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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Hole Hawgs 2707-22 & 2708-22

M18 Hole Hawgs

For years the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-6 ($299) has been a staple for electricians, plumbers and many other tradesmen alike. This is the workhorse for professional drilling applications and in its current form is remarkably similar to the tool launched 45+ years ago. Milwaukee is making some big leaps forward in 2014 however with the M18 FUEL Hole Hawgs, Chucked 2707-22 ($449) & Hex 2708-22 ($449). For starters the drills are 4 lbs lighter than the older corded versions but they don’t sacrifice anything in the way of drill speed. The M18 FUEL cordless drills actually consistently beat the corded version in our testing with it. With 2 fully charged M18 batteries, Milwaukee is claiming an electrician can do a full 2500-3000 sq ft residence so run time shouldn’t be an issue either.


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Milwaukee M18 FUEL SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drills 2712-22 & 2715-22

m18 fuel sds-plus

While Milwaukee has always offered rotary hammer drills in SDS-Plus sizes they have not been serious players in the category. Bosch and Hilti have been the leaders with Dewalt and Makita taking their share of the pie as well. Up to this point 18V cordless SDS-Plus drills have been more of a lower powered niche product. Things look like they are about to shake up however as Milwaukee is working to prove their M18 FUEL cordless rotary drills can not only outperform any 18V or 36V but corded drills as well.


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Bosch Announces a Women’s Fit Heated Jacket PBJ120

Women Heated Jacket

Last year the Bosch heated jacket hit the shelves with probably the most stylish of all heated jackets we’ve seen. The fit is more European which may not appeal to some power tool user or tall guys like myself who need a longer fitting arm and torso. Bosch is hoping the sleeker style with find some additional appeal with women, so for this season they are launching a new cut of the Women’s PSJ120 obviously tailored specifically for women. Priced the same as the Men’s PSJ120 ($199) but only available in 4 sizes, S-XL vs Men’s which goes all the way to 3XL. (more…)

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GreenLee 18V Gator Crimping Tools – Dieless VS Die

Greenlee dieless crimp tool

When it comes to crimping tools for professional electricians Greenlee has been one of the industry leaders also since the process was invented. They have a wide range of manual and hydraulic tools but more recently the trend has been moving toward cordless tools (technically these are still hydraulic tools but powered by a battery).

Another trend we are seeing more often is dieless crimping tools which don’t require carrying a case with various sized dies which can easily get lost. The dieless system offers some advantages as well as some disadvantages and has not been fully accepted in the industry. To take a closer look at two of Greenlee’s most popular cordless crimping tools we asked Blake from Greenlee Tools to stop in and help shed some additional light on the subject. The first is the die crimp tool EK628L11 ($1639) which doesn’t include any dies as well as the EK06FTL11 ($3699) for dieless crimps.   (more…)

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Makita FREE 18V LXT 4.0Ah BL1840 Battery with Combo Kits

Makita 4.0Ah BL1840

To kick off the launch of the new Makita 4.0Ah and move through the remaining 3.0Ah kits, Makita is offering a Free BL1840 ($100) with most of their 3.0Ah combo kits. This includes Makita Brushless combo kits like XT248 ($329) which are now available in 4.0Ah kits as well (as XT248M) but doesn’t qualify for this FREE 3rd battery deal. See the MAIL-IN REBATE FORM for full list of qualified combo kits and rules. The offer expires September 30th, 2014 so still plenty of time left to take advantage. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool 2014 New Product Launch Event in Videos

Milwaukee Crew 2014

Last week Milwaukee Tool had their annual “New Product Symposium” media event where they showcased many of their latest and greatest tools that had either just launched or will be available in the next 3-6 months. This event starts at 6:45am and packed the day full with never before seen (by the public at least) tools and accessories. We wanted to hit the new product highlights and have left out most of the items we’ve already covered in previous posts such as M18 Band Saw, Pressing Tools, etc. not to discount these products in anyway.

Below are some of the YouTube Videos we managed to put together pretty quickly (pardon the shaky camera work and choppy edit job). We will follow up with more in-depth reviews, videos and comparison testing for many of these products. We really just wanted to let you know what new tools are coming as well as the promise Milwaukee is making for each of these new tools. What better way to do that than get a few clips from the Milwaukee Team pitching it themselves.

These products should all be available soon, if not already, on the Milwaukee Tool page of Ohio Power Tool. Feel free to contact the experts 800-242-4424 on any existing Milwaukee Tools and certainly they will do their best to get you info on any products not yet available. For more pictures also check out our Facebook Photo Album with an additional 120+ pictures from the event. You can also search the hashtag #NPS14 on other social media networks for coverage from a wide range of quality news outlets.  (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Circular Saw 7-1/4” Faster Than Corded 2731-22

M18 Cordless Circular Saw

Sometimes we don’t think anyone is listening, other times we think perhaps they are. We previously posted this Cordless Circular Saw Article comparing the 18Vx2 Makita 7-1/4” with the M18 Milwaukee 6-1/2” cordless circular saws and gave props to the Makita because we found professionals demanded a full 7-1/4” saw which could use the 7-1/4” blades they’ve got piled up on the jobsite. Perhaps they listened or more likely they saw sales leaving to the Teal Team, regardless Milwaukee now has an answer in the 2731-20 ($219), or 2 battery kit 2731-22 ($429) and it’s a pretty compelling answer.


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Dewalt Adds New Heated Hoodies & Jackets for 2014-2015

Dewalt heated vest

Recently we announced the new line up of Milwaukee Heated Gear for the 2014-2015 season and it looks like Dewalt is following suit with their own expanded lineup which will mirror the Milwaukee offering pretty closely. Dewalt will now have their own options for a woman’s jacket, Safety Class 3 jacket and 3 hoodie versions. Dewalt will however be the only one to offer a stand-alone heated vest as Milwaukee’s new heated vest will be bundled in their new 3-in-1 Camo jacket unit.

It sounds like the Dewalt jackets that were carried over from last year will also receive some construction updates you can read about in the official Dewalt press release below. See current Dewalt Heated Jacket options.   (more…)

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Makita 18V Brushless String Trimmer XRU04Z

brushless string trimmer

We recently got our hands on a competitor to this unit, the EGO String Trimmer and made some pretty bold statements. First was that that it was the best battery powered string trimmer we had ever used and second that there was no reason for a home owner to ever go back to a gas string trimmer. Both of those statements are still true but that may just be because we have yet to get our hands on the new Makita XRU04Z unit.

We are pretty excited to see what the performance of this unit is and there are a couple of reasons we are confident they can deliver on the performance, even with an 18V platform vs others using 36V, 40V or 56V. Since Makita has had great success with their duel 18V battery to 36V platform the fact that they didn’t go that route with this unit probably means they didn’t need to. Also since they will be launching an 18V Brushless Hammer Drill XPH07M with 1090 in lbs of torque in the very near future it would seem they may have cracked the code for delivering on a lot of power from a small 18V brushless motor. If this unit can deliver the power we hope it can it would most certainly be the lightest unit to do so at only 8.6lbs. (more…)

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Makita Updates LXT 18V Tools to Get Ready for 4.0 & Up Batteries

Makita 4.0 Ah Battery BL1840

Makita is getting ready for their LXT 4.0Ah battery launch coming in the next month or two along with some several new cordless tools. The delay in launching was mainly due to efforts of keeping charging times as low as possible which it looks like Makita has succeeded in having the shortest charge times. One other issue which they have worked through is that some of their older LXT tools will not be able to work with the new LXT 4.0 Ah batteries and moving forward to 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, etc which are pretty much inevitable.

You will be seeing many of the Makita 18V LXT cordless tools switching to new part number to indicate forward compatibility. These tool part number changes (see full 90 SKU chart below) are already under way, an example would be the LXT 4′ Concrete Vibrator Kit BVR450 is now XRV01 ($499). You may also start to see some smoking deals on the older Makita part numbers, just be aware of the possible future battery limitations if you go that route.  (more…)

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