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Milwaukee M12 Rotary Hammer SDS 2412-22XC

M12 Hammer drill

Here is another nice example of a Milwaukee M12 cordless tool really aimed at the professional tradesmen. With only a ½” capacity this rotary hammer drill is ideal for installing tappers and other small concrete fasteners. A single M12 XC battery is good for about 60 holes per charge (we should see that jump to about 80+ with RedLithium 4.0). That being said, in our opinion, the 2412-22XC ($249, Ohio Power Tool) is really a very narrowly focused tool for pros as most do-it-yourselfers, myself included, will make do with a typical cordless hammer drill for small fastening jobs. For this tool to make sense you really need to do a lot of repetitive small hole drilling. In that case, however, this tool is going to make a lot of sense, and will speed up production significantly. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Electrician 600 MCM Cable Cutter 2472-21XC

When you hear a quote like “Out of Everything we (Milwaukee Tool) have ever launched, this might be the most dynamic tool brought to market for the commercial electrician” we are going to be very interested. More importantly from what we have seen it is very possible there are going to be some commercial electricians that will agree.

The 600 MCM Cable Cutter 2472-21XC will retail for $429 and launches in September of this year! Check the Milwaukee M12 page of Ohio Power Tool in late July, Early August for pre-sale ordering and final retail pricing. We will definitely be following up shortly on some field testing with some commercial electrician friends of ours. In the meantime checkout our demo video below, more pictures in this Facebook Album and/or the full Milwaukee Tool press release below that for specs and more details.  


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NewerTech Power2U USB Wall Outlets are First UL Approved

This is pretty cool. We just picked up several generic USB iPhone/iPad cables for like $1 each and made sure there was one for the car, work, on the Power Box with a few extras for around the house. This outlet makes sooo much sense to us and as other electronics providers all get on board our hope is we will see even more of these in hotels and public places. It is also the only UL approved device like this listed. See the full press release below for more info and Handyman Club comments on the product.


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Milwaukee M12 Super Compact Cordless Band Saw 2429-21XC

We have seen several new cordless band saws over the last few years in the market and it seems they are getting more and more compact. This is the first time we have seen a 12 volt band saw however. Perhaps it was all Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, fault for naming the cordless band saw his favorite tool but whatever the reason the demand is definitely increasing.


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2 Days with a Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera 2260-21


We recently had a few days with this thermal imaging camera and learned a fair amount about its functionality and our own home in the process. We originally got to see the unit at Milwaukee’s headquarters (see original post here). Given a little more time with it the Milwaukee M12 2260-21 ($2500, Ohio Power Tool) really is an amazing piece of technology you need to get your hands on.


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Game Changer: Milwaukee Florescent Light Tester 2210-20

We got to use this Florescent Light Tester 2210-20 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) unit at the Milwaukee Headquarters a few months back and while it seems like a pretty simple tool it will truly change everything for millions of maintenance people. The unit has a wand that extends 2.5’ that by simply touching to the bulb you can test to see if it has gone bad. What is even more impressive is if the bulb is ok the unit can also test the ballast in seconds without taking the whole thing apart. And just for good measure it can also test the new bulb before it goes in just to double check everything is all good.

Have you ever done it yourself or even just witnessed a maintenance guy go through the process if it should be a bad ballast? Typically first step is get all the bulbs, climb the ladder and replace them. When that doesn’t work go back to maintenance (or hardware store) and get a new ballast. Take the bulbs out again and take the whole fixture apart. At this point you are still not sure if it is indeed a bad ballast, just that it is most likely. Perhaps the new bulbs were also bad or wiring problems or something else, really it is all just diagnosis to this point. When the ballast is replaced test the old bulbs again, if they are also bad install new ones. With the new Milwaukee Tool all that diagnosis is done in seconds and 1 trip to maintenance or hardware store is all it will ever take.


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Would You like Your 12V Hackzall in Red or Blue?

Yes we did cover this a few weeks ago in a post announcing the new Bosch PS60-2A reciprocating saw. But thought we would share a few pictures now that both items are actually on the shelf so you could see just how close the Bosch is to the Milwaukee 2420-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Please don’t get us wrong we really think both of these tools are awesome for their respective 12V lines, we just personally got a big kick out of the similarity.


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New Pin Anchor Nail-In Drive System from DEWALT


We have been seeing a recent trend, which we are really happy about, of finding new ways to improve how concrete fasteners are installed. Not only does this make the job easier on the installers it actually makes the installation more to spec in most cases. This could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars if an inspector decided they didn’t like the way a job was done. While DEWALT is launching this installation tool for Pin Anchors in concrete; Bosch has also introduced a Stop Bit for installing Drop-In Anchors. Two completely different applications but we are happy the big companies are using their R&D muscle to improve these applications. The more the merrier is our thought when it comes to improved methods, reducing expense and saving time.


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Greenlee PROVL Lithium Ion Cordless 3.6V, 14.4V, 21.6V, 28.8V

Recently Greenlee announced they would be launching several new cordless tools in their lineup of PROVL lithium ion tools. Greenlee is one of the most respected names for specialty electrician tools and have one of the largest book of products, everything from hand tools to knockouts to large cable pullers. These new cordless tools are among the most common which they surprisingly did not have previously including several varieties of drills and a metal cutting circular saw. Greenlee has made many cordless tools before for their specialty crimping and punch tools however those tools have all used the Makita 18V Lithium Ion platform batteries.


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New Bosch Compact Cordless Band Saw BSH180-01

A while back we had a chance to test the Bosch 18V cordless band saw BSH180-01 ($398, Ohio Power Tool) against some of the competition and found it to be a very nice tool. For a long time Milwaukee was the standard but now there are several other players in the field making for some stiff competition.


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