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Free Diamond Products 14” SpeediCut Gas Saws

If you are shopping around for 14” Diamond Saw Blades, now is the time to buy, while supplies last you can pick up a 14” SpeediCut Gas Saw for Free just by purchasing a few blades. If you purchase 10 Cut-All Multi-Purpose Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $334.10 each, then you get a Free 14” SpeediCut Jr Saw SC6514 (Sale Price $629.10) instantly. You could also purchase 15 of the Heavy Duty Orange Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $364.65 each and get a Free 14” SpeediCut SC7314 (Sale Price $1032.40) instantly. Either way both of these deals are instant rebates so the saw will be delivered with the blades in a few days. No mail-in rebates or any of that nonsense, just a high quality gas saw to your door for free.

If you have any questions about this deal, Diamond Products or any concrete sawing applications please feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email With some many different style blades and applications if you would need a different style blade or 16” saw or any other kind of substitution please contact us and Ohio Power Tool, there probably is a way to accommodate you.


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Milwaukee M18 Grinder & Jig Saw

When the Milwaukee M18 line of tools was launched last year there was the promise of a cordless grinder and jigsaw coming first quarter 2009. True to their word these two new tools should be available very shortly. Both new tools are available as tool only or in a kit with 2 XC batteries, case & charger. The M18 Grinder/Cut-Off 2680-22 features many of the same advances as their new corded grinders including 4-pole motor, overload protection, debris baffles, tool free burst resistant guard and the only cordless grinder on the market with a paddle switch design. The M18 Jig Saw 2545-22 was designed from the ground up to be one of the most powerful cordless jig saws on the market. We are looking forward to both of these much needed new additions and can’t wait for additional cordless tools coming later this year.  

Both of these new M18 tools are available now at Ohio Power Tool for pre-order and should be arriving in stores in the near future. Video demos on both of these tools are already in the works, so stay tuned.     


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New Bosch Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades for Heavy Metal

Recently Bosch introduced the new Edge Reciprocating Saw blades specifically for Metal applications. You may have already heard about the blades because of their interesting free custom guitar sweepstakes. The guitar was created incorporating the shape of new saw blades. In the launch kit sent to dealers and press they also included a 10” toy version of the guitar. A very weird promotion in my mind however it has gotten a lot of people talking so I guess it worked. Personally I’d prefer more free samples to give to people to use but that’s just me.

Putting the Heavy Metal Free Guitar promotion out of the way, how good do the new blades actually work. Is there a real compelling reason to try these new blades? Several features defiantly make it look like it could be worth testing. You can read the official press release below for more details but these blades have a nice substantial feel not at all flimsy and the few cuts I made they seemed very fast. Their third party testing suggests 65% faster and 2x longer lasting than the Lenox Gold.

You can purchase the new Bosch Edge Blades at Ohio Power Tool.

Bosch Edge for Metal Recip Blades Last Longer, Cut Faster & Cleaner Than Competition

Mount Prospect, Ill., January XX, 2009 – The toughest materials call for the toughest blades, but it’s not enough to just be tough. The blade must be built to last and cut faster and cleaner than the rest. That’s why Bosch introduced their latest Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades.
The blades feature Bosch’s Micro-Edge TechnologyTM, a patented design and manufacturing process that results in longer blade life, faster cutting and increased durability with teeth that stay sharper over time.

The powder metal steel alloy minimizes heat build-up for longer life and Bosch’s patented 2 x 2 tooth geometry delivers faster and cleaner cuts by effectively removing debris. The first set of teeth cut more aggressively and the smaller reinforced teeth follow. This alternating tooth pitch increases cutting speeds by 20 percent.

The teeth are protected by Bosch’s own Micro-blastTM technology that cleanly defines the cutting surface as opposed to rough or uneven teeth that will tear-out much easier.

The blades are taller and thicker than competitive blades to reduce vibration when cutting and results in a straighter cut, ideal when accuracy is a must.

The blades come in 6-inch and 9-inch lengths with kerfs of .035” (14+18 TPI), .042” (8+10 TPI) and .062” (8+10 TPI). The 14+18 blades are ideally suited for medium gauge metals. The 8+10 for Heavy Metal is designed for thick gauges metals and the 8+10 for Metal Demolition is made for tearing stuff up.

To see the blade in action, visit


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Hougen Metal Cutting – RotoCut & Holcutters

If you are constantly working with metal sheets up to 1/2” thick and using traditional twist drill bits, you need to try out the Hougen RotoCut. These bits work in either a hand held drill or drill press, last 10x longer and cut 3x faster than traditional twist drill bits. The design of these bits is similar to a hole saw where the inside of the bit leaves a slug helping the bits cut faster and last longer. RotoCuts are available in Kits or individually sizes up to 1-1/2” diameter.  


For larger holes in sheet metal up to 1/8” Hougen also has the Holcutter line of bits. These are not your traditional metal hole saws, they are 3x faster and leave a much cleaner hole. The cutting action is much smoother preventing tool jerk and extending the life of the tool and your wrist. Each bit also has a lip around the cutting edge stopping the bit from pushing through, very useful when working with electrical boxes or any tight spaces. These are available as Holcutter or Carbide Holcutter with individual sizes up to 3” on each.

Don’t forget to also get some Hougen Slick-Stik lubricant to extend the life of the bits and ensure a smooth cut. These bits are ideal for: Electrical, Piping, Conduit Work, Sheetmetal Fabrication, Spotweld Removal, Maintenance Installations, HVAC, PHCC, Automotive Aftermarket and many others…

RotoCut Video
Holcutter Video

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Happy 50th Anniversary Hougen

This year, 2009, marks Hougen Manufacturing’s 50th year in business. Dr. Douglas Hougen founded the company in February 1959 to develop his new concept in metal hole cutting that would revolutionize the business. Eventually this lead to the patented Rotabroach Annular Cutter which changed hole cutting forever.


He saw a lot of potential in his new cutter outside the industrial market place and later invented the first light-weight portable magnetic drill press that would use his cutters. He used the new mag drills to go after the fabrication and construction industries with tremendous success that continues today.


Ohio Power Tool would like to honor Dr. Douglas Hougen and his incredible inventions as well as congratulate Hougen on celebrating their 50th anniversary; a great accomplishment. For the month of February Ohio Power Tool will offer additional discounts up to 20% off already low prices for all Hougen Mag Drills and Rotabroach Cutters. Below you will find links to some of the video demos for these great machines.

HMD115 Movie

HMD904S Movie

HMD915 Movie



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New Portable Milwaukee Band Saw 6232-6N

Milwaukee Tool just announced the next generation of portable band saws. The new Milwaukee Band Saw 6232-6N is 40% faster than the previous Milwaukee models and 20% faster than the closest competitor, the Dewalt DWM120K. The Milwaukee motor was updated from a 6 amp to a 10.5 amp motor and is now the most powerful on the market. The improvements don’t stop there, with aluminum motor housing, better saw balance, 2 finger trigger, variable speed dial, improved blade protection and new bearings this is a very solidly built band saw.

The band saw’s deep cutting capacity is 4-7/8” however it can cut up to 6” round pipe when rotating. The improved T handle grip not only allows for comfortable operation but also allows the tool to lock into a vise for stationary cutting. Another nice feature for those who maintain many of these units and are thinking about upgrading some of them, is that up to 80% of the parts are interchangeable. This means if you have brushings, pulleys or other parts they will work in the new & old models.

To properly introduce the new Milwaukee Band Saw 6232-6N Ohio Power Tool is giving away a brand new Milwaukee 4.5” rattail grinder 6122-30 ($119 sale price) with each band saw purchased however supply is extremely limited with 3 max per order. The grinders will be shipped with the units, no mail-in rebates to worry about. The Milwaukee 6232-2N is available now for pre-sale at $299 and should be in-store before Febuary 6th 

Milwaukee Tool is serious about proving themselves in the metalworking tool category. Within the next month or so Milwaukee will also introduce several new 5”, 6”, 7” & 9” grinders to accompany the new 4.5” grinders available now. All the new Milwaukee metalworking grinders are intended to not only compete with the likes of Bosch, Makita and Metabo in this category but in fact become the preferred brand for users.    


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New Milwaukee 4.5″ Grinders for Metalworking

Milwaukee has recently introduced 7 new 4.5" grinders aimed at the metalworking grinder market. These new grinders will compete directly with other top names currently dominating metalworking grinders such as Bosch, Makita and Metabo.

Some of the new features that will make Milwaukee competitive include: Debris Baffles, basically an engineered L-shape intake vents protect the motor and other components by deflecting debris particles out of the airflow before entering the grinder. Another feature is the Multi-Port Exhaust vents on all four sides of the gear case allow more hot air to escape preventing motor burn-up, others typically have only 2. Also Milwaukee uses a 25% Longer Lasting Epoxy Coating to increase tool life by preventing debris from damaging copper wires in the motor. 

Some of the connivance and safety features include: Tool Free Adjustable Guard allowing the user to quickly adjust the guard without the use of a tool. Burst Resistant Guard Positive detents lock the guard in place so if a wheel burst, the guard is more secure and less likely to rotate. Finally the Soft Grip 3-Position Side Handle provides optimal control for any application.  Top position is ideal for cutting.

The reason there are 7 models is because for each version there are locking and non-locking triggers, for compliance reasons. Ohio Power Tool sells all 7 models call 800-242-4424 if you need any help determining which would be right for you.

Models Include: 6122-30 10AMP Rat Tail w/Lock, 6122-31 10AMP Rat Tail no Lock, 6148-30 10AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6148-31 10AMP Paddle no Lock, 6148-33 10AMP Slide Trigger w/lock, 6140-30 7.5AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6140-33 7AMP Slide Trigger w/lock

See YouTube Videos: Debris Baffles & Milwaukee Rat Tail Grinder


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New Hougen HMD904 Mag Drills

Hougen was the first company to develop and patent the Magnetic Drill back in 1976. Since then there have been many improvements made to the original design but Hougen has remained a leader in the magnetic drill industry. The model HMD904 has been one of the most popular mag drills for many years because of its light weight design, significant power and durability. Not to long ago the HMD904S with swivel base was introduced which allowed for slight adjustments after the magnet had been activated.

Now you have two new options for the HMD904 which are the HMD904C ($899.95), which is the basic 904 model with the 16oz coolant tank and fittings. The second option is the Fabricators Kit HMD904K ($1,188) which includes the HMD904C, ½” Jacobs Chuck with adaptor and 12002 Rotabroach Cutter Kit. The fabricators kit provides the basic set up with several Rotabroach sizes to get started but with the chuck the mag drill can also use regular twist drill bits.

The 16 oz coolant tank is also available as an add-on option for existing HMD904 mag drills as HOU05548 (Hex Arbor) & HOU05087 (Spindle Arbor). Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 if you need as order any Hougen parts or accessories.


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Selecting the Right Magnetic Drill Press

There are a small number of people that use a mag drill on a daily basis and you are well aware if you are one of them. These tools are becoming more popular for much more than just working on I-beams. If you are considering a mag drill or an upgrade there are several important things to consider.

Hougen and Milwaukee are probably the two best known and most reliable makers of mag drills. Magnetic drills vary greatly in their size, weight, height, depth of cut (d.o.c.), amp power, RPMs and several other features. Hougen makes the smallest mag drills available, HMD115 & HMD150, which have an extremely low profile. The small sizes makes these incredibly useful for working in tight spaces such as with automotive and trucking applications.

One of the most popular mag drills and a real work horse is the Hougen HMD 904. This model is light weight at 27.5 lbs, powerful with 450 RPM and d.o.c. of 2”. It has a height of 16” and easy to work with if not in a tight spot. This model is also available as the HMD904S which features a swivel base. The swivel base allows you to get the drill close to the hole and then do a more precise line up with the tool in position. This is an especially huge advantage when using a mag drill in the horizontal or overhead position.

For more heavy duty applications consider the Hougen HMD925 with Powerfeed or the HMD505 that has a d.o.c. of 3” and 2 RPM speed options. The Milwaukee mag drills on are larger machines ranging from 57-72 lbs. heavier than any of the Hougen drills available although they do have some good features. These Milwaukee units feature adjustable bases for lining up your hole exactly. Also the Milwaukee drills feature keyed chucks which can use regular drill bits, hole saws or the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters up to 6”. Milwaukee does have a smaller Hougen style mag drill 4270-20 but there are many reasons why the Hougen outperforms it. Please comment if you disagree, this will probably be a future article.

When considering drilling into solid metal the drill bit itself is a large considerations. Hougen features several varieties of Rotabroach Annular Cutters engineered to be one of the best metal cutters on the market. The Rotabroach cutters will work with other mag drills but will not work with chuck type mag drills. The smaller Hougen drills use different cutters all together which are more compact the Rotaloc (HMD115) and Rotaloc Plus (HMD150). If you are looking for cutters that work with a 3/8" chuck, the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters work with traditional chucks and range in size from 7/8” to 6”. For cutting thin metal, such as sheet metal, Hougen makes several kits (RotaCut & Holcutter) which work in a traditional chuck style hand drills.    

Deciding which type of mag drill and cutters you will need is not an easy decision and not something you can determine easily by reading a quick blog post. I would recommend calling the professionals at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) if you have any questions.


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