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Milwaukee M28 Hammer Drill 0726-22 vs M18 Hammer Drill

Just before the end of the year Milwaukee Tool released the first wave of their brand new M28 Hammer Drill 0726-22 ($419, Ohio Power Tool). The new drill sports an impressive 750 in.lbs torque more than any other hammer drill of its kind in 18V-36V range. It also slimmed down in size to about the same size as the new M18 hammer drills (see our post M18 hammer vs M18 hammer for more on those). The difference in size in weight of the batteries is another story all together.


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The Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket 2331 & Ohio State Tailgating


We were lucky enough to get one of the M12 Heated Jackets 2331-XL ($169, Ohio Power Tool) just in time for what we saw as the perfect testing grounds. The Ohio State vs Michigan football game and while not the rival it once was (because of the obvious overwhelming talent we see from the Buckeyes each year) never the less a few hundred thousand nice folks still show up each year to participate in game and merriment that accompanies just such an occasion.


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The Official 2010 Holiday Gift Wish List

Right off the bat we’re going to say we are not going to include certain items (which could be wildly successful Christmas gifts) without knowing if they will be in-stock, as we can’t in good faith get you pumped up without actually seeing it on the shelf today. We have learned not to trust manufacturer estimates on product launches. We will do a follow up in early/mid December for those last minute tools that will hopefully come in soon, so stay posted. Items we are keeping our eyes on: Bosch MRC23 Routers, M12 Oscillating Tools, M12 Heated Jackets, M28 Hammer Drills, among others.

We will also be featuring 12 days of Bits & Blades Give Aways, perfect for stocking stuff gift ideas, coming November 29th – December 10th. Also keep in mind Ohio Power Tool is offering Free Shipping until the end of the year on most:  Bosch – Dremel – Rotozip – CST/Berger.


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Bosch Tools Booth Visit at STAFDA – What’s New Blue Team

The STAFDA (Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributor Association) is a great show for super tool junkies because more than other shows they really like to show off the products that are still several months away (because it’s aimed at distributors who need to pre-order them). Bosch had some very exciting new stuff in their booth on display which will be coming out later this year and early next.

Oscillating Multi-Tool MX25EVS

This was one of the most exciting tools we got to see for the whole STAFDA show. It is very close to the corded European Oscillating Tool GOP250CE Professional and will be headed to the US around spring time 2011 as the Bosch MX25EVS model with a very reasonable price tag. This is good news because Bosch has already built a great line of OIS accessories and it would be shame to not have both a cordless and corded tool option to take advantage. Another awesome thing we learned about was no matter what brand of oscillating tool you own, even a Fein, Rockwell, Craftsman or whatever, Bosch will send you their New OIS Adaptor and OSC312 Round Blade FREE ($25 value) just by registering on Joe the Pro. But you have to use our Coptool promo code: OISC10.


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Cordless Dremel Multi-Max 8300-01 Review


In 2009 it was reported that the Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular power tool sold in the United States. So naturally it makes sense in 2010, right before the holiday gift season, a cordless Multi-Max 8300-01 ($138, Ohio Power Tool) might make its way into stores. In the oscillating tool world there is definitely a need for both cordless and corded versions of these tools although most of the time we would favor the corded tool.


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Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer with Red Lithium 2458-21


Several months ago we got the first look at the M12 Palm Nailer 2458-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool) and it would be hard for me to express the level of skepticism we had before getting our hands on it. This is because we had tested out the Craftsman Auto-Hammer previously and seen a few other automatic hammers from Ryobi and Ridgid, all of which were significantly underpowered to be called “Palm Nailers”. In the defense of these other hammers they were not claiming to be palm nailers and for smaller nails do an ok job. These units could certainly not drive the 16D nails we think of when using a pneumatic palm nailer to perhaps frame a deck.

After about 5 seconds with the Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer our whole view on cordless “Auto Hammers” had changed. Apparently it is possible to get all the power of a pneumatic palm nailer into a cordless unit. It is also much more effective because the main purpose of the palm nailer is to get into tight spaces, dragging a long air hose only makes that more difficult. Also in confined spaces it is often dark and hard to see the work space. The LED light built into the cordless M12 unit is very handy in these situations. The 2458-21 kit is one of the first tools to come with the new M12 Red Lithium batteries for added power and battery life. You can expect up to 100 nails per charge, which is very impressive for such a compact tool. For more info read the Milwaukee Press Release Below.


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Power Tool Survey Results from Tools of the Trade

A little while back we took a short online survey for Tools of the Trade along with 1,800 other individuals which was all about power tools. Some good questions in there about what defines “quality”, what features people look for, what they will pay for them, are tools getting better or worse, what country makes the best tools, etc. In addition to informative statistics on each question there are also lots of comments people made which you can view. See the Survey Results

David Frane, Tools of the Trade Editor, compiled all the results and wrote an article on his take which you can read here, SSSSSurvey Says! Overall we thought this was a very informative survey and useful whether you are the product manager designing a new 18v cordless laser cutting tool (please) or possibly in the market for a new cordless combo kit in the next 12 months, which apparently is about 33% of their audience according to this survey.     

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Bosch System Specialists (BSS) & What It Means to You

Over the years we have seen lots of “programs” from various tool manufacturers working to promote different tools or accessories with varying success. One thing we can safely say is we have never seen a program with this much bit. The BSS program has a lot of elements all working together to provide Bosch customers the best possible experience with Bosch Tools through the lifetime of ownership. The program includes the setup of a fantastic looking Bosch section of the showroom, creating basically a store with a store (think Rockler within a woodworking store) but that is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Free Milwaukee Shockwave Hex Drill Bits with Impact Driver Bits

From now until the end of the year you can get a free 7piece Milwaukee Hex Drill Bit Set 48-89-4431 ($18.75, Ohio Power Tool) when you purchase a 29pc Milwaukee Driver Bit Set 48-32-4401 ($19.94, Ohio Power Tool). That is almost double the value in free goods which is a very aggressive was to convert people over to the Shockwave accessories which are specifically designed for the impact tools. These bits perform significantly better under the high torque loads of an impact tool and will last much longer.  There are currently some great deals on Milwaukee M18 impact kits including the Compact 2691-22 ($219, Ohio Power Tool) or the 2697-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool).   

The only downside of the promotion is that it is a Mail-In Rebate (see PDF here) which means you’ll have to wait several weeks for the Hex Drill Bits. Still well worth picking one up and taking 2 minutes mailing in the paper work.

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Is Bosch Getting Serious About Oscillating Tools?

We recently mentioned Bosch is working to create a standardized Oscillating Interface System (OIS) for the Tool Accessories but didn’t mention anything about new tools to use the system. Currently the Multi-X PS50-2B ($197, Ohio Power Tool) is the only oscillating tool Bosch offers in the category.  While a great tool, it is a 12V cordless with a battery runtime that seriously limits the performance. A professional corded tool that can compete with the Fein Multi-Master is really what it’s going to take to get any serious consideration from the pros who use these tools on a daily basis.

In Europe, Bosch is now introducing the GOP250CE Professional (see press release) Multi-Cutter tool which hopefully will be the answer many are looking for to compete with the Fein. The price is 139 euro which if such a tool would come to the state might mean $150-200 here, far less than the Fein Multi-Masters.

The bad news is however we have no idea if or when such a tool might find its way to this side of the pond. In some cases we do get tools rather quickly but in other cases it takes years.     

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