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Bosch Diamond Hole Saws with Autostart for Tile & Stone

Bosch isn’t the first company to introduce a diamond grit hole saw however they are the industry’s first to have AutoStart. The AutoStart feature is basically a carbide tipped pilot that compresses just enough to start the hole. Once the hole is started the bit is removed and the hole saw can cut through the material be it porcelain, marble, granite, tile or glass. The competitors hole saws traditionally have problems walking when trying to start the hole, scratching up the surfaces and since the saw starts at an edge and not centered they potentially can move the hole. With the Bosch diamond hole saws there is much less likelihood of damaging high priced materials, potentially saving a fair amount of time & money.

These new Bosch Diamond Hole Saws will be available on Ohio Power Tool in individual sizes from 3/16” to 4-1/8” at very reasonable prices, ranging from $10-$65. There will also be complete kits available with 7 piece HDG7 ($161.65) & 11 piece HDG11 ($239.70). The new hole saws will of course work on the Bosch Quick Change System which has become incredibly popular and is the same system the Bosch Carbide & Bi-metal holes saws use. For more info read the full Bosch press release below.


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Milwaukee Tool Free Grinders & Accessories Promotions

Here are the new mail-in rebates available from Milwaukee Tools for FREE Grinders & Accessories. These are can be pretty significant deals if you are in the need of several high quality grinders or use a lot of Sawzall blades or hole saws. Also the V28 Cordless free battery or impact tool deal is still available until the end of July if you want to take advantage of that mail-in rebate.

Milwaukee Grinders – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

This promotion reduces your cost by 33% on quantity grinder orders. The promotion starts Wednesday July 15th and goes through September 30th. No mix & match, so the free grinder will be the same as the other two purchased. The promotion is redeemable for up to 5 grinders per customer. For complete details checkout the PDF – FREE MILWAUKEE GRINDER.

Milwaukee Sawzall Blades – Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

This promotion is good on 25 packs of Sawzall blades including popular models like “The Ax”, “The Wrecker” & “The Torch”. Milwaukee is the inventor of the Sawzall Reciprocating Saw and continues to be the name brand for Sawzalls and accessories. No mix & match on Sawzall blade packs. The offer is good for July & August. For complete details checkout the PDF – FREE SAWZALL BLADES.

Milwaukee Hole Saws – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

This promotion is good on select Hole Saw Kits as well as bulk packs (9-25) for individual hole saw sizes. No mix & match on hole saw kits or packs. The offer is good for July & August. For complete details checkout the PDF – FREE HOLE SAWS.   

If you have any questions about any Milwaukee Tools and Accessories please contact the professionals at Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or If you see a model number on the Mail-In Rebate form that is not on the website, you can simply place the order over the phone.  


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CJ Perry – Ridgid Calendar Girls 2009

An update on the Ridgid Roadshow stop for Columbus, Ohio on Friday, August 14th. Possibly the most important detail for some… Who is the Ridgid Calendar Girl that will be there? It has been confirmed CJ Perry (January/February 2009) will be at Ohio Power Tool signing free Ridgid calendars. I googled her and found her Model Mayhem profile. Apparently she is also very accomplished in all types of dance and being insanely hot is just a way to pay the bills. Below is a little about her and a youtube video of her “Reel”. We look forward to having her out to visit.

A little about myself, I am Portuguese but grew up in a little country called Latvia which is the Former Soviet Union. That is where I got my professional ballet training and danced with the Latvian National Ballet Company and a Professional Modern Dance company starting at the age of 14. At 17 I moved to NYC where I danced with Ballet Hispanico and Alvin Ailey. Major in Dance at Florida State University in Dance and Acting.

In College I started break dancing which lead me to tour and work with artist such as Keri Hilson, T.I, Rich Boy, Akon, Bow Wow and Paula Deanda.

I love modeling, singing, acting and dancing and take my career very seriously. I am very passionate about my work and I am easy to work with!



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Milwaukee Tools 2009 Press Event

Last week Milwaukee Tools held their annual event to introduce new products to all the media outlets. We received an invite but unfortunately had to miss the event. We did however speak with some of those that were in attendance and apparently it was a really great event with a wide range of new innovative products. You might also want to checkout the review & photos from, who has some great coverage from the event. Below are some of the highlighted items from the show we will be featuring over the next weeks & months.

M12 line
– M12 AC/DC Charger: charges Milwaukee M12 batteries in the car or through a traditional outlet
– M12 M-Spector AV: the next generation of the m-spector records video, photo and audio on a 2BG memory card
– M12 Tool Holster: tool belt portability for your M12 tools
– M12 High Capacity Battery: fits all M12 tools to increase runtime and power
– M12 Radio: exclusive digital processor and weather sealed MP3 compartment
– M12 Right Angle Drill: 3.75" head for drilling and fastening in tight spaces
– M12 PVC Shear: cuts 2" schedule 40 PVC in 3 seconds
– Digital Contractor Radio: powered by 120VAC, M12, M18, V18, V28, and slide pack Ni-CAd batteries

M18 line
– M18 AC/DC charger: charges Milwaukee M18 batteries in the car or through a traditional outlet
– M18 Compact Band Saw: only 9.5lbs and 16" long, compact and light weight design for cutting overhead and in tight spaces
– M18 Flex Light: convenient hands free use

V28 line
– V28 1/2" Hammer Drill / Driver:750 in-lbs of peak torque and compact size
– V28 1/2" 3/4" & 7/16" High Torque Impact Wrenches: best in class torque, compact size, light weight

We can’t wait to see some of this stuff hit the shelves along with the tools and accessories we have already written about from Milwaukee. These guys are really stepping it up to fill out their power tool lines and thus far we have been extremely impressed with the quality and performance of their professional grade tools.

If you are interested in Milwaukee Tools you can visit, a premier distributor of all Milwaukee tools, accessories and parts. If you have any questions about existing products or products coming down the pipe you can also call 800-242-4424 or email  


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New M12 LED Work Light 49-24-0146

Another addition the ever expanding Milwaukee M12 Tool line is the LED work light 49-24-0146 ($39). The xenon incandescent M12 work light 49-24-0145 ($19) will still be available, you will simply now have a choice between the two. Both models share a similar design with 90 degree movable head and magnet for hands free work. The new LED M12 is promising double the run of the traditional M12 flashlight however it is also packing double the price. The battery is an LEDs so traditionally lasts 10x longer as well as giving a more natural white light (5600K).

It’s a tough call price vs runtime, you will need to make that decision for your own but I am happy we at least now have the option. Check out all the Milwaukee M12 tools at Ohio Power Tool.


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Bosch P2 + R2 Combo Driver Bits

I know you probably have not been waiting on the edge of your seats in anticipation for new driver bit technology to hit the street but the new Bosch P2R2 bit is a pretty nice addition. It works extremely well on both Phillips P2 and Robertson R2 (square drive) screws, saving the time and frustration of switching bits, loosing bits and/or digging in the tool box for the other bit. We have already put these bits to the test and the shop guys said they pass the test, which doesn’t always happen. The bits are a few pennies more but for the convenience and time savings very much worth it.  

We continue to be impressed with Bosch’s constant innovation to simple accessories were you couldn’t imagine seeing anything new. The P2R2 bits will be available around Mid June; you will be able to order them shortly on Ohio Power Tool in packs of 15, 1” bits for $4.43.


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Detection Tools: M12 Sub-Scanner vs DMD4K vs D-Tect 100

The Milwaukee M12 Sub-Scanner 2290-21 is due out in July and will be able to detect wood studs, pipes, AC wires and rebar in concrete up to 6” deep. Currently the closest competing product would be the Bosch DMD4k Multi-Detector which can also detect various types of materials but only detect rebar in concrete 4” deep. The design of the Milwaukee is also much easier for scanning large areas with the 4 wheel design, it will role across a surface with ease, perfect for mapping out & drilling large areas of concrete.


The M12 Sub-Scanner looks very much like another Bosch detection tool I found on the German site called the D-Tect 100 Wallscanner (see here This gadget shares the 4 wheel design of the Milwaukee Sub-Scanner but has a much larger display which displays the objects graphically similar to how a fish finder works. It gives a very good representation of where objects are, how deep and continues to show items you already passed over. This product of course is not available in the US and there are no expected dates but hopefully we will see this item in the US down the road.



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Milwaukee Laser Temp-Gun Thermometers 2266-20 & 2277-21

The New surface temperature Temp-Guns from Milwaukee are available as part of the M12 system or available for use with standard Alkaline batteries. All of the available units are built for professional use with 1.5% accuracy range, K-Type thermocouple input and <500ms response time. There are however several differences in the models other than the power system.

Laser Temp-Gun 2266-20

At a lower price the 2266-20 Temp-Gun has a temp range from -20 to 932 F, a 12 to 1 distance to spot ratio and a slide rail system that allows accessories such as the voltage detector / light tool to be attached and used as part of the Temp-Gun. This gun meets and/or beats basically every competitor even up to the $200 price range and with the added accessories can offers features well beyond anything else.   

M12 Laser Temp-Gun 2277-21

The M12 2277-21 Temp-Gun is truly in a class by itself. With an expanded temperature range of -40 to 1472 F and a 40 to 1 distance to spot ratio, you get improved safety and accuracy in even the most demanding situations. The M12 unit also features built-in LED work light and non-contact voltage detection. The cherry on top is that the M12 Temp-Gun 2277-21 features humidity and dew point measurements. If you currently own other M12 tools and don’t need the additional M12 battery, case and charger, you can also get the M12 Temp-Gun as a tool only, see 2277-20.

Hopefully this helps clarify the difference between the Milwaukee Temp-Guns. These tools are not only convenient and a really cool technology they are also an important safety tool which might warn of potential electrical problems. If you have any questions about the new Milwaukee Test & Measure tools please feel free to email and the guys at Ohio Power Tool will be happy to help.     


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Milwaukee Test & Measure Tools – Multimeters & Forkmeters

As you may have already seen from the two posts yesterday Milwaukee has a lot of new test & measure tools coming in July. Just to clarify these are not some re-branded cheap import items painted red. Milwaukee has been working on these new tools for some time and has hired industry leaders, in some case from top competitors, to build these new test & measuring tools from the ground up. The group systematically looked at each tool individually, compared it with all the competition and found new ways to improve the functionality through extensive interviews with real professionals in the trade.

Digital Multimeter 2217-20

The new digital multimeter 2217-20 from Milwaukee has several features most competitor models do not currently offer. One problem Milwaukee looked to combat is the “Ghost Voltage” phenomenon where energized lines create a magnetic field affecting other wires in the bundle resulting in higher voltage readings than actually exist in the individual wires. The Lo-Z feature eliminates this problem and gives accurate readings to the user. In addition to stronger more durable housing, easier one handed controls and larger clear displays the 2217-20 also features a slide rail system to add proprietary accessories, such as the Volt Detector / Work Light mentioned in our previous post, for additional functionality.  

Fork Meters – Electrician 2205-20 & HVAC/R 2206-20

Both of the new Folk Meters incorporate several features most competitors do not such as non-contact voltage detection and LED work lights. Some differences in the two models are the 2205-20 electrician’s model features the Lo-Z measurement, mentioned above to eliminate “Ghost Voltage”, while the HVAC/R 2206-20 feature DC microamps & contact temperature reading more commonly used in those industries.

All 3 of these tools are part of the Milwaukee Alkaline Test & Measure tools which basically means they use standard batteries vs the M12 Test & Measure tools also available. If you have any questions about any of the new tools contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424.    


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New Milwaukee Voltage Detector & Work Light 2201-20

Another new Milwaukee tool that is part of the new Test & Measure line is the 2201-20 Voltage Detector. You may think voltage detectors are all the same but the Milwaukee features options not available with most competitors. The 2201-20 features a built in LED work light which is 3 times stronger than the closest competitor with a light. The unit will also slide into the Laser Temp-Gun and Digital Multimeter to increase the tools performance and usability. I haven’t seen these units in person so I’m not sure how that works yet but will be happy to report more on how exactly that works once I get my hands on one.

This unit is relatively inexpensive at $25, available for PRE-ORDER now on Ohio Power Tool. Check out the full line of New Milwaukee Test & Measure tools which fall into two general categories based on their batteries M12 Test & Measure or Alkaline Test & Measure. Expect to see these units on the shelf sometime in July.    


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