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New M12 Milwaukee 2415-21 Right Angle 3/8” Drill

Yep it’s another new tool for the Milwaukee M12 tool line. It seems like we have been posting several times a week on all the new Milwaukee Tools but they just keep coming out with really cool new stuff. The Milwaukee 2415-21 ($139) M12 Right Angle drill is no exception. Similar to the Bosch PS10-2a ($119) however the new Milwaukee has a 20% more torque, faster RPM and of course the 3/8” hard plastic chuck. The 2415-21 offers a respectable 100 in-lbs torque, 800 RPM with electronic 11 setting chuck however for serious drilling from a compact tool the 2410-22 ($149) is still the better way to go with more powerful 250 in-lbs, 2 speed 0-400/0-1500 RPM, (2) batteries in kit and a metal chuck.

Where this new drill really shines is in compact spaces, with a head length of only 3-3/4” this drill can get into places most other tool can’t with the versatility of using a 3/8” chuck. The M12 right angle drill also features a built-in LED work light, battery gauge and extended paddle switch.  Check out all the Milwaukee M12 tools at Ohio Power Tool.


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Milwaukee M18 Compact Band Saw 2629-22

You may remember the post a few weeks ago on the corded Compact Band Saw 6249-6 ($199), well the cordless M18 Band Saw 2629-22 ($399) shares the same basic sizes and dimensions. They also both use the 35-3/8” blade and feature the built-in LED work light however the corded version does have variable speed while the cordless does not.

The new compact M18 Band Saw is 45% lighter than the Deep Cut V28 Band Saw but still has a 3-1/4” capacity large enough to handle many common tasks. Th light weight compact size paired with the built in LED work light this is possibly the best band saw on the market for getting into tight spaces. The M18 also offers up to 3x faster cut time and 3x longer battery life when compared to other 18 volt cordless band saws. If you already have other M18 tools and batteries you can also pick up the tool only version M18 Band Saw 2629-20 ($219).  

If you have any questions about any of the Milwaukee portable band saws or any of the Milwaukee M18 tool feel free to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 or email any questions to


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Bosch Hole Saws – Universal Quick Change Kits

Bosch like many other manufacturers offer Hole Saws in many sizes and varieties however Bosch offers their entire hole saw line with the Universal Quick Change System. The quick change system is a significant time saver when switch between hole saws; it only takes a few seconds to simply unlock the mandrel and replace it with a new hole saw.

Bi-Metal Hole Saws – These are you typical all purpose type hole saw, good for wood, metal and other construction materials. The Bosch Bi-Metal hole saws are available in several kits including 17, 19 & 25 piece. The kits have a high number of pieces because the quick change adaptors are separate and include 7-11 in each kit. The adaptors also work on most other brands of competitors hole saws.

Carbide Tip Hole Saws – These hole saws have serious diamond sharpened carbide teeth and are ideal for wood, laminate, cementboard, masonry, roof tiles and many other materials. Incredibly strong and long lasting the quick change adaptor is built into each bit. The Kits are available in 5 & 8 piece.

Diamond Grit Hole Saws – The newest line of hole saws for Bosch, the Diamond Grit saws are made to cut marble, granite, tile and other hard materials. These hole saws do require water to stay cool; typically provided by a spray bottle. The individual hole saws above ¾” work with Universal Quick Change System and have the adaptors build in. They use the AutoStart pin to ensure a perfectly centered hole, another unique feature for Bosch. The Mini Diamond Hole Saws (3/16”-5/8”) don’t require the Quick Change Mandrel and will work in any standard drill. The Kits are available in 7 & 11 piece.

Checkout the video below if you still have questions on the Bosch Quick Change System and if that doesn’t do the job feel free to give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 or email      

Quick Change

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Bosch 18-Volt Impactor Review on ToolSnob

I just got done reading a great review, up now on, which spent 3+ months review the new Bosch 18v cordless Impactor. It looks and sounds like this tool was really put to the test including ladder drops and many other abuses.

My only complaint with the review was it states that the Impactor with (2) slimpacks starts at $250 (Amazon) but the ad on the top of their own site says you can get the Bosch 18v Impactor, Compact Drill/Driver & (2) slimpack batteries CLPK23-180 for $219 (Ohio Power Tool). Check out all the Bosch 18V Tools with some really great special pricing on Ohio Power Tool.    


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Milwaukee M12 Sub-Scanner 2290-21 Review

In stock now, the M12 Sub-Scanner 2290-21 was originally announced some time ago as part of the new M12 Test & Measurement tools (clamp-gun & temp-gun have been delayed). The Sub-Scanner is very very easy to use for finding studs, metal in concrete or live electrical wires. Without looking at any directions I’m pretty sure an 8 year old could operate this machine. Simply select stud or metal on the thumb control, hit CAL and you are in business. The Sub-Scanner has 4 wheels that easily glide over any surface. The only settings you can change are sound, units of measure (us/metric) and depth on stud finder. Checkout this Photo Album for more pictures.

On stud mode it shows a basic left, center, right which makes it almost idiot proof when finding studs. The “V” on the top of the tool lights up anytime you go over a live wire which is probably a pretty smart safety feature as well. You will feel very confident when you have found the center of the stud unlike some other stud detectors that simply beep or light up.

In metal mode the display is slightly more advanced but just as easy to use. It doesn’t give left or right indicators but does provide a depth reading and a Ferrous vs Non-Ferrous indicator. The tool is pretty accurate in metal mode; in the above picture you can see the rebar almost exactly 3.5” in the parking block.

Checkout all the Milwaukee M12 tools available on Ohio Power Tool. There are some very exciting things that have come out recently and more that will be launching soon. We will do our best to keep you up to date on all of it.  


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Milwaukee M12 PVC / PEX Shear Cutter 2470-21

How to cut PVC the easy way with this innovative tool, yet another addition to the Milwaukee M12 battery system. It is clear they are really going after the Plumbers, Electricians and other tradesman with their compact 12 volt tools and this is another perfect example. The M12 2470-21 ($199) is designed specifically for cutting PVC & PEX tubing and really isn’t made for much else, unless you wanted to remove an extra finger or two. If you are a plumber, install sprinklers or work with PVC a lot this could be a very handy tool. Currently the most popular alternative would be a manual ratcheting PVC cutter like the Ridgid RC-2375 ($87) which can get tiring if you are using it all day.

The cutter itself puts out 1,900 in-lbs torque which is plenty to get through 2” PVC in about 3 seconds. The 12 volt lithium battery is rated to make over 200 cuts per charge. Using the tool is very simple, hold down the safety and pull the variable speed trigger. Once the cut is made there is a separate quick release trigger, not sure why there is a reverse option on the cutter as the quick release works much better. The blade is very easy to change and the wrench for removing it is conveniently stored on the tool, another nice feature. Checkout this Photo Album for more images.


Will a tool like this be successful? The market for a PVC cutter is much smaller than for a handy tool like the M12 Hackzall and it will depend on if plumbers will adopt it. It is in a similar boat to the M12 Copper Cutter ($219) which seemed like a great idea but hasn’t seen a big shift away from the tried & true manual copper cutters like the Ridgid 118 ($28). However the manual copper cutters are significantly cheaper and can cut almost as quick with little effort. The price gap for the PVC cutters (manual vs M12) is much smaller, the 2470-20 (bare tool) is only $129 and the manual PVC cutters require much more effort. Hopefully the new Milwaukee 2470-21 will find lots of success among professional.


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Some Fein Lookin’ Tools (Revisited) Bosch & Dremel

Exactly one year ago today we did a simple comparison post on some new oscillating tools coming out from Dremel and Bosch that would compete directly with the Fein Multi-Master. See Some Fein Looking Tools – Bosch PS50 & Dremel Multi-Max 9/9/08. Since then this post has held strong as our most viewed post ever. I wanted to take a second to revisit the post and perhaps add some more related links, photos & insight now that these tools have been around the block a few times.

Since the original post we added several YouTube Videos (See Below) as well as some additional posts for Bosch PS50 Accessories and Dremel Multi-Max Accessories as well as found some great post on other blogs including this post on toolsnob, one of the best I’ve seen.

Just for good measure I snapped twenty or so more pictures of these two tools and put them in this Facebook Album. Some of the points I was trying to highlight in the added photos would include the difference in size and shape, often people think the Dremel is larger but in fact the Bosch is slightly longer. The difference in Cases, the Bosch is a clear winner here. Also a few pictures of the vents, both of these tools can get hot but the Dremel is often run continuous for longer amounts of time and can get really hot. The Bosch being cordless is less equipped to run continuously so it often has at least a minute or so to cool during battery changes. One guy I spoke with who runs the Dremels all day long actually uses two Multi-Max and puts different attachments on each and use each for 20-30 minutes then switches to the other which saves him time from switching blades but also give the tools time to cool.  

The accessories are also more substantial on the Bosch; in general the Dremel accessories are smaller, thinner metal but less expensive. The sanding pads do work interchangeably but you can see in this photo the Bosch sanding pads are slightly larger. Also you will see in this picture the Bosch adaptor which allows you to use Dremel or Fein blades as well. The Dremel is pictured with a simple washer because this is what we have found many of the tradesmen using so they could use the more substantial Bosch blades with the corded Dremel tool. Funny thing is I didn’t tell them to do this (legal disclaimer: nor would I ever suggest anyone ever alter a tool or make their own adaptors for any tool or accessory ever) but amazingly several different heavy users of these tools came up with the idea on their own. Obviously end users are going to figure out work arounds, manufacturers should accept that and make things easier on everyone.

If you are looking for Dremel Multi-Max ($99) or Bosch Multi-X PS50-2A ($179) PS50-2B ($199) or any of their oscillating tool accessories; Ohio Power Tool keeps all these tools and accessories in stock and able to handle quantity orders.


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New Ridgid Endura-Clear Thread Cutting Oil 32808

ELYRIA, OHIO – Ridgid Endura-Clear™ thread cutting oil 32808 ($20.15 – 1 gallon), the newest addition in the RIDGID® thread cutting oil product line, maximizes wear resistance, increases die life, decreases operating costs and is CPVC compatible.

“Endura-Clear thread oil is a great addition to our product line because it extends the life of dies up to 60 percent, while significantly reducing threading machine operating costs up to 30 percent over the RIDGID Nu-Clear oil (70835 $18.48 – 1 gallon),” said Larry Feskanich, product manager, RIDGID.

The formula has been tested to assure chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster®, and Corzan® CPVC pipe and fittings and has been added to the FGG/BM/CZ™ System Compatible Program. Endura-Clear thread oil contains an anti-mist formulation to inhibit inhalation and decrease mess. It maintains a workable viscosity for cold weather threading to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit and is available in a one-gallon size.

Designed for hand threading and high speed machine threading, the RIDGID thread cutting oils allow users to produce effective threads in a variety of materials. The improved RIDGID threading fluids are mineral oil-based and do not contain any chlorine, halogens, PCBs, or heavy metals. The formulations effectively reduce friction and extend the life of the dies.


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Ridgid Explorer vs Milwaukee M12 M-Spector AV – Full Review

Previously we did a post comparing some of the preliminary stats of the Milwaukee M-Spector AV vs Explorer however at that time we were just looking at the numbers from the M-Spector AV press release. Now the M12 M-Spector AV is in stock (at Ohio Power Tool at least) and we can do a more hands on comparison and see some of the differences between the two models.

Right off the bat you’ll see a good size difference in price, Ridgid Explorer 30063 ($690) vs Milwaukee M12 M-Spector AV 2311-21 ($399). So what does the extra $291 get you with the Ridgid and is it worth it? On the surface these two models look very similar, both feature 320×240 resolutin 3.5” screens, 17mm heads and ability to record still images & videos.

The Milwaukee M12 M-Spector AV 2311-21 even has several advantages despite the cheaper price tag. By simply being a part of the Milwaukee M12 line it gets a natural advantage as many people already have batteries, chargers and other tools. The actual M12 battery also lasts longer and charges faster than the Ridgid Explorer lithium battery, although I haven’t heard any complaints about Explorer battery life, it is always a big plus to have more time between charges. The Milwaukee also features a built in microphone for recording where the Ridgid requires a separate microphone.

The Ridgid Micro Explorer 30063 as you would expect for the price, obviously have several advantages over the Milwaukee. A big feature which is very clear when comparing them side by side is the self-leveling feature on the Explorer. This automatically keeps the image right side up which can be important when you are inspecting a pipe that takes a bend or just to keep you sanity. The Milwaukee does have a 180 degree flip option (shown above) which helps sometimes but other times just goes from one awkward view to another.

The Ridgid also wins against the Milwaukee with a much better designed camera head. The Explorer has 4 LED lights vs the Milwaukee single LED light. The head is also a better design with rounded metal face vs Milwaukee’s flat plastic piece. The Milwaukee head makes me nervous because it is very common to see abuse to these heads. The tips get pushed with considerable force to make any turns and all that pressure on that plastic piece… The Explorer also comes with the magnet, hook & mirror attachments (see below) which have proven very useful for specific tasks like pulling wires, recovering dropped screws or jewelry, etc.

The final reason you might pick the Micro Explorer SeeSnake over the Milwaukee is that while Ridgid isn’t building more products to use the same battery they are building products to work specifically with the Explorer. The microDRAIN 33103 for instance is a 30’ SeeSnake reel build specifically to attach to the Explorer and do line inspections. Although the microDRAIN has only been out for a number of weeks it has already had huge success among plumbers. This is the first and only camera that can pass through a toilet trap and is powered off the Explorer power supply. The Micro Explorer also features an expansion slot for future upgrades which, my best guess, could include thermal imaging or other cool technologies.

The verdict, while these two units look similar I would argue they are different enough that there are good reasons to select each. The Ridgid Explorer is a better unit all around but for many applications the added features may not justify the added price. If you need a simple handheld inspection tool you may consider the M12 M-Spector AV 2311-21 ($399) over the Ridgid Micro 31118 ($223) or the standard M-Spector 2310-21 ($249). Also if you need to simply document the inspection with images or video but don’t necessarily need to give the video to a customer the M-Spector AV is a good option. If you are planning to provide a copy to customers I would strongly suggest the Explorer using self leveling and keep them from getting seasick from an upside down spinning videos. Also I would recommend the Ridgid Explorer to any plumber hands down. Even if you are not yet ready to invest in the 30’ microDRAIN there are many additional products that will all be based on this platform coming down the pipe and when you are talking about SeeSnake reels which can cost thousands, paying a few hundred extra now is well worth it.

For many more pictures checkout this Facebook Photo Album. If you have any other questions on any Handheld Inspection Equipment give the professionals at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 or email      


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New Milwaukee Compact Band Saw 6242-6

Milwaukee Tool is very well known for their portable band saws. Earlier this year they announced a completely redesigned Deep Cut Band Saw 6232-6N that significantly increased power, speed & overall performance. Because one size does not always fit all, Milwaukee is now coming out with a Compact Band Saw 6242-6 with a more economically friendly price of $199 (Ohio Power Tool). The new smaller band saw will weigh only 9.5 lbs, 45% less than the Deep Cut but still have a fairly large capacity of 3-1/4” vs the Deep Cut at 4-7/8”. With the smaller size and light weight design it is natural to assume it will be used in tighter spaces, so it made sense that they also added an LED work light currently not available on the Deep Cut model. The Compact Band Saw will be the size as the new M18 band saw that will also be coming out soon, more on that later.

If you have any questions about any of the Milwaukee Portable Band Saws do not hesitate to contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool, 800-242-4424 or email


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