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Milwaukee Stepping Up Their Outdoor Tool Game with Blower and Trimmers

M18 lawn and garden

Milwaukee is preparing to introduce a cordless hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and blower to their M18 line.

string trimmer crop

Milwaukee‘s 9.0 Ah battery is on the horizon, and with it will come tools that would not have been possible (or maybe just not very good) with their lower capacity batteries. In early 2017 you can expect to see a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and outdoor blower all running on Milwaukee M18 batteries.


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Milwaukee Hardline Pocket Knives Feature D2 Steel

D2 Steel Pocket Knife

We were teased with a premium line of knives at Milwaukee’s 2015 event but the 2016 New Product Symposium made it official. Milwaukee has had great success with their FastBack Knives with utility blades and fixed blades and the recently launched FastBack Compact 48-22-1906 is the best knife we’ve ever owned for under $9. It is this exceptional value which gives us great hope for this new higher end line of pocket knives, Milwaukee’s Hardline Knives are intended to be the next step-up with high end D2 steel and premium features but a price point of $59-$79 which is about half the price of the competition they will be going against. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool 2016 New Product Symposium #NPS16 – In A Nutshell

Sawzall Carbide Blades

We wanted to hit some of the high points of today’s 2016 Milwaukee Product Launch Event! We will of course follow up with some additional in-depth coverage over the next week or two on many of these new products. Please feel free to email in questions or ask them on our Facebook (where we have a ton more event pictures and videos) and we will do our best to address them right away! For more event info search #NPS16 on your favorite platform!

New ONE-KEY Tools and Features

A few big announcements today on the ONE-KEY platform in new tools and features for the platform. First you will be able to shut off tools remotely if lost or stolen, good for all One-Key tools (once update goes live). Basically this makes them worthless to try to sell, pawn or use and should be a pretty good theft deterrent along with the tool tracking to actually help find the tools. Once recovered you can of course activate them again and use the tool. If nothing else you’ll at least have some satisfaction knowing the jerk that stole your tools isn’t going to get to use them.

Fuel Sawzall M18 One-Key

M18 FUEL SAWZALL with ONE-KEYJake tried the new (Coming in October) Sawzall ONE-KEY. By changing profiles, it slows the took to match the material. #NPS16 #NBHD

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


M18 FUEL Sawzall with ONE-KEY is coming soon, which is the next logical tool, there are clear benefits to dialing the tool speed but the biggest benefit (we think) is the tool tracking. We were hoping to see other high dollar M18 items get the ONE-KEY tech like SDS-Plus, SDS-MAX, Press Tools, Pex, BandSaws, HoleHawgs, etc just to be able to track the tools. Added Safety feature can stop blade once through material. (see Full Post M18 Sawzall ONE-KEY M18 Sawzall ONE-KEY) (more…)

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2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Winners

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015

We’ve been following the PTIA (Pro Tool Innovation Awards) for several years now and they have certainly been growing the depth and breadth of their coverage each year. Lots of innovations launch each year in tools, accessories and their various other categories. We at Coptool try to keep our arms around the whole all the new products and it’s a challenge, trying to rate and compare them all across the board even tougher. We do not envy these guy’s job but after spending some time reviewing the various lists we’ve got to say we’d agree with many of their findings. Certainly we’d encourage every shopper to do their own research but the PTIA are a good resource and just fun to see all the new products in the industry. See the various Categories Below: (more…)

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Makita 18V X2 (36V) Cordless Trimmers & Blowers for Professional Landscapers

Makita Lawn Tools

As cordless landscaping equipment become more powerful there have been many professionals who are very interested in ditching the gas engines and going cordless. Businesses and affluent customers want less noise and less emissions when the lawn care service is being performed. Operators also want less hassle and maintenance, just slapping the battery in and go. Of course the tools need to perform at professional level and until recently the battery landscaper tools were consumer grade at best.

Makita feels they have really gotten to the next level with their 18V X2 LST (36V) platform combined with their brushless motor technology. The Makita platform is a terrific option as they are so widely available and compatible with other power tools they may need. The 36V brushless trimmer ZRU07Z ($279) is truly a professional grade tool and the first of its kind with a 13-3/4” capacity and 60 minute runtime (with 5.0Ah batteries). The 36V brushless blower XBU02Z ($279) puts out 473 CFM of force to really move some debris but thanks to the brushless motor can outlast other blowers in its class.

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Makita Compact Power Cut-Off Saw 61cc EK6101

Makita EK6101

Makita has just launched a new compact cut-off saw in the EK6101 ($889) which offers several advantages over their other models. Earlier this year Makita launched the first ever 4-stroke cut off saw EK7651H ($1199) which looks to be the way all portable saws will headed eventually but it’ll be a few years. In the meantime while 2-stroke saws are still permitted Makita is continuing to improve upon their designs. This new saw is roughly 10% lighter and 20% better on fuel consumption before. It shares several of the new features of the larger 73cc Makita EK7301 ($869) which will of course offer more power. The new compact saw can certainly keep up however for many routine jobs these saw will have pretty similar cut performance.

The complete new line of Makita Cut Off Saws offers a saw for any application. From 61cc to 81cc, 2-stroke or 4-stoke Makita has options no other handheld saw manufacturer can offer. For more information on the new compact 14″ saw see the full press release below.     (more…)

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EGO Power Plus 56V Cordless String Trimmer ST1201 Review

EGO String Trimmer ST1201

For years we’ve been waiting for a battery powered string trimmer that had the power of even a mid-level gas trimmer. If they can make a cordless 1” rotary hammer that can breakup concrete why can’t someone put a little gusto on a cordless string trimmer. Well the wait is over, a company whom we’ve just become familiar with, EGO Power Plus has launched the first ever 56V cordless outdoor power tools. Check out our short video below to see this trimmer take out a thick patch of vegetation in under a minute.


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