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Future of Shop Classes in High Schools

Our schools should teach shop class again.

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When I was 13, in middle school we had shop class, everyone had to take it, everyone made a screw driver, wooden tool box and even an electric motor which I thought was pretty awesome. Now shop class is not even offered in many schools, even though it is proven many students don’t learn particularly well from text books. This seems very shortsighted, not everyone is going to go to college and certainly there are many paths to be very successful in skilled trades. It’s also ridiculous to think going to college means skills learned in shop class don’t offer a ton of benefits to compliment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum. Our friends at TIME and FORBES do a lot better job of articulating the finer points, why we need these programs. But where do we go from here? (more…)

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Franklinton Rising – Skilled Trades for At-Risk Youth

Franklinton Rising Students

Over the past 20 years the Skilled Trades have become less and less pursued as a career path for many high schoolers who look at college as the only next step. The result has been a serious gap in the labor pool coming from the next generation for these well-paying jobs. Check out this Forbes Article for an interesting history of how/why Vocational Training has disappeared from high schools and why we need to bring them back. Quick numbers from article: 68% teens start college, 40% of those never complete a degree and 33% of those that get a degree never use them. That means less than 1/3 of high school students actually go to college and get jobs in field they studied. Meanwhile the country has a massive shortage of skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc most with a starting salaries (after apprenticeships) higher than your average college graduates. (more…)

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Columbus Idea Foundry, Continues Conquest for World Domination

Columbus Idea Foundry

If you’ve been a reader of Coptool for a couple years you might remember back in 2009 when we started talking about the Columbus Idea Foundry an interesting concept for a local community workspace (original CIF) which at the time was 2500 sq ft of industrial space that occasionally flooded and the landlord didn’t know what to do with. The place was a mess, equipment was all donated and definitely more of a club than a business. The idea however was very powerful and people wanted to be a part of it. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL 5-3/8″ Circular Saw 2530-21XC Review

We originally posted on the Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw a while back but wanted to put it in the hands of a friend and craftsmen who would have the opportunity to really use this tool on a daily basis and see what he thought.

Milwaukee M12 2530

GUEST BLOGGER: My name is Matt Bowman, and I’m excited to have been asked to write a review for the COPTOOL blog. I work at a small fabrication shop called Griffen Hollow Studio, and our scope of projects spans from laser engraving and custom woodworking to full scale interior builds. We are located in the cultural mecca known as Columbus, Ohio.

The Milwaukee 5 ⅜” circular saw 2530-21XC ($229) is the newest addition to the M12 cordless product line. Like the other tools, it features a 12-Volt 4 amp-hour battery that integrates Milwaukee’s REDLINK internal electronic regulation system, which provides automated protection against overheating of the motor and unnecessary drain of the tool. The new brushless motor design promises extended tool life, better battery use, and superior performance on the jobsite or around your hobby shop. The tool is ergonomic, reasonably priced, and a perfect choice for both the tradesman and casual user. (more…)

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Dremel to Be the Model-T of 3D Printers, Meet the Idea Builder

Dremel 3D Printer

In 2009 Dremel hit a home run with their Multi-Max, the oscillating tool everyone could afford. Not that those tools hadn’t been around for years before it was just Dremel made it so a lot more people could afford them and it became the most sold tool of the year. Dremel is looking to recreate that magic with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20-01 ($999, Amazon). While this is still a sizable investment Dremel is hoping the simplicity of the design and interface is going to make this the go to tool for schools, makers, hobbies and anyone looking to start from zero and get up and running fast. (more…)

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Columbus Idea Foundry Move to Franklinton, to be Largest Maker Space on Earth

Columbus Idea Foundry

We have been a long time member & supporter of the Columbus Idea Foundry, donating tools and gear from our reviews whenever possible (and agreeable by the manufacturers of course). In that time the organization has grown from a 2500 sq. ft. club house to what will end up somewhere around a 75,000 sq. ft. Mecca of Creativity. At that size it will be the largest Maker Space of its kind anywhere in the world but with the Maker movement continuing to gain speed we think there could be spaces of this size all over the country eventually. The official Columbus Idea Foundry Ribbon Cutting will be May 30th at 3:00pm!

This is a great video from the move to the new home in Franklinton, very nice video work from our friends at Merlin Productions but this is just the tip of the iceberg from what’s to come…

Check out more on the Columbus Idea Foundry.

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2013 Tool Racing Championship Triple Crown – Louisville, Columbus & Cincinnati

Power Tool Drag Racing

You read that correctly the 2013 season of power tool drag racing is upon us and will be hosted in 3 different cities, at 3 different Maker Faire events, all the info is however on 1 website! This will be the 5th time for the race in Columbus and with several returning season veterans expect to see some stiff competition. Cincinnati & Louisville are not going to be out done however and while in their inaugural seasons already have some racers with some pretty advanced designs that look to take their glory on the road to all 3 events. (more…)

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5th Annual Power Tool Drag Races Returns to Columbus Maker Faire

Power Tool Drag Racing

Officially announced, the second annual Columbus Maker Faire will be held at COSI (Center of Science & industry) on Sunday, October 13th this year. The event will be FREE, which is typically the price we find people enjoy paying for stuff. This weekend also happens to be Columbus day weekend and is part of a larger city wide celebration of innovation & design called IDus ( which include a lot of other cool stuff on Friday & Saturday. The Maker Faire will also be the host to the 5th annual Ohio Tool Racing Championships ( which was a terrific success last year, see the Facebook Photo Album (84 photos). (more…)

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2012 Ohio Tool Racing Championship Winners

Power Tool Drag Racing

When it comes to the sport of power tool drag racing aren’t we all winners, well at least that’s what we are saying because our racer never actually made it all the way down the track. An overcomplicated porta-band chain drive and suspension proved to be just too unreliable. A special thanks to the wonderful sponsorship of Columbus Idea Foundry, Bosch Tools, The Adcom Group, Ohio Power Tool and COSI for making it all possible. (more…)

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Ohio Tool Racing Championships & Maker Faire

Tool Races 2012

In a every man/women/child’s life there are opportunities to test oneself against their peers and see how they really measure up. Sure your mommy thought you were real handy when you put together that Ikea furniture she brought home but do you have what it takes to turn dad’s favorite circular saw to your old skateboard and compete in the Big Leagues? Probably high time you found out this Saturday, September 29th at


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