & Auto-Start hole saws. The mini hole saws go from 3/16” to 5/8” and do not us a pilot, instead you need to start the bit at a 45 degree angle and work it into a vertical position. For the ¾” to 4-1/8” diamond hole saws the Auto-Start bit is used to give an exact measure on where the hole needs to line up and start the cut. Once started the Auto-Start bit is removed and the Diamond Hole Saw can continue cutting through the material. Adding water to cool the bit will extend the life of the bit significantly. Ohio Power Tool stocks the complete line of Bosch Hole Saws including the new Diamond Grit Hole Saws. Checkout the video below for a basic demonstration on how these different hole saws work. (The work surface in the video is the Rotozip Tile Dock, ideal for this application.)


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How to Cut Floor Tile with Rotozip Tools

I recently saw a demo of the new Rotozip Tile-Dock and CR18L Cordless Rotozip, which uses the Bosch 18v Litheon batteries. There were several things I though were interesting about the demo starting with the Tile-Dock TD1-10. I’ve never seen anything like it, although I’m not a professional floor guy, but the few tiling projects I’ve done this would have been big help. Lightweight easy to carry, stores all the accessories and has a dust collection hook-up which is becoming more and more a priority these days with new laws and regulations. Obviously the Tile Dock could be used with any tool cutting tile such as a diamond grit hole saw or diamond sawzall blade.


The Rotozip CR18L had some nice features as well. I love that it uses the Bosch 18v Lithium batteries because the last thing anyone wants is another battery system, this way you’ll always have extra batteries ready. Also the fact that the diamond X-bits don’t need to be cooled with water is very convenient with a lot less setup / cleanup. This is not the tool for making the full tile strait cuts but almost every job is going to require several curved cuts, notch outs and/or holes made. This is a great solution.


If you have any questions about any of the Rotozip tools or accessories you can contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email Special thanks to Dave for doing the demo a second time so I could capture it for the YouTube Video below. Please give it a good rating so he’ll feel good about himself and come back to do more videos we can all enjoy.



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Top Deals: Rotozip DR1 for $0.01

Recently Ohio Power Tool added the Rotozip tools to its growing number of product lines. The Rotozip tools are extremely well built tools and have great applications with drywall, ceramic tile and many other building materials. The DR1 (or DR01-1100) is one of the most popular models available and currently sells for $73.

For a limited time you can purchase the Bosch Screw Gun SG45M and with it you can also get a Rotozip DR1 for $0.01. This is not a mail in rebate. These items are in-stock and ready to ship out today. With Father’s day a week away you might want to take advantage of this deal and give the Rotozip as a gift and keep the Bosch SG45M. Both of these tools are perfect for any handyman or craftsman.

If you have any questions about this limited time promotion please contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.


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