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Coptool 2014 Holiday Power Tools & Gear Gift Guide

Holiday Tool Guide

We’ve put this list together to help find a great gift for any level of handyman (or women) from a beginner to seasoned professional as well as a few suggestions for any budget. Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t be really cool. Even if you’re looking for that person whose got it all, not to fear there are plenty of new tools that just came out in time for the holiday season, which have never been available before now.


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Milwaukee Free 11-N-1 Screwdriver with any Tape or Knife Purchase

11-N-1 Screwdriver

We have been very impressed by the new Milwaukee Fastbacks and Heavy Duty Tape Measures however it is also understandable when a new product is launched there might be some reluctance to trash your old tools to trade up. Ohio Power Tool has hopefully come up with a pretty nice program to help you make the switch. They are providing a FREE 11-N-1 Screwdriver 48-22-2113 ($10) with every Milwaukee Knife or Milwaukee Tape Measure that sells in month of February.  (more…)

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PowerStrike Hammer, the $6 Million Dollar Man of Striking Tools

PowerStrike Hammer

For those that have ever used a hammer until it has actually worn out, they can certainly appreciate the idea of having a hammer than can be completely deconstructed, replace worn items and built back to near new condition. The screw on cap alone is ingenious as it means you can easily go from a smooth surface to a gripped surface in a few seconds. We had some time with this unit and here are a few observations we’ve made.


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Milwaukee Fastback Family of Pocket Knives

Fastback Pocket Knife

We had an opportunity to see all the new Milwaukee Fastback Knives at the media event earlier this summer which was really a delightful surprise to us. These knives will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks and we were lucky enough to have received an early sample of the Fastback Smooth Blade 48-22-1990 ($17, Ohio Power Tool) pocket knife for testing. We have used as our daily carry for the last several weeks and overall we continue to be delightfully surprised. (more…)

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Wilton BASH Announces 4 New Splitting Maul Axes

Bash Splitting Maul Axes

Wilton just announced a new line of Splitting Maul to join the ranks of their extremely popular line of indestructible BASH sledge hammers we’ve posted on previously. These new splitting mauls are made in pretty much the exact same way and carry with them the same $1000 guarantee which we think gives even more piece of mind when it comes to a tool with a sharpened edge. The 4 new tool options are the 6lb 30” 50630 ($79), 6lb 36” 50636 ($84), 8lb 30” 50830 ($94) and finally the 8lb 36” 50836 ($99). (more…)

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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and last minute gift idea, Cole-Bar Hammer

We at we just wanted to say thank you, on this special day, to all the hard working fathers out there who dedicate so much of their blood, sweat and tears into passing on solid values, life skills and fatherly wisdom to the next generation. If you forgot to get dad something it’s not too late has tons of awesome tools and accessories which can ship out first thing Monday and get to dad in no time. If you’re shopping for the dad who’s got everything and he won’t mind waiting a few months for his present, we just found this KickStarter for the Cole-Bar Hammer. It looks like there is a week left to make sure you get one on order for around $65. Pretty cool looking tool from the looks of things.

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Irwin’s New FK Series Folding Utility Knives with BladeLock Technology

Irwin Utility Knives

We’ve done several utility knife comparison posts including: 1) Utility Knife Showdown 2) Utility Knife Showdown 2 – Irwin Strikes Back 3) Return of the Utility Knife – The Final Showdown but of course the trilogy didn’t die there as we also had the launch of the Milwaukee Fastback 2 and now the new FK Irwin Series. Time to accept the utility knife will continue to evolve and we will do our best to keep up to date. (more…)

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Wilton BASH – When a Normal Hammer Just Won’t Do


Wilton has always been one of the frontrunners in durable, long-lasting tools. This is a reputation they have crafted over time and are understandably proud of. In the past they have held contests trying to discover who has the oldest and most storied Wilton vise, which has produced pictures and stories about vices that are 70+ years old. This is pretty incredible on its own, but Wilton is still a current company that is currently innovating and producing tools while the vises they made in 1941 are still in use. (more…)

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Jobsite Safety with Tool Lanyards / Leashes / Tethers

Certain industries have been using tool lanyards for some time however it seems like in the past few years this has really started to become a more wide spread practice. It makes sense as all jobsite strive to become as accident free as possible it might be a good idea to leash any cordless drill, hammer or even a screwdriver, which after some free fall could easily be a nice worker’s comp claim.


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Irwin Tools at NYSE Opening Bell to Celebrate Tradesman Day


Yesterday Irwin Tools and the 2010 North American Ultimate Tradesman champ, Delwyn Thornton were in New York to ring the opening bell on the NYSE. This is a pretty big event and nice to see a little recognition for a tool brand. It looks like Irwin is planning events all month long leading up to Friday, September 16, 2011 which will mark the first ever celebration of “National Tradesman Day”.

Typically we would not be in favor of made-up holidays but in this case we are happy to be supportive as Tradesman in general certainly deserve much more honor and recognition than they get.  Check out the Irwin press release below for more info and check back with us soon, as we do have a few things planned to show our support for Tradesman everywhere.


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