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Hitachi becomes Metabo HPT and HiKOKI

The brand Hitachi is a huge corporate conglomerate with power plants, trains, computers and tools was only a small part of the overall company. Now that that’s been sold off the tool division had a limited time to change the name. With the new owners also owning Metabo Tool there seemed to be some good reasons to bring the two together build off each other’s strengths and have one tool brand that made the best grinders, hammer drills, nail guns and much more. However easier said than done when one company is in Japan and another in German, both with strong presence all over the globe. So what’s the result, HiKOKI becomes the name in Europe, Asia and other markets while the same tools get the name Metabo HPT in North America… Huh?


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Perfect Mix – 2 Stroke Engine Oil Mixing Made Easy

It’s spring time again and that means it’s time to get back out into the yard and get to work. For some people that means firing up the old 2 stroke engines whether it be for a weed whacker, edger, tiller, chainsaw, gas drill, atv, dirt bike, gokart or whatever else you have using a 2 stroke motor. It’s of course tons of fun trying to remember which gas can you mixed up the oil in and which can is regular gas. Tanaka makes it incredibly easy to mix oil with gas for 2 cycle engines with their Perfect Mix bottle. No messing or guessing. The 16 oz container will make up to 6 gallons of 2 stroke gas and it features a built in measuring cap right in the bottle. Simply squeeze the bottle and the top fills to the level you need. No need to pre mix and store gallons of 2 stroke, simply add mix as you need it in the garage or on a jobsite, no problem. The mix works with all your Tanaka Equipment but also any Partner, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki or any other 2 stroke motors.

Ohio Power Tool sells the Tanaka Perfect Mix 16 oz bottle for $4.99, with discounts on case orders. Ohio Power Tool is not typically known for their lawn and garden equipment but do stock a full line of Tanaka gas drills, core machines, augers and accessories used by a wide range of professionals.


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Tent Sale & Tool Expo – October 22nd

For those of you that might be in or around Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, October 22nd I would like to invite you to Ohio Power Tool for the Annual Tent Sale & Tool Expo. This year it’s a little later than usual so it would correspond with the launch of so many new lines of tools including: Milwaukee M12, Milwaukee M18, Bosch 12V Max, Bosch 18V Lithium, Ridgid Explorer & New Seesnakes, plus many other exciting product. All of these new tools will be at the show ready for you to demo, so if you want to try out the new Dremel Multi-Max or anything else come on down. Each vendor will be there in full force including the Bosch Big Blue Trailer. Milwaukee, Ingersoll Rand, Ridgid, Chicago Pneumatic, Hougen, Power Team and many others will have tents and tables set up as well. The event runs from 10:00am – 5:00pm or when people finally leave.

This is a great event for any one buying tools or just wanting to test out the new tools! Ohio Power Tool, already known for low internet competitive pricing, really blows it out for the tent sale. Lots of existing products are discounted for that day in addition to overall discounts given on all in-store orders. On top of the Ohio Power Tool discounts the vendors on hand have even more discounts in the form of promotions, instant rebates, free tools, tool trade-ins, etc. For instance, Bosch is offering $75 trade-in on any 18 volt, working or not, to upgrade to their new 18v lithium. That would put the new Bosch 18V compact drill at $129 and on top of that you would still get off an additional discount from Ohio Power Tool.

I’m sounding like a used car salesman now but it is definitely worth checking out if you want to get some really good deals on power tools or just get your hands on some of the new tools.      


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Tanaka Power Augers

Tanaka makes several of the most powerful and lightweight gas motors which they use to power a wide range of products. Two of their more popular models are the Power Augers, available in one or two man configurations. Both the TIA-350S (one man) and TEA-500 (two man) use the same attachments which range from 2” to 12” auger earth bits, pengo clay bits and ice bits. The TIA-350S is the perfect tool for installing fence posts, setting footers, planting trees or ice fishing. The TEA-500 is made for the larger jobs including utility work and construction.  


  • 32 cc, 1.6 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • S-Start system reduces the amount of pull-force required by 40 percent
  • 33.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • 17.6 lbs – empty


  • 50 cc, 2.5 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • 33:1 gear reduction
  • 55.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • Dual safety throttles
  • 37.5 lbs – empty

Checkout the video below to see the Tanaka Power Augers in action. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of the Tanaka gas powered drills & augers as well as all the accessories needed. If you have any questions about the Power Augers give the pros a call at 800-242-4424.

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New Tanaka Gas Drill TED-270PFR

Recently Tanaka Equipment updated their most popular gas drill the TED262R. The engine gets an upgrade with a lower emission cleaner burning 27cc motor. The power output is now 1.4hp, up from 1.3hp. Some other improvements include the heavy duty fuel tank protector on the bottom of the tool, beefier handle grips to control vibration and easy access to the air filter. The high quality production and 2 year commercial warranty continue from the previous model. If you need the ultimate in portable power this is your gas powered drill. The price at Ohio Power Tool for the TED-270PFR is $521.99.    

Engine Type: PureFire® Two-Stroke
Displacement CC: 27 
Output H.P.: 1.4 
Fuel Tank Capacity FL. OZ.: 22.7 (670cc) 
Cylinder: Chrome Plated, Stress Relieved 
Connecting Rod: Forged Steel 
Carburetion: Walbro® Diaphragm w/ Primer  
Starting System: Standard Recoil 
Ignition System: Transistorized Electronic 
Clutch System: Heavy-duty Centrifugal 
Reduction Ratio: 20:1 
Chuck Capacity – In. (mm): 1/2 (12.7) 
Max Bit Size – In. (mm): 1" (25) Wood, 1/2" Steel, 1/2" Concrete 
Dry Weight / LBS. (KG): 12.3 (5.5) w/o chuck 13.4 (6.0) w/ chuck 
EPA Phase 2 Compliant: Yes 
C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant: Yes 
Gas / Oil Ratio: 50:1 

Warranty: Two-year commercial use warranty / Three-year consumer use warranty / One-year rental use warranty


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Tanaka Gas Drills & Portable Concrete Coring

Tanaka Power Equipment is commonly known for their high quality gas powered landscaping equipment such as edgers, weed wackers, chain saws, pole saws, hedgers and backpack leaf blowers. The real secret is their ability to build extremely tough lightweight gas motors that just don’t quit. In fact they sell just their engines by themselves which make it into all sorts of RC cars, planes, high powered blenders and all sorts of other weird projects you can find around the internet.

At Ohio Power Tool you won’t find much in the way of lawn care products (…yet) but you will find several models of the Tanaka Equipment line of Portable Gas Drills. The TED-262R and TED262L are almost identical except the 262R featured a powered reversing switch that allows you to automatically back the drill out. These are used heavily by pole workers for drilling through utility poles with up to a 1” bit. The TED-262HS is designed more specifically as a concrete coring drill. Sold separately is a coring drill wet kit 29898 that helps reduce friction, dust and heat. This drill is ideal for road work, bridge installation, sewer, HVAC, plumbing, steel work and so much more.

All the Tanaka drills are real work horses and include a 2 year commercial warranty which is even good on rental tools. Ohio Power Tool also services these gas drills when they need repair. If you have any questions about the Tanaka Gas Drills or accessories, as always, call 800-242-4424 to talk to the pros at Ohio Power Tool.

Below is a Tanaka Drill demo video which I though was a pretty good sample of the different jobs these drills are built.     



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