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Powermatic ICFF Future of Furniture Makers Contest

Powermatic Contest

Woodworking is a craft we’ve heard folks over the years show concern as to what the future might hold. With so many skilled craftsmen retiring from the trade, will there still be a anyone left in professional woodworking? Contests like this one from the Powermatic, ICFF and The Furniture Society generate interest and with a prize like a Powermantic PM1500 ($2899) will certainly help at least 1 woodworker tremendously. This is a People’s Choice contest so make sure to vote for your favorite, See Contest Entries Here! (more…)

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2014 Triple Crown of Tool Races – Power Tool Drag Racing

Tool Races

If you were at the Detroit Maker Faire earlier this summer you already got a peak at the updated 2014 Power Tool Drag Racing Track! Of course the Tool Racing circuit has found a great home with the various Maker Faire events and continues to grow through support of the area Maker Spaces. The first of the official Triple Crown of Tool Races is this weekend in Cincinnati and should drawl a nice crowd of spectators.

While Bosch Tools strongly discourages altering power tools in anyway they have been an amazing supporter or the Maker movement for many years and the Columbus Idea Foundry, we could not be more grateful. Bosch Tools has really stepped up this year and donated awesome prizes for each of the 3 events. FOR EACH EVENT = 1st Place = Bosch CLPK233-181L ($399 Retail Value)PB360S ($199 Retail Value), 2nd Place = Bosch IDH182-02 ($279 Retail Value) & Crowd Favorite = Bosch IDH182-02 ($279 Retail Value). Prizes will be onsite and awarded to the winners of the races that day! Considering there are normally only about a dozen racers per event your chances are pretty good you could walk away with some new Bosch gear. So stop sitting on your hands, go to the garage and turn grandpas old circular saw into a racing legend!

This is the 2nd Tool Race to be held in Cincinnati and the 2nd Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.
When: September 13-14th@ 11am – 6pm
Where: Cincinnati Museum Center
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

This is the 2nd Tool Race to be held in Louisville and also the 2nd Louisville Mini Maker Faire.
When: September 27th@ 10am – 10pm
Where: 800 Block of Market Street
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

This is the 6th Tool Race to be held in Columbus and the 3nd time as part of the Columbus Mini Maker Faire.
When: October 11th@ 12pm – 6pm
Where: COSI (Center of Science & Industry), 333 West Broad St.
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

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Ohio Power Tool to Host The Ultimate Guys Garage Giveaway

Ohio Power Tool


On Saturday, May 17th if you are in the central Ohio area you may want to make it a point to stop out to Ohio Power Tool around noon as they will be hosting The Ultimate Guys Garage Giveaway. All month long leading up to the giveaway you can listen to QFM96 for your chance to win a garage code by calling in at 8am, 9am, noon, 2pm, 4pm & 5pm. The final reveal will be on Saturday, May 17th with 6 final changes codes given away at Ohio Power Tool by the DJs broadcasting live. Retail value of this package looks to be around $20,000+ and someone will get to take it home that day! Must be present to win!  (more…)

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Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Radio Giveaway

M18 Radio 2792-20

To celebrate the release of the new Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 jobsite radio, Coptool will be giving one away to one of their luckier Facebook fans. You can enter the contest at Coptool’s Facebook page, and if you want the full synopsis of the radio and all that it has to offer, you can check that out in our full review. (more…)

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Bosch PB120 12V Radio Giveaway Photo Contest at Ohio Power Tool

bosch pb120

Ohio Power Tool is giving away one of the newly released Bosch PB120 12V Compact radios to a lucky individual on their Facebook page. Unlike previous competitions, there is more to winning this one than simple luck-of-the-draw. To enter the contest, you have to submit a photo of a job you are working on that would be better with some music. You can then vote for the photo submissions, and the one with the most votes wins a new radio! Only one photo submission per person, and only one vote per person per day, but you can absolutely share your photo on your own Facebook page and try to get your friends to go there and vote for you! (more…)

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Your Old Wilton Vise Could Win You $5000 or New C-Clamp

LaVergne, TN – Wilton, North America’s leader in industrial vises, wants to hear your story about Wilton vises in its Holding Strong Vise Story Contest. 

There are a lot of stories out there because Wilton has held strong on two main principles: staying true to their Made in USA heritage and manufacturing only the most durable workholding products on the market.  This has been a fundamental philosophy of the brand since 1941, when Wilton invented the first 40S Machinist vise. 


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Instructables Homemade Halloween Costume Contests


Perhaps you went to a Halloween party over the weekend and saw a couple of good costumes and though how much time did that take to make. Every year we always check out the Instructables Halloween Contest which never fails to be full of really creative and original costumes. Even more exciting for us is that they go into detail on the construction of the costumes and have detailed conversations with other costume design enthusiasts.


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Work Hard. Play Hard. Win Stuff. Bosch Daredevil Contest

It all started back in 2008 with a little spade bit that was just too aggressive to simply be called a spade bit, so the good folks a Bosch named it the Daredevil Spade Bit. Now with the launch of their new faster cutting framing saw blade (post coming soon) and renaming of their equally aggressive auger bits (previously known as the Nailkiller Augers) the Daredevil family of construction accessories is born. What better way to kick off the launch than to team up with a real life motorcross Daredevil, Mike Metzger and give lots of stuff away! Check out the new website, and enter to win one of 4 weekly prizes or the grand prize. For more info read the official Bosch press release below.     


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Power Box Toss – Corn Hole with a Working Bosch Radio PB360S

Here is just another fun way the guys at Bosch are showing off their new Power Box PB360S ($199, Ohio Power Tool) by playing Corn Hole with a working unit and giving away Free Radios to anyone who gets it in. Now to actually sink the radio on the first try is not easily done, it’s kind of like a carnival game really but we did see 2 first try winners of brand new Power Boxes that afternoon and we actually landed one ourselves at the end of the day… on try twenty something.

The real point is to show how durable this radio is and have a little fun doing it which this certainly did. This radio went all day on a single Bosch 18V battery without skipping a beat once. Really there should be no worries of a fall off a lift gate or couple knocks in the van, these radios are going to be able to handle the abuse and still charge your cordless batteries while doing it. Check out the short video from the event!


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Milwaukee Tool Cain Velasquez Flight Trip Sweepstakes

You have until the end of this month (April 30, 2011) to enter to win the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Fight Trip Sweepstakes at The grand prize includes roundtrip airfare for two, hotel, $500 spending money, tickets to a UFC fight and a meeting with the champ himself Cain Velasquez. There are also 15 other chances to win Milwaukee Tool Cain Velasquez Prize Packs and 5 of those include a $250 gift card.  

For more information on Milwaukee Tools visit Ohio Power Tool or call the pros at 800-242-4424.      

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