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Milwaukee Media Event, New Product Symposium 2015 #NPS15

NPS15 Milwaukee

Each year Milwaukee Tool brings in a large group of media folks from various magazines and tool focused blog sites. They really gear their following 9 months of product launches around this annual event so they invest the time and energy into making the event a big deal. This year was again bigger than ever before and the Red team really showed us some impressive leaps forward in cordless tools as well as expanding their trade focus for hand tools and accessories.

Cordless SDS-Max

For our “predictions” post we missed the mark completely still no M18 FUEL Hackzall or M18 10’ Mitersaw or Remote Controlled Cooler… at least not for the rest of 2015. Great news is our hope for events several years from now cometh early with the launch of the 9.0Ah High Demand battery. We thought that might be 2017 or 2018 before we would see cordless tools with demands of higher outputs and run-times. The 9.0Ah battery makes possible the first ever cordless 1-9/16” SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drill which can chip non-stop for 20 minutes on a single battery. This thing uses the same front end as their corded model and hits just as hard, incredibly impressive!

M18 9.0Ah batteries

On M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ circluar saw or M18 FUEL Sawzall this battery will go all day long. Charge time with the new M12/M18 RAPIDCHARGE charger can fill these huge fuel tanks in about 90-100 minutes which is certainly reasonable.  (more…)

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Ridgid Spring Fling Promotion for 2015

Ridgid Spring Fling

The latest Ridgid Spring Fling Promotion is now available. These are all Mail-In Rebate offers for additional free product with the purchase of specific products or the most common combinations of product. The Ridgid brand while known for excellent quality products for professional plumbers, electricians and other trades they are not known for much discounting or sales so this annual promo really has become the most popular time of the year to purchase Ridgid Tools. (more…)

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Lifetime Hole Saw Tooth Warranty for Milwaukee Hole Dozer

Lenox vs Milwaukee

It is a pretty bold move to put a Lifetime warranty of any kind on a hole saw. By definition “bi-metal” hole saws are designed to go through various different materials. This is certainly the first time we’ve heard of any company willing to replace a hole saw for a tooth break for any reason, typically a tooth break would be considered “user error” and be deemed void of warranty. It is clean Milwaukee has developed something special with the Hole Dozer Hole Saws and not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.


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Ridgid Portable Pipe Beveller B-500 and Pipe Cutter 258 for Large Diameter Pipe

Ridgid B-500 Beveller

For cutting and beveling steel pipe onsite there are a couple ways to go about it however no process is going to be faster, cleaner and more accurate for larger diameter pipe than using these Ridgid tools. The new Ridgid B-500 Portable Beveller 49298 ($3046) puts a perfectly 37.5 ° bevel on a 4”-12” pipe in under 2 minutes. You can also get 30 or 45 degree bevels cutting heads if needed. This is a very easy tool to setup and operate however it does require a clean strait cut on the pipe so the Ridgid Pipe Cutter 258 for 2.5”-8” 50767 ($2937) or Ridgid 258XL for 8”-12” 58277 ($3049) is going to be the best option to ensure the cut is perfectly even. (more…)

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Ridgid SeeSnake Monitor CS65 Full Keyboard & 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

Ridgid CS65

Some time ago the good folks at Ridgid launched a brand new 200’ SeeSnake reel RM200 ($6217) which promised to create an all in 1 portable cordless system for doing pipe inspections. Unfortunately at the time they did not launch it with any monitors that could be mounted on board so the initial response was a little weak. More recently the CS6 ($1951) monitor came out which bolted right on the top and powered everything with the onboard 18V battery and all was good. There were however still a goofy looking pair of tabs on top (see below) which served no purpose until now. With the launch of the Ridgid SeeSnake CS65 Monitor ($3906) that includes a full QWERTY keyboard and 1 TB internal hard drive these tab serve to lock the monitor in place for easy transportation.

Ridgid Monitor CS65 (more…)

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Ridgid Drain Cleaning Promotion for New Industrial Sump Pumps

Drain Cleaning Equipment

Recently Ridgid launched their full line of heavy duty Sewage & Sump Pumps which are designed to be some of the best on the market. These are very different units from the less expensive Ridgid Sump Pumps you’d purchase from the big box store so it is understandable if there is a bit of confusion understanding the differences. One of the very interesting new features available for these pumps is the AdvanTEXT alert system which will text up to 3 people when there is an outage. You can even text in for a status update, you know for those who just like to check in on their sump pump from time to time. (more…)

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Ridgid SeeSnake Mini Reel Camera Head Upgrade for Self-Leveling

Mini Seesnake self leveling

When doing plumbing inspections with a SeeSnake the self leveling feature has been one of the biggest advancements in the past decade. By knowing which way on is up and if the camera just took a left or right can save a lot of time and confusion. Within the past year we have seen the RM200 reel and new Compact2 both get the self-leveling feature added which made us wonder what about the 200’ Mini? Well available shortly the 200’ Mini SeeSnake Self Leveling Reel 48488 will come with the feature from the factory. Available now for those of you who already have a Mini Reel 14063 is a upgrade/replacement head 48533 ($2478). Certainly a sizable investment to turn the picture the right direction but if your camera is older or on the fritz anyway this maybe perfect timing for an upgrade. (more…)

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Ridgid Compact2 & CS6Pak SeeSnake Video Inspection System Coming Soon

CS6Pak Compact2 SeeSnake

The video inspection of sewer and drain lines in order to diagnose problems before any work can begin has become the norm. From property managers to plumbers to DIYers it seems everyone is using some sort of video inspection equipment and there are a lot of options for cameras. Back before this technology was so common place however there were only a few basic options, they were black and white, used VHS tapes and were pretty basic. One of the favorites if you only needed 100’ and didn’t need to make a recording the Compact System 100’ system was the way to go.

Over the years the Compact system got upgraded with the MiniPak color monitor but never was able to record. In today’s world however customers and managers have an expectation of detailed pictures/videos of the project. Coming within the next few months the Ridgid Compact2 & CS6Pak System 48113 ($6568) will be launching and we expect it’ll be a big hit. (more…)

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Next Generation Ridgid Sump Pumps to Get Their Own Cell Phones

Ridgid Sump Pump

The next generations of Ridgid Sump Pumps will be coming soon and they will be build to be some of the best on the market. There will also be a separate backup system option that will be able to call or text you if the sump pump should lose power (center picture above). The backup system would require a cellular plan but for under $5/month it is probably worth the peace of mind. We’ve include some of the stats direct from Ridgid below. These high end units will not be offered in the box stores but should be available soon from plumbing suppliers and on the Ridgid Plumbing Tools page of Ohio Power Tool.


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EPA Lead Free 2014 Mandate Means No More 50/50 Leaded Solders

EPA Lead Free Water 2014

According to regulations January 4, 2014 marked the date when, nationwide you could no longer use leaded solder on plumbing pipes. Since that date has come and gone we would hope nobody is still using leaded wire. According to websites like Get The Lead Out it looks like there are some exceptions to this rule including nonpotable applications in industrial, irrigation, bath/shower drains, toilets and other purposes not intended for human consumption. So if you do have a supply of leaded wire left there are still some opportunities to use up what you’ve got, legally. This is probably also how big box stores and plumbing suppliers are still even allowed to sell the product but the rumor is these products will not be available much longer from the larger suppliers. (more…)

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