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Festool, Drinking the Green Kool-Aid

Known for their innovative tools and “yep we’re very proud of this” pricing, Festool tools are definitely highly regarded among professional tradesmen. Several of our fellow tool bloggers have recently done some very detailed reviews and currently there are a few give aways on the latest Festool products we wanted to share.

ToolSnob – A great review on the new Festool Rotex 90 DX sander, but to warn you if a man could marry a sander apparently he would.

HomeFixated – They are running a giveaway on the new Festool T-Loc Systainers storage units (size 1-5). Also nice YouTube video if you don’t know what these are or how they work.

ToolRank – Here is a nice write up on the new 10.8v Festool CXS compact drill/driver also with a nice YouTube video.

Festool – Direct from Festool themselves you can enter to win a Festool RO 125 Sander and HEPA CT 26 Dust Extractor kit. Simply visit

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Power Tool Survey Results from Tools of the Trade

A little while back we took a short online survey for Tools of the Trade along with 1,800 other individuals which was all about power tools. Some good questions in there about what defines “quality”, what features people look for, what they will pay for them, are tools getting better or worse, what country makes the best tools, etc. In addition to informative statistics on each question there are also lots of comments people made which you can view. See the Survey Results

David Frane, Tools of the Trade Editor, compiled all the results and wrote an article on his take which you can read here, SSSSSurvey Says! Overall we thought this was a very informative survey and useful whether you are the product manager designing a new 18v cordless laser cutting tool (please) or possibly in the market for a new cordless combo kit in the next 12 months, which apparently is about 33% of their audience according to this survey.     

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Power Tool Drag Racing Tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio

Yes just one day away is the 2nd annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship ( and things are getting pretty exciting around the Columbus Idea Foundry this week. Lots of people are piling in this week to get their projects finish. It will probably be a very late night at the shop tonight for some but we’d expect nothing less.

Our Coptool racer is 95% complete and a fairly menacing looking creation; after all there are some pretty big expectations on us. "The Reaver" is welded out of 1” steel tubes, powered by a 9” Bosch grinder pushing a 10” Milwaukee saw blade. See more pics in this Facebook Album. We are pretty confident she will smoke down the track and take any hits that come her way (although pretty inexperienced welder so watch out).


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Bosch & Sortimo Join Forces On L-Boxx Tool Storage

Already in the last week we’ve posted on the new Bosch Glide Miter Saw as well as the new Bosch 2.3HP Routers but there are still many more products to go. Another innovative product from the Bosch Media Event was the new L-Boxx container system Bosch will be selling and integrating with their existing tool line. The L-Boxx system has 4 container sizes with a variety of inserts for sorting and accessory storage. Pricing on these hard case looks to be in the $50-70+ range however the good news, we just heard today officially, these will be available with some of the most popular Bosch Tools as early as this fall. Even better news the target retail pricing looks to be right in line with current street pricing. Bosch 12V drill PS31-2AL (target $159), Multi-X oscillating PS50-2BL (target $199) & a new Jig Saw (more info to follow) will be the first 3 items to launch in addition to standard storage case.


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Tool Talkies 2009 – The Very Unofficial Awards for Tool Blogs

The landscape of Power Tool specific bloggers has grown over the past year or so and thought it might be a good time to update the old Yahoo Pipe (combination of all these Power Tool Blog RSS feeds). I also thought it might be a fun idea to give some awards out for all the hard work these guys & gals put in writing tool reviews, making videos, answering emails, entertaining their readers and everything else that goes into running a tool blog. The good lord knows they aren’t doing it for the money.  

Most Likely to Give Himself the Super Awesome Award – Yep I won again –  

Most Posts Award – In any given time period, days/week/months/ever, they win I’ve done the math. Even if you take out the daily TV posts they still are spitting out more posts in a day than I can read on any/every kind of tools imaginable. They are also very objective and do really nice work. –

Most Trusted Reviews Award – While he doesn’t produce the most posts by any means I tend to believe his reviews & recommendations more than most. A full time construction manager, when not trying to win the Tool Talkies, he really gets a chance to real world test products for a week or more before giving the reviews. –

Best Looking Award – Erica a new comer, does videos on power tools, we’re not even sure if she can write anything and the videos are becoming less and less about tools but she defiantly wins the best looking award. (Only kidding, I’m clearly just jealous you’re not a professional journalist for –

Best How To Videos Award – The obvious winner goes to Matt Webber. He’s actually some sort of ninja with super powers, not to be messed with, who also happens to make How to Videos about proper tool use and remodeling projects. –  The extreme How To Youtube Video Channel

Best Woodworking Blogs Award – Now I should say we’re only looking at strictly online publications here. All the woodworking magazines with their super fancy, gold plated, million dollar workshops don’t count for these awards. Not to take anything away from the winners. – &

Second Best Tool Blog Sponsored By a Tool Retailer Award –  Some people are skeptical to believe reveiws and articles from bloggers sponsored by a tool retailer, but if you were going to, Jude Herr from Toologics would be the only one, besides of course.

Rookie of the Year Award – It looks like Chris’s first post was just shy of 1 year ago (August 2008) and already the website has become a very popular place for tool geeks to come together. The attached Forum is also very nice addition and seems to be getting lots of action. –  

Rookie of the Year Award (Runners up) – If Chris should give up his crown for any reason the runner ups would need to cage fight it out for the title along with all the responsibly this title carries with it. Luckily there are no responsibilities for any of these nonsense awards. And the awards go to… – (December 2008) & (March 2009) & (August 2008)  

Disclaimer to The Power Tool Media: The awards for the 2009 Tool Talkies were made up completely on my own, are strictly for fun, not to offend anyone and do not represent the wished of the high tool council we all must bow down before. That being said if you won an award or were a runner up (also a very significant honor) it would probably be wise to promote it very heavily on your twits, spacebooks or whatever else you kids are into these days.      


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Twitter & Power Tool Business

As the resident computer and marketing geek I am all over any new form of internet technology. I had a different blog before there was the term “blog” and have been on any and every social network site since Al Gore invented the internet. I have never found much adoption among the Power Tool Aficionados to create profiles or groups. The wood working crowd has been ahead of the curve but general tool junkies only have a select few blogs and forums to poke around in. over the past few months has changed that all around. Every single day lately I’m finding lots of new Twitter pages from individuals, retailers, media outlets and manufacturers all about power tools, projects, videos and other fun stuff that keep me from getting any work done.

Why is it so popular? My guess is it has nothing to do with Oprah or Ashton and everything to do with convenience and simplicity. Anyone who can use the internet can start a twitter page and once you are in all the info you want online is now condensed into simple 1 line posts that continuously update. Below are a few I follow everyday, please comment and add your own links:

Power Tool Drag Races
Tool Snob
Tool Rank
Milwaukee Tool
Ridgid Plumbing Tools
CP Air Tools
Fine Home Building
About Wood Working
Wood Whisperer
Wood Working Journal


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Power Tool Pinup Calendars

Having grown up around power tools and repair mechanics all my life I have very fond memories of going to the shop and playing with huge equipment I probably had no business near. Luckily I made it out with all my fingers. Part of those memories involves a strange phenomenon where each of the repair guys would have dozens of calendars at their benches. Why would anyone need more than one calendar? Perhaps it was the different tools showcased each month but most likely it was the nice young ladies modeling the tools that might have gotten their attention.

These days the number of annual power tool calendars printed by companies has dwindled greatly. With the consolidation of some of the companies and the increase in political correctness some companies have opted to stop printing calendars all together. I don’t think it was because they were ineffective marketing tools, as a high percentage of these calendars do end up on walls and many even stay up long after December 31st. This is much more than I can saw for any other 12 printed page of marketing material you might get on any other given day.  Ridgid Plumbing Tools continues the pinup calendar tradition started back in 1935 which many other have given up. You can order a Ridgid Calendar from for $10. Years ago these sat in the showrooms stacked up by the hundreds and every tool customer got one. Hopefully the tradition will continue for Ridgid and the few remaining companies that still print the pinup calendars. Plus I don’t want to see Miss Makita of get fired.        

View Full Size Calendar Image


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Power Tool Drag Racing

It’s hard to get any work done headed into the memorial weekend. I think everyone else has the same idea because not too many people are buying power tools today. Probably won’t get many readers on the blog either but there maybe a few people trapped at there desk for another few hours bored to tears searching the internet for entertainment.

I just spent some time checking out some of the sites dedicated to Power Tool Drag Racing. The Seattle guys (or think it’s the same people) and the guys in San Francisco It looks like there are some events coming up in the next few months if you are in those areas.   

Unfortunately there are no brilliantly insane people in Ohio who have annual power tool races otherwise I would love to build some kind of fire breathing monster and race it. Probably unfair as there are pallets of used tools and several tool mechanics a few hundred feet away from me who would probably get a kick out of turning Sawzalls into drag racers.     

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Ridgid Video Contest – 5 Finalists

If you didn’t know Ridgid has been holding a video contest for some time for faithful Ridgid fans. The contest entry deadline was April 30th so unfortunately you can no longer submit videos. However the winner has not been selected and you still have an opportunity to vote on your favorite video at You can watch the 5 finalists YouTube Video below and I think there are even some Videos that didn’t make the cut floating around YouTube in addition to the 5 finalists.

These guys are all winners already because they get an all expenses paid trip to Cleveland, Ohio (Only 2 hours away from Columbus & Ohio Power Tool) for the final judging where the winner will get $2,500 in Ridgid Tools.   

5 Finalist Videos 

Ode’ to the American Plumber

Roundup Preperations

Plumber’s Milkshake
(I pray this is a brand spanking new k-60)

Garbage Disposal Hero 


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Best Place to Talk Power Tools


Where can I go to talk about power tools? Obviously the internet is full of great resources about all sorts of things but what are the best forums for talking about power tools? It’s not always easy to find what you want when using the search engines; sometimes it’s best to ask the questions in a forum full or knowledgeable people.

There really are not many forums specifically for Power Tools however there are many good places to discuss topics about what the tools are used for. For instance, if you are looking for information on Bosch Routers your best bet would be to look for woodworking forums which there are several great forums.

The best forum to talk strait power tools would have to be the Ridgid Forum  which is probably a little bias towards Ridgid seeing as all the moderators get their paychecks from them. That being said they still allow people to talk openly and don’t remove negative reviews, from what I’ve seen. There are all sorts of threads on Bosch, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, DeWalt and many other brands as well. The forum also has great discussion topics for Plumbers, Electricians, Construction and Woodworking.

The Thomasnet Forum is another good forum which is starting to reach critical mass. A little spammy at this point but I think it’ll shape up and be a good resource for many of the industries they currently serve such as Aerospace, Automation/Robotics, Machine Shops, Fabricators, Manufacturing and many others. Thomasnet is a huge directory resource for many companies.

If you would like to mention any other good forums for talking power tools post a comment and let everyone know! 


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