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Red vs Green Line Lasers, You Have A Choice

Red vs Green Laser

The battle of Red Laser Vs Green Laser rages on, clearly Green is easier to see with the human eye than Red but there are other factors that need to be considered, mainly cost and runtime. Good news is the cost on green lasers has come down dramatically so it is easier to build lasers such as the Bosch GLL 100 G ($229), the other good news is that Red Line Lasers continue to fall as well with some cheaper options even below $40 like the Bosch GLL 2. This certainly doesn’t make the decisions easier but good news is pretty much anyone can afford a laser level. Runtime is the other important consideration while Bosch does not give their specs, PLS does provide estimates of 35+ hours with PLS180 RED ($282) but only 2-6 hours with PLS180 GREEN ($479) which is probably very similar ratios across other brands.


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Empire Industry’s First Auto-Calibrated Digital Level e105


As part of the Milwaukee company, Empire has earned the trust of construction trades by engineering innovative solutions for over 90 years. Their “MADE IN THE USA” products are sold and recognized throughout the globe. Digital Levels are a true testament to Empire’s continued focus on developing advanced layout solutions that offer world class accuracy, performance and innovation. Recently, Empire has announced their largest breakthrough with the introduction of their new e105 Series True Blue® Digital Box Level. The e105 Digital Level offers Inspector Grade high-precision accuracy & is the industry’s first Auto-Calibrated Digital Level for immediate digital readouts when powered on.



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Holidays for the Pros 2017 Coptool Gift Guide

Holiday for the pros 2017

Every holiday season it seems like the big boxes put serious pressure on all the name brand Power Tool guys to make the cheapest possible cordless tool kits and accessory bundles to hit their price points. They’ll pack them with older SKUs or lower amp batteries or throw in stuff that doesn’t always make sense all in an effort to show a “better deal” often targeting consumers that might not know the difference. We thought we’d take a different approach to find deals that make sense for PROFESSIONALS who know their stuff, to find the best deals on the latest and greatest stuff at all price levels. Use Coupon Code = GIFTGUIDE at Ohio Power Tool to receive Free Shipping on any of these specific items!! (more…)

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Bosch GLL-30 Cross Line Laser GLL-30 Launching @ $69

Bosch Line Laser GLL-30

Bosch has been very aggressive recently with Lasers and Measuring Tools launching a host of new products at some surprisingly low price points. The new Bosch GLL-30 coming in June will retail for only $69, with all the common features you’d expect from Bosch like self-leveling for plum and level, manual lock mode and 5/16” accuracy @ 30′. It even comes with a MM2 mount, good for clamping onto a work surface but does not have magnetic capability like their BM3 ($25) mount.

Bosch GLL-30

We are expect some higher end Bosch line lasers coming soon as well and hopefully they will launch a green line laser at some point soon. They are really filling in all the gaps to be a full solution laser company. For more info on the Bosch GLL-30 coming soon check out their video and full Bosch Press Release below.


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Bosch 360 Cross-Line Laser, Smaller & Cheaper GLL2-20

Bosch Laser

When the Bosch GLL3-80 ($499) hit the market it was the first of its kind with 3 fill 360° lines which also cross 6 times (floor, ceiling, each wall) to create a number of very useful references for plumb, 90°, as well as horizontal and vertical lines every which way. While this tool was big savings from other rotary options it was still pretty pricy for folks that didn’t need all that functionality. The new GLL2-20 ($249) utilizes the same 360° vertical line critical for drop ceilings, cabinets and other alignment but with half the cost. There is also a 120° vertical line which can positioned to create a perfect 90° reference point anywhere on the 360 line and of course both lines are self-leveling accurate to 3/16” at 30 ft.


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Bosch 50’ Laser Distance Finder GLM15 vs Standard Tape Measure

Bosch GLM 15

Recently Bosch announced a new 50’ distance range finder GLM 15 ($49) which has a very specific purpose, simplicity. The unit has only 1 button so it doesn’t calculate volume, measure angles, won’t connect to your phone or play your favorite songs. All the bells and whistles have been stripped out beyond saving just the previous measurement. What the unit does focus on however is dead-on accuracy; at $49 you can buy other lasers which claim more features but may leave you wondering.


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Bosch Bluetooth Distance Measuring Tool to Connect with Smart Phone & Tablets GLM100C


Bosch Distance Measuring GLM100C

We recently posted on the news that there would be a new Bosch distance measuring tool, GLM100C ($299) which would have Bluetooth connectivity to smart devices. This product is now available at a Bosch System Specialist (BSS Store) near you or online. While their demo video from our original post does a good job of explaining how the device and app work we thought our video below might help highlight more of a real world application with regular folks explaining it. Of course the pros at Ohio Power Tool are available; just give them a call at 800-242-4424 with any questions on Bosch Lasers & Measuring Tools whether it is product related or application specific.

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PLS Green Dot Laser PLS3 & Green Line Laser PLS180

Green PLS Lasers

Pacific Laser Systems just launched 2 new green lasers the PLS3 Green Laser ($329, Ohio Power Tool) and PLS180 Green Laser ($479, Ohio Power Tool). These higher visibility green lasers has been something contractors have been requesting for years and PLS is not the first to launch a green dot or line laser. They have however done the best job at addressing the largest complaint about green lasers which is battery life. You can expect about 6+ hours of continuous use for these new lasers which could mean a few weeks depending on usage. (more…)

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Bosch Smart Phone App for Distance Laser Measuring with GLM 100 C

Bosch Laser GLM 100 C

Bosch recently announced the launch of a new laser distance and angle measuring tool GLM100C ($299) which will be able to work with the App “GLM measure&document”. The Bosch unit itself looks to have much of the same capabilities of the GLM80 ($199) with the added functionality provided with the smart phone connection via bluetooth. The video below does a nice job of highlighting some of the features you can also download the app for free if you just want to play around. Price looks like it will be in the mid $200 range which is pretty reasonable for all the organization this would bring to those taking lots of measurements. (more…)

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Bosch GLM80 Digital Laser Distance & Angle Measuring Tool

These new Bosch GLM80 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) units are on store shelves now and provide some serious advantages over traditional laser distance measuring tools. They can accurately measure height of an object 40’ away hanging on the wall 15’ in the air, across the room, which we actually did and wow is that handy. Not to mention measure angles incredibly well as a digital level or shooting at a target 100’ away. The biggest problem I think the folks at Bosch will have with this unit will be explaining all of its many features. Check out the Bosch video below and their press release and see if it does a better job of explaining it than we can.



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