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Free Milwaukee Shockwave Hex Drill Bits with Impact Driver Bits

From now until the end of the year you can get a free 7piece Milwaukee Hex Drill Bit Set 48-89-4431 ($18.75, Ohio Power Tool) when you purchase a 29pc Milwaukee Driver Bit Set 48-32-4401 ($19.94, Ohio Power Tool). That is almost double the value in free goods which is a very aggressive was to convert people over to the Shockwave accessories which are specifically designed for the impact tools. These bits perform significantly better under the high torque loads of an impact tool and will last much longer.  There are currently some great deals on Milwaukee M18 impact kits including the Compact 2691-22 ($219, Ohio Power Tool) or the 2697-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool).   

The only downside of the promotion is that it is a Mail-In Rebate (see PDF here) which means you’ll have to wait several weeks for the Hex Drill Bits. Still well worth picking one up and taking 2 minutes mailing in the paper work.

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Is Bosch Getting Serious About Oscillating Tools?

We recently mentioned Bosch is working to create a standardized Oscillating Interface System (OIS) for the Tool Accessories but didn’t mention anything about new tools to use the system. Currently the Multi-X PS50-2B ($197, Ohio Power Tool) is the only oscillating tool Bosch offers in the category.  While a great tool, it is a 12V cordless with a battery runtime that seriously limits the performance. A professional corded tool that can compete with the Fein Multi-Master is really what it’s going to take to get any serious consideration from the pros who use these tools on a daily basis.

In Europe, Bosch is now introducing the GOP250CE Professional (see press release) Multi-Cutter tool which hopefully will be the answer many are looking for to compete with the Fein. The price is 139 euro which if such a tool would come to the state might mean $150-200 here, far less than the Fein Multi-Masters.

The bad news is however we have no idea if or when such a tool might find its way to this side of the pond. In some cases we do get tools rather quickly but in other cases it takes years.     

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DeWalt 12V Max Inspection Camera with Detachable Screen DCT410S1

We talked about the new 12v Inspection Camera from DeWalt briefly back in June when we did the DeWalt 12v Max Rundown but we thought it might be a good opportunity to go a little deeper on this unit. As we mentioned before this may potentially be our favorite new 12v DeWalt tool in the lineup. At $299 the DCT410S1 ( is a pretty good deal, although it only comes with (1) 12V Max battery that is plenty to power the camera for a day’s worth of normal use.


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Bosch OIS Universal Oscillating Tool Accessories & Adaptor

The biggest problem with multi-tools today is that hardly any of the oscillating accessories are interchangeable with one another. This can be a real problem because while we would love to believe all purchases can be made online, often when you get to that weekend project and realize your blades are so dull they couldn’t cut butter it’s off to the depot store. In many cases that means very limited selection on oscillating tool blades and sanding accessories and most likely ones that are not going to work with your tool.
Bosch is now establishing the universal system of Oscillating Interface System (OIS) which features 12 points of contact, the most of any system. The Bosch guys are hoping this will become as universal as the “SDS” system which they made popular and is now the standard. It is very positive to see Milwaukee adopt the OIS system for their new Milwaukee M12 Multi-Tool coming later this year. We never would have guessed Bosch and Milwaukee would be working together on anything. If other professional brands that still don’t have oscillating tools were to follow suit it is likely this will be the case. We will see where DeWalt, Makita, Metabo and others all fall when they inevitable come out with their own multi-tools.


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Milwaukee REDLITHIUM Batteries: What’s the Big Deal?

Several years ago we all lived in ignorance with NiCD batteries on our power tools. Then came Lithium Ion a new technology that promised better runtime and a more consistent power curve and the people rejoiced. But all was not well, on that first cold winter morning when you went to the truck and the new Lithium tools wouldn’t work because they were too cold.

In the northern part of the country this is obviously a bigger issue but we have contractors going back to NiCD tools in the winter time because NiCD currently performs better in the cold. We certainly aren’t the only ones who think this is completely ridiculous.


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Drill vs Impact Driver vs Hammer Drill vs Rotary Hammer Drill

Potato patato what’s the different right? Well depending on the tool and what job you want to do there is going to be a lot of difference among these tools. We’ll go over some of the basics of how the different tools operate and some of the most common jobs for each. Hopefully we can clear up any confusion that might still be out there.

Traditional Drill/Driver

They’ve been around since the invention of power tools and my guess is if you are reading this blog you have several of these traditional drill/drivers in your possession already. Typically there tools will come with a 3/8” or ½” chuck and can vary greatly in speed, power and size. The traditional drill/driver is a very versatile tool because it can do two very common tasks drilling holes and driving fasteners. When you get to larger units like the very popular Milwaukee Hole Hawg ($279, Ohio Power Tool) and the torque rating starts to get pretty high the unit can become more difficult to control. Sometimes spinning the tool instead of the bit and people can get injured, because of this fact there is an upper limit on how much torque these tools can effectively have.


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Porter Cable 12V Max Launches with 3 New Tools

It’s no surprise to us that Porter Cable is coming to market with 12 volt tools. This category is the fastest growing segment of new tools and where you will find a lot of new innovation. As battery power gets stronger, tools get smaller and the price comes down many people are looking to add these smaller tools to the arsenal.

The first two Porter Cable 12V tools we saw images of were the 3/8” drill driver and the impact driver. These tools feature the battery in the handle like most of the competition and solid performance numbers but no real innovation. Where they will win is on price, $139 for the kit with both of these tools and 2 batteries is a very solid price. The only feature we really thought was a nice addition was the belt clips which can be added to either tool.


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Ridgid CS1000 Digital Recording LCD Monitor 32603 & 32608

New from Ridgid is the SeeSnake 12.1” LCD Monitor with built-in digital recording onto an internal hard drive or 2 thumb drive slots. The CS1000 model 32603 ($5276, Ohio Power Tool) is designed for rugged jobsite use and transportation with features like protective screen cover, daylight LCD and fold-up waterproof keyboard. The CS1000 model 32608 ($5609, Ohio Power Tool) is the same unit but also includes 2 of the Ridgid Plumbing 18V batteries and charger which can be used simultaneously on this monitor providing a full days worth of power for the monitor and reel.

The CS1000 allows for fully functional video recording as well as still image capturing but the real advantage for this unit is it has the SeeSnake HQ reporting software built-in (same software you get with Laptop LT1000) which is ideal for tracking jobs, making notes, billing and sharing with the office. It also makes for very easy integration with RIDGIDConnect for online storage of all the jobs and information.

If you have questions about any Ridgid SeeSnake Monitors, Reels or Camera Systems give Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 and the guys there will be happy to help you get the right solution for you.  


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Milwaukee V28 Transitions to Milwaukee M28 Tools

You may be thinking, oh no I’m going to need either new tools, battery or chargers for my V28 Tools to work with the new ones… Nope that is not the case. The M28 platform will be “100% compatible” with the current Milwaukee V28 tools. In fact many of the M tools will basically stay the same, with same part numbers but will be getting the upgraded “M” batteries in the kits. The new batteries will feature Digital Power Management (DPM) and newer construction features that will extend the life of the batteries. Additionally the batteries will provide better overall performance and runtime for all your existing tools.

In addition to the upgraded battery technology we will also see the first of hopefully many new M28 tools with the M28 Hammer Drill 0726-22 ($419, Ohio Power Tool) & M28 LED Flashlight 49-24-0187 ($59, Ohio Power Tool) which should be on shelves very soon. The new ½” Hammer Drill features 750 in.lbs torque more than any other cordless drill on the market today in 18v, 24v, 28v or 36v categories. Check the Ohio Power Tool Milwaukee M28 website often for when exact each model will be in stock with the new M batteries. Items will switch as each tool transitions from V28 to M28. For more information read the official Milwaukee Tool Press Release Below. 


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Free Milwaukee M12 XC Battery 48-11-2402 & Free Shipping

We have mentioned the Milwaukee M12 XC Battery before which is more than just a battery with longer runtime. The M12 XC Battery 48-11-2402 ($79, Ohio Power Tool) actually adds power & speed to many tools as well as runtime. In lab testing with the 3/8” Drill/Driver 2410-22 ($149, Ohio Power Tool) the time it took to drill a 1” hole went from 16 seconds to 9 seconds. The Stall Torque went from 250 in.lbs to 310 in.lbs, just by switching to the XC battery. Similar gains are reported for the M12 Impact Drivers, Hackzall, Screwdrivers and other tools. The flat rubber over-molded base also makes the tool much more stable in the upright position as well as protects finished surfaces from marring. *Note the M12 plumb laser and M12 sub-scanner are the only 2 tools that cannot fit the larger battery.   

During the month of August, Ohio Power Tool is running a Free UPS Ground Shipping special for all Milwaukee Tool, simply use Coupon Code “MILWAUKEE” in the check out or call 800-242-4424. In addition to that cost savings you will also for a very limited time be able to get a FREE M12 XC Battery 48-11-2402 with the purchase of any Milwaukee M12 Tool Kit. That is an $80 value with most M12 Tools ranging from $99-$199, this is an incredible deal. The FREE battery ships with the tools, no waiting for a Mail-In Rebate to come. Supplies are very limited on this offer so place your order now; it may not be around tomorrow or even when you get home from work.


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