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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Mag Drill 2787-22

M18 mag drill

The news of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless Mag Drills is official, targeting a July launch date there will be 2 models of these cordless drills the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Mag Drill 2787-22 ($2299) and the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Lineman’s Mag Drill 2788-22 ($2399) which the drills are identical, the “Lineman” version just swaps our the charger for an AC/DC vehicle charger. With the wide availability of the Milwaukee M18 batteries and impressive runtime the expectation is this will become the dominate cordless mag drill in the market.

Lineman mag drill (more…)

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Hougen HMD905 Mag Drill with Free Fabricator Kit

Hougen Mag Drills

Recently Hougen overhauled their line of magnetic drills with updates to most of their models and the addition of the new HMD905 ($1185). We thought this new mag drill had the potential to becoming their most popular drill as it is about the same size/weight as the HMD904 and while it doesn’t add a ton of capacity it does add 2 speed for more precision in drilling. It also features a very slick built in coolant tank which is normally a $100 add-on to the HMD904 ($845) however the bottle currently comes FREE from Ohio Power Tool. (more…)

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Hougen Mag Drills Get a Full Line Redesign

HMD904 new vs old

Announced at the FabTech Trade Show recently Hougen Mag Drills are getting a full line upgrade. As the inventors of the portable magnetic drill press Hougen is dedicated to continue their tradition of high quality, built in the USA and innovation in the field. These new models feature some very smart upgrades which will take an already tough as nails design to the next level.

Hougen Drills (more…)

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Ohio Power Tool Pits Bosch Against Milwaukee with Free Tools

bosch vs. milwaukee

A lot of people seem to question which brand makes the best tools, and a lot of people have very different (and very strong) opinions about which tools they are going to keep on hand for whatever job they may see themselves doing. In being an authorized dealer for both Milwaukee and Bosch, Ohio Power Tool has found themselves on the forefront of the Red vs. Blue battle. Both companies make some very good tools, and both companies’ tools get both good and bad reviews once they get out in the field, so it is hard for me personally to not sit on the fence and let the big boys duke it out to see who out there is going to walk away the heavyweight champ in the electric tool world. (more…)

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Jet Metalworking Machinery 10% Sale Ends Friday 12/20/13

Jet Tools Metalworking

Until this Friday you can take advantage of an additional 10% off Jet Tools stationary Metalworking tools such as Drill Presses, Metal Forming, Band Saws, Metal Lathes and other professional equipment. Unfortunately this discount does not apply to the Jet woodworking equipment, please contact the folks at Ohio Power Tool directly 800-242-4424 if interested and to verify they equipment you are looking for is in-stock, will apply for the discounts and to see if it qualifies for Free Shipping. This deal does indeed end this Friday 12/20/2013 so you will need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of the end of the year savings. Check out the pretty nice Jet Metalworking equipment video overview below. (more…)

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Jet Tool Metalworking Machinery 10% Off Sale

Jet Metalworking Machinery

Currently if you are in the market for some metalworking or metal forming machinery you are in luck. Jet Tools in running a “Fall Into Extreme Savings” 10% off sale on select equipment (see all 21 models below) until November 23rd. These include all of the most popular metalworking machines Jet offers.

This promotion is limited to select local and online Jet distributors including Ohio Power Tool. To order online with the 10% discount simply us the Coupon Code: JET10 in checkout, many of the larger machines are free shipping and will be indicated on the item details if free shipping applies. If you have any questions at do not hesitate to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424! (more…)

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Free RotaLoc Cutter Kit with Purchase of Qualifying Mag Drill

hougen free rotaloc cutter

Starting today, when you purchase a new Hougen HMD150 or HMD115 Low Profile Mag Drill, you will receive a free cutter kit through mail-in rebate. This mail in rebate is good for mag drill purchases made any time during the month of June, just so long as the mail-in rebate form (which you can download here) is submitted before the end of July. (more…)

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Jet Metalworking Tools 14 Day Sale with 10% Off

Jet Metalworking Sale

If you’re in the market for any new metalworking tools now is certainly the time to buy. We normally don’t see many sales on equipment like this so 10% off is about as good as it gets. Of course the Jet Metalworking Tools are among the top brands in the industry for vertical/horizontal band saws, drill presses, forming, lathes and much more. To take advantage of the deal simply visit Ohio Power Tool and use coupon code in checkout METAL13, but act fast the deal ends next Sunday 4/7/2013. If you have any questions just give the pros a call at 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help.

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BX 2011 Safety Award for Safe Storage of Oxygen & Acetylene


The OSHA rule on any jobsite requires separating fuel gases, most commonly Acetylene, from the oxidizer agent when “not in use”. Where this gets fuzzy is if the two tanks remain connected and fully set up there is a 24 hour period where it is considered “reasonably anticipated” the set up could be used. This leads to many people simply leaving their setups fully assembled indefinitely which is certainly not the objective. It also leads to an increase in theft of regulators leaving tanks uncapped and even more exposed to potential catastrophes.


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Milwaukee 5” Deep Cut Band Saw 11amp with LED 6232-21

We have talked about the successful redesign of the 11amp & 13amp Milwaukee Grinders that happened this year in this post, in use in this post and a head to head video in this one (sorry deal from that post is over). Much of the technology that made the motors so powerful and compact in the redesign has now made its way to their very popular Deep Cut Bandsaw 6232-21 ($299, Ohio Power Tool).


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