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Keeping Warm in Extreme Cold Weather with TPI Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

When we woke up this morning the temperature was about 8 degrees and since then it has only dropped. Currently we are -5 with wind chills as great as -25 according to the local weatherman. Some parts of the country are even cold like Chicago, which is now being called Chiberia with temperatures colder than the south pole today. The cold snap reaches pretty far south as the Florida pan handle will even be in the teens by tomorrow. For keeping interior spaces warm where it is unsafe to use kerosene or propane portable heaters we wanted to go over a couple electric heater options for various sized spaces. (more…)

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CopTool Holiday Gift Guide for Power Tools & More 2013

Each year we work to put together a list of some of the most popular power tools and related gifts from the previous year as well as a few classic staples nobody should be without. This year has seen some great new products hit the market that we think would really get any tool nerd excited to unwrap this holiday. Here are just a few of the hot items which we’ve broken down to several different groupings. (more…)

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TPI Hotpod Inline Duct Heating System

It is a widely believed fact that different people have different temperature preferences. That is why most modern vehicles have dual-zone comfort control for the driver and the passenger. Unfortunately, this has not been developed for home furnaces, which leaves me with the options of watching my wife wear layers in the house from late fall to early spring or grumbling as I pay through the nose for heating that I was more comfortable without. I have never been a fan of the searing-hot toe-stubbing, fire hazard qualities of space heaters, and a happy wife makes for a happy life, so I am seriously considering trying out a Hotpod (6″ starts at $256, Ohio Power Tool) by TPI heaters. (more…)

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Staying Cool When It’s Hot Out – Fans, Evaporative Coolers & Portable AC

This morning it started at 83 degrees before the sun was even up and it will reach well over 100 degrees by this afternoon in most of the country. Staying cool is going to be a challenge whether on the jobsite, in a shop, or anywhere not constantly air conditioned. Here is a quick look at some of the portable cooling options that might help beat the heat. We will also take a closer look at how evaporative coolers “swamp coolers” operate and when and where they are most effective.

Fans have been keeping us cool since the first caveman waved a big leaf in front of his face. By removing our body heat we constantly generate we become cooler, the more air the cooler we feel. If you want to move some serious air, in the 4600CFM range, at a reasonable price an industrial 18” fan F18TE ($86, Ohio Power Tool) works very well. If you have too much cash and love gizmos you could buy a Bladeless Dyson Fans ($199 each, Amazon) of course output on one of those is only 900CMF so maybe buy 5 and you will almost have the same output. For serious air movement in a shop or warehouse you might need to step up to the 36”-48” Drum Fan Blowers that look like airplane propellers on casters. Then you are looking at 14,000-22,000+ CFM but still very portable and well priced.


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Industrial Portable Electric Heaters – Infrared vs Forced Air

It’s winter time here in Ohio and we just had our first decent snow fall. Only two weeks ago we were enjoying a nice Indian summer but it looks like we are well beyond that now. When it comes to serious BTUs (50k-150k per unit) from a portable electric heater there are a few options. If you have already moved past the less expensive kerosene & other gas options for what ever reason there are some real advantages to electric including cleaner, safer, easier. Here are the different types to choose from in the way the electric heaters actually heat.


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Spring Time Sale 50% Off TPI Industrial Fans & Portable AC Units

The thermostat here in the Midwest is hitting 80 degrees on a regular basis now and it’s only the middle of April. To get everyone nationwide ready for a hot summer Ohio Power Tool is offering TPI Industrial Fans, Evaporative Coolers and Portable AC Units all on sale at 50% off list. The TPI Industrial line of cooling products offers high CFM output, a top level of quality and excellent value. Ideal for warehouses, jobsites, sporting events and many other places permanent and/or portable cooling is needed.  If you have questions feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email and they will be happy to help.     


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TPI Portable Electric Salamander Indoor Heaters

It’s getting cold outside all over the country and in many cases a portable heating solution is needed. If you are sipping Mai-tai on the beach somewhere I am jealous and you can probably skip this post all together. If not…  TPI carries a full range of portable electric heaters from the small 120V units to these much larger units. The Fostoria Hear Wave Salamanders are available ranging from 10 kW to 45 kW and are designed as a safer flameless alternative to propane or kerosene heaters. Below are some typical applications and a time to heat chart:

New Construction

An insulated “up-to-code” 1800 sg ft building would only need 1 15kW heater to achieve up to 60 degrees temperature rise. Uninsulated, the same space could realize a 40 degree temperature rise. These temperatures would be reached in just over 2 hours.  

Pole Building / Work Shop

To heat an insulated 2000 sq ft (40’ x 50’) pole building with a 12’ ceiling – use two 15kW heaters. This would provide a 60 degree temperature increase within 2-3 hours.

The units are very simple to operate and push ambient air over multiple heat coils and recirculation the air within the room until the temperature on the unit’s thermostat is reached. The 10 & 15 kW units operate at 800 CFM while 30 & 45 kW units are able to do 1100 CFM. These units are extremely easy to move around or take to and from the jobsite.

Ohio Power Tool supplies a full range of ceramic, infrared, forced air and radiant electric heaters from TPI. If you have any questions about power requirements, square footage calculation or any other things related to these electric heaters contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool at or call 800-242-4424.


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TPI Fans, Evaporative Coolers & Portable Air Conditioners

The TPI Corporation has made a strong name for themselves among portable temperature control equipment from different types of heaters, fans, air conditioners, evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) as well as control systems. The TPI name is synonymous with high quality industrial products able to heat or cool large areas such as warehouse, jobsites, loading docks, temporary facilities or anywhere that might need a portable or temporary unit. Just in time for summer Ohio Power Tool has added a wide range of the TPI fans, portable AC units and other cooling products. The heating units will also be available from Ohio Power Tool shortly, well before the first signs of cold weather.  If you have any questions about TPI products you can always email 


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