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Keep on strutin’ with the Wilton Strut Cutter

The local Wilton rep stopped by the shop and got this bad boy out. It really is a nice piece of equipment. We’re talking just 3 seconds to cut your struts, a 7 second change cycle, and no time de-burring! I mean, if you are hanging miles of struts, you’d be crazy not to look into this.


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Special Wilton Vise & BASH Hammer Limited Edition 11128BH

Bash Wilton Vise Deal

For over 50 years the Wilton Bullet Vise has been the top of the line option in vise category of course Wilton has a full range of options including their more economically friendly line of Utility Vises. Recently Wilton brought that same toughness to a new line of indestructible B.A.S.H. hammers (Bad Ass Sledge Hammer). While the response to these hammers has been very positive there is still a large group of professional users not willing to invest the higher cost upfront for the BASH hammer. For those that got 1 BASH they continue to replace their wood or fiberglass handled sledges with these longer lasting and safer hammers.

The big challenge for Wilton BASH hammers is getting people to try them in the first place which everyone’s willing to do if you give it to them for FREE. The solution, package their most popular BASH Hammer 4lb 20412 ($47) with their most popular Wilton Utility 6.5” Vise 11128 ($189) and sell the two as a packaged deal 11128BH ($149) for less than the vise alone! This looks like the BASH hammer actually used in the video above to pound out the fuel tank.  (more…)

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BASH Sledge Hammers Takes on the Ultimate Blender, Showdown of the Unbeatables

We have been very impresses with the Wilton BASH sledge hammers which keep expanding the line with non-sparking brass heads, splitting mauls and now a railroad spike driver. Nothing has quite the intimidation factor of a sledge hammer and BASH backs their claim as the toughest sledge hammer with a $1000 guarantee. Going to be pretty tough for a kitchen appliance to keep up but this is not an ordinary blender. Check out the National Geographic clip above and the full episode airs tonight (5/16/14) at 10:00pm.

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Wilton ATV Truck Trailer & Bench Vise 10010

Wilton ATV Vise

Wilton is the name most people think of when you think of a heavy duty shop vise. On the jobsite however these heavy duty vises have simply been impractical because of sheer weight. More often you’ll find the portable chain vises on the jobsite which do a fine job of holding pipe and other material as well as being relatively portable. These vises are nice for cutting material but not clamping and certainly not as an anvil striking surface.

Handmade Trailer Vise

Wilton identified an opportunity as they saw folks actually bolting their Wilton vises to tailgates and making their own trailer hitch vises. The Wilton ATV Vise 10010 ($199) obviously takes this a step further so you can bolt the vise base to a bench for work in the garage/shop and easily transfer it to any 2” trailer hitch giving it a lot more versatility. (more…)

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Wilton BASH Announces 4 New Splitting Maul Axes

Bash Splitting Maul Axes

Wilton just announced a new line of Splitting Maul to join the ranks of their extremely popular line of indestructible BASH sledge hammers we’ve posted on previously. These new splitting mauls are made in pretty much the exact same way and carry with them the same $1000 guarantee which we think gives even more piece of mind when it comes to a tool with a sharpened edge. The 4 new tool options are the 6lb 30” 50630 ($79), 6lb 36” 50636 ($84), 8lb 30” 50830 ($94) and finally the 8lb 36” 50836 ($99). (more…)

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Wilton BASH – When a Normal Hammer Just Won’t Do


Wilton has always been one of the frontrunners in durable, long-lasting tools. This is a reputation they have crafted over time and are understandably proud of. In the past they have held contests trying to discover who has the oldest and most storied Wilton vise, which has produced pictures and stories about vices that are 70+ years old. This is pretty incredible on its own, but Wilton is still a current company that is currently innovating and producing tools while the vises they made in 1941 are still in use. (more…)

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