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Bosch Jobsite Table Saw REAXX GTS1041A with Active Response Technology

bosch vs sawstop

All of the information on the new Bosch REAXX table saw, which we mentioned previously, is available now. Price came in slightly higher for the GTS1041A-09 ($1499 includes stand) than the SawStop Jobsite JSS-MCA ($1399) which was a little surprising for us. The Bosch does offer several advantages with the smart phone integration and the REAXX does not ruin the blade when the safety is triggered which is a pretty big deal. We will keep an eye out for any additional information and should expect this saw to be available, hopefully in fall 2015. For more on Bosch Tools, additional info on the REAXX from the Bosch press release below video.

Power – 15 AMP, 4.0 HP
RPM – 3,650
Capacity – 25″ ripping
Blade Size – 10″
Weight – Saw, 78 lbs  Stand, 45 lbs
Cut Depth – 3-1/8″ at 90 degrees
Arbor – 5/8″
Price – $1499 (more…)

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Bosch ReaXX GTS1041A Jobsite Table Saw to Challenge SawStop Top Safety Feature

Bosch ReaXX


We all know the story of SawStop with its patented technology to stop a table saw blade once it touches your skin. It’s a wonderful technology, we are very happy was invented and think this was a great leap forward. SawStop has a very nice line of stationary table saws and recently also launched a portable jobsite table saw JSS-MCA for $1399 which is priced significantly higher than other jobsite table saws but if it saves a finger or two, worth every penny. For the first time since SawStop hit the market however they will have some competition in this super safe saw space as Bosch is also launching a new super safe jobsite table saw with flesh detecting technology called the Bosch ReaXX GTS1041A ($1499, Shipping as of 6/1/2016).   (more…)

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SawStop on Colbert: People Who Are Destroying America

"Everyone Knows Woodworking Feels Best Bare Back" possibly my favorite line from this but there are plenty of take aways from Mr. Colbert’s indepth reporting on this topic. 

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