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Ridgid Plumbing Tools 2014 Spring Fling Promotions

Spring Fling 2014

It is that time of the year again for the Ridgid Tools Spring Fling Promotions on their most popular inspections, cleaning, fabrication and pressing equipment. There are some pretty nice individual deals as well as a few build your own packages that offer some very nice savings as well. Below are a few that caught our eye right off the bat and here is a look at the entire 2014 Spring Fling Promotion. (more…)

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Ridgid SeeSnake CS6 Monitor with rM200 Video Inspection System

Ridgid CS6

About a year ago the folks at Ridgid launched a new SeeSnake camera reel called the SeeSnake Max rM200 42348 ($6155, Ohio Power Tool) which had a brand new design, more compact, standard self-leveling, easier to transport, easier to maintain, and promised to have an all-in-one battery operated system… someday. Well it looks like someday is here with the new SeeSnake CS6 Digital Monitor 45138 ($1932, Ohio Power Tool) that will now attach to the rM200 and power the full system off the new Ridgid 4.0Ah batteries. (more…)

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A Press Tool for Every Occasion from Rothenberger, RIDGID, and Milwaukee

milwaukee force logic ridgid propress 1

Ever since Viega first started introducing the ProPress tools in 1995, press tools have been gaining in popularity with professional plumbers. I feel like the advantages of pressing vs. soldering is something of an overdone topic, but one thing that you do not see a lot of information on is the comparison of the different pressing technologies that are out there. Along with the ProPress (made by RIDGID) there are also the Milwaukee Force Logic press tools and jaws and Rothenberger (a Greenlee subsidiary) also has press tools on the market. (more…)

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RIDGID RP 340 Is the Next Generation of RIDGID Press Tool

340 in use

RIDGID’s press tools are something of an industry standard as far as press tools go, and press tools in general are becoming more and more widely adopted as people realize how much easier they are than busting out some solder. From everything I’ve heard about the tools, they work great, but they can be a little heavy and bulky. RIDGID must have heard the same stuff, because they have released compact and inline versions of their original press tool. These tools are great, but they can’t tackle as many different diameters and varieties of pipe as the original. As a result, RIDGID’s drive to make their press tools smaller, lighter, and less unwieldy has led to an overhaul of the RIDGID RP 330 tool. Let me introduce the RIDGID RP 340. (more…)

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Ridgid Deal for Free CA-300 Camera with microREEL & microDRAIN

Ridgid SeeSnake CA-300

There is little question that the Ridgid SeeSnake Inspection Cameras are the leaders in the plumbing inspection industry, and  they continue to retain that status by launching several innovative new products in recent years. The new microDRAIN and microREEL systems not only make these inspections much easier because of their compact/cordless nature but also are far less expensive giving a whole new range of professional access to these diagnostic tools. Here are some pretty aggressive deals worth looking into if you are currently sitting on the fence.

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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager Camera with Free M18 Combo

M12 Thermal Camera

One of the very exciting new tools that was added to the Milwaukee M12 tool line last year was the Thermal Imaging Camera 2260-21 ($2500, Ohio Power Tool). While you will find competitor’s models above and below the cost of these cameras, we think Milwaukee really did a very nice job of putting a very high level of features into a product in the price in the low to mid price range. While supplies last Ohio Power Tool is offering a Free M18 Combo Kit 2694-CT a $359 value! (more…)

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The Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster is My Latest Crush

wheeler rex pipemaster

For the real tool nerds out there that can appreciate the “deep tracks” of the power tool world or for those that are just suckers for a catchy name (see: Dragon Saw), let me introduce you to the Wheeler-Rex Pipemaster. Cutting 48″ pipe of all varieties, not a problem for this very ingenious design. The sheer number of tools in the Wheeler-Rex line intended for cut and form pipe of all shapes and sizes in any way imaginable is nothing short of astounding. (more…)

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Ridgid Spring Fling Gives Mail-In Rebates to Forward Thinking People

ridgid spring fling

It was 60 degrees in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, and that has folks thinking about spring even though it is mid-January. Well, it could be the weather, or it could be the Ridgid Tools Spring Fling promotion that we just got our hands on. From now until the end April when you buy one of a select few drain cleaning machines such as the Ridgid K-50-6 Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine  or the Ridgid K-7500 Drain Cleaning Machine, you will be eligible for a free cable or a credit on a future Ridgid tools purchase from your favorite distributor. This could be a good way to get an extra cable if you are in the market for one of these drain cleaners. (more…)

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Ridgid 238-P Soil Pipe Cutter Impact Attachment

Ridgid 238-P


This is our first look at the new Ridgid 238-P Soil Pipe Cutter attachment that can be used with any ½” impact wrench to cut cast iron & clay pipe up to 8” (6” concrete). Shown faintly in the above picture it is working with the wildly popular Ingersoll Rand Cordless Impact IQv W7150, but it could also work any other brand of high torque impact drivers: cordless, electric or air powered. The target price for one of these units should be around $600 and they will actually hit shelves later this month! This is an ideal solution for folks who are looking to get away from using manual cutting tools but don’t want to go all the way up to the more expensive hydraulic pipe cutting tools. These units will be available shortly from Ohio Power Tool, in the meantime read more in the Ridgid press release below. (more…)

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Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Options


For reasons I do not fully understand (perhaps as a tax write off), December always seems to be a good time of the year to buy a Ridgid SeeSnake Inspection System. While SeeSnakes are flying off the shelves, I thought I would take an opportunity to discuss the different recording systems that are available for the full size Ridgid SeeSnake reels and talk about what each can and can’t do.


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