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Would you pay $200 for a Tool Box?

Tool Box Cool Box

Watching Shark Tank the other day and saw a couple of guys who were showing a new Tool Box called the “Cool Box”. First thought it might be a tool box with cooler built-in (and thought, genius) but then realized they just thought their product was so “cool” they needed to put it in the name. You shouldn’t have to call you own product “cool” especially if it doesn’t cool anything. Then they listed the features which all sounded good USB charger, power strip, Bluetooth radio/speakers, LED light, magnetic lid, bottle opener, etc. But then they came to the price tag $250 (on their site now $199). Huh… Does it come full of tools for that price? It is hard to imagine paying that price for an off brand tool box but on Indiegogo right now they are near a half million dollars in pre-order. WOW.


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Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Stanley Reach Out to Help Build America


Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Stanley tools have decided to donate over $10,000 in tools to the Build America organization, which is a non-profit that makes improvements to public spaces such as parks.

According to A Concord Carpenter, the “Build America” program is a team of 21 recent, college graduates who travel the country, for 6-weeks, visiting camps and parks rebuilding and building accessible recreation for people with disabilities. During these six weeks, the team, will build accessible fishing piers, nature trails, climbing walls, wheel chair ramps and many other amenities providing opportunities for campers to experience everything summer camp has to offer.


Throughout the summer, the team will log over 4,000 man hours, save camps and communities thousands of dollars in labor and materials and positively impact the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.

Our friend Rob Robillard of A Concord Carpenter is also involved with Build America. You can read his take here.

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Home Hacks & Home Fails Fulfill Two Very Different Needs

home hacks

Our friends at Home Fixated have come up with not one, but two brand new websites featuring creative and inventive ways to use tools. One of them, Home Hacks, focuses on ways to improve your quality of life with just a few simple tricks largely using things you already have around the house. Their “supremely clever tricks and tips” range from “NO WAY” to “why didn’t I think of that?” (more…)

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CopTool’s Official Apocalypse Survival Kit


With the Mayan apocalypse rapidly approaching, a lot of people are finding themselves woefully under-prepared. For those of you that still have a little shoring up to do for your emergency kit, bug-out-bag, or whatever you happen to call it, I have gone through the trouble of identifying a few tools that can help you keep on keeping on after the end of days. (more…)

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GravityLight Aims to Bring No-Cost Lighting to Developing Countries


A lot of people are caught up in the holiday buzz right now. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t bought presents for someone on my list from Ohio Power Tool in the last week (shameless plug), but it is important to remember that there are people with much bigger problems than trying to pick out an extra item so your order qualifies for $25 off and free shipping, or how long the line at the Honeybaked Ham store was yesterday (problems I have recently faced). (more…)

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Hazard Tool Flyer – Truth in Advertising

Hazard Freight Tool

There is a hilarious flyer running around for “Hazard Freight Tools” that someone spent a lot of time on and let me be the first to say it was time very well spent. Check out the full flyer on or Enjoy!  (more…)

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Skil iXO Vivo Drill / Wine Opener 2354-10 Review

Skil iXO

Some days testing tools and accessories can be tough work, other days it’s pretty easy… yesterday was one of those days. We had the difficult task of hands on demoing of the new Skil iXO Wine Opening Tool 2354-10 ($66, Amazon). This is a 4V lithium screwdriver complete with a set of ¼” hex bits as well as the wine tools for cutting the wrap, uncorking and a wine stopper. (more…)

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Using Sugru Rubber to Customize & Fix Stuff


What is Surguexciting new air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. It bonds to most materials and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Developed by a team of product designers and materials scientists, sugru’s patented technology is unique in its combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay, and it’s that easy to use too. Once cured, its durable properties mean it’s comfortable in extreme environments from the dishwasher to the ocean to Antarctica.


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Amazon Supply vs MSC & Fastenal & Granger & McMaster Carr


If you have not already heard Amazon has built a new site called Amazon Supply which sells a very wide range of products from janitorial supply, bulk metal, fasteners, tools, automotive, office supplies and much more. This service is built to directly attack the large national supply houses such as Grainger, MSC, Fastenal, etc who have traditionally priced items less competitively but been able to secure business based on the fact that they can supply such a wide range of items.


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Dig This Las Vegas, Sandbox for Big Kids & Heavy Equipment

As a little kid I remember really loving the sandbox we had in the backyard. A couple of pieces of pressure treated lumber and a few bags of play sand really went a long way, well until some bees moved in and ruined all the fun. As a grown up (on the outside) apparently there is a little larger sandbox to play in, where else Las Vegas at Dig This. For a mere $210-$700 you can get behind the joysticks of full sized Caterpillar Bulldozers and Excavators and move some real sand. Check out the video below for more info.

Unfortunately they don’t have any concrete to destroy with tools like the new RX Hydraulic Breakers from Chicago Pneumatic but still certainly a unique experience to check out.

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