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Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork 1” Non-Impact Wrench CP7600

The CP7600 is aimed at buses and trucks maintenance companies sensitive to best practices in terms of E3Q (Ergonomics, Efficiency, Environment and Quality). It offers a torque controlled solution to tighten nuts on trucks and buses to a precise specification without impacting force.

The Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork is a pistol grip pneumatic nut runner assists mechanics for tightening lug nuts according to specifications. The shut off valve prevents over-tightening while the torque reaction is taken by mean of a blade. The tool uses a dual motor setup to spine initially at 100rpm (50 ft.lbs) to quickly set the nut while the second motor spins at 8 rpm (650 ft.lbs) to finish the nut at exact specs. Because the tool uses continuous driving force instead of impact force the result is a significantly quieter tool, with much lower vibration. At only 79dB(A) OSHA does not require hear protection vs a typical 1” impact at 95dB(A) hear protection would be required under OSHA regulation 1910.95. The vibration levels for the non-impact wrench are almost vibration free at >2.5m/s. In Europe a typical impact gun with 9.1m/s would require mandatory limited daily exposure, while the US doesn’t yet have these standards you can expect to see something soon.


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Lincoln PowerLuber Grease Gun (Corded) AC2440

The new Lincoln PowerLuber AC2440 ($188, Ohio Power Tool) is the new corded version that will plug into any standard 120V outlet and uses the 14 oz grease tubes. The AC2440 has similar output as the cordless 14.4V & 18V Cordless PowerLubers with 2 speed options, High Pressure (3.6 oz/min) & Low Pressure (8.0 oz/min) but will never run out of juice as long as it’s plugged in. Basically this is a good option if you need a lightweight portable grease gun to do a lot of volume but will always be close to power or a generator. In certain shops this might make a lot of sense however the new Lincoln 1844 ($267, Ohio Power Tool), 18V grease gun is now available which can do 8-10 tubes per battery so running out of juice with this cordless is less of an issue. Checkout all the Lincoln PowerLuber options.      


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New 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun from Lincoln Lube

A new addition to the cordless Lincoln PowerLuber line is the 18V Grease Gun 1844. Currently the 14.4V and 12V PowerLubers are considered the top guns on the market and starting under $200, very reasonably priced. The new 18V will also use the current 14.4V chargers which could be a very nice feature for those that use multiple grease guns. Here is a quick comparison of the 3 cordless models:

PowerLuber 12 Volt1244 ($199)
– (2) 1201 Batteries
– Single Speed – High Pressure (2.9 oz/min)
– 6,000 PSI
– 3-5 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 14.4 Volt1444 ($248)
– (2) 1401 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (8.5 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 5-7 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 18 Volt1844 ($267)
– (2) 1801 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (9 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 8-10 Tubes per Battery

When looking at the stats it’s clear the 18V is similar to the already very popular 14.4V model but does improve the work time for each battery 30-60%. Which gun is right for you will depend on your specific application. The PowerLubers are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, factory machinery, wind turbines, general maintenance & much more. It is recommended to use the Lincoln Lube Guardian Grease Tubes ($1.99) with the PowerLuber guns but there are many other brands and specialty grease that could work as well.


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Bosch & Dremel Accessories – Free Shipping in May

For the month of May you can get FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all Bosch and Dremel accessories from Ohio Power Tool. This applies to all orders over $55 within the continental US. If you want to take part in the free shipping deal and meet the minimum order, simply use COUPON CODE "MAY" in the checkout and when you get to the shipping options Ground will be FREE and overnight, 2 day, etc will all still be available with pricing attached.

This is a great time to stock up on accessories like Dremel Multi-Max Blades, Dust Collection Guards, Brute Bits, Bosch Multi-X blades, T308B Jigsaw blades, Dare Devil Spade Bits, Multi-Construction Drill Bits, Speedwave Diamond Blades, Cup Wheels, Rebar Cutter, X5L full head carbide, etc. Visit the Bosch and/or Dremel pages on Ohio Power Tool for full list of all available accessories.

Don’t Forget to use the COUPON CODE "MAY" or you won’t get free shipping! Don’t want to mess with using a coupon code… just call 800-242-4424 and say give me the Bosch accessory free shipping deal.


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Power Tool & Equipment Rentals


Renting vs Buying

It can be difficult to predict the future and determine what is going to be best for your needs in the long run. There are a few basic things to look at which will help guide you in making the right financial decision for what is right for you personally or your business.

Frequency – How often will you need this item, what is the likelihood the usage could change in the future?
Urgency – When you need this item is it for something urgent or can usage be planned and therefore group projects together.
Versatility – Can this equipment do multiple jobs; are there different options that you might want down the road?
Availability – Is this item even available in your area to rent? It might answer your question real quick if you can’t even rent it.
Maintenance – Do you have someone to maintain/repair the equipment, what are the typical repair costs; could there be problems if the item sat dormant for the winter?
New Business – Is there additional business you could do if you had this new equipment? Are you missing opportunity on current jobs where you refer business to others?
Technology – How quickly does the technology change? In 2-4 years will something better be available and you will need to upgrade?

Using Rentals to Grow Your Business

Renting is a great way to expand your business without the costs of additional equipment. For instance if a plumber who owns his own business wants to do pipe and drain inspections he might look at adding a Ridgid SeeSnake for a cost of $4000-$10,000. Then the risk is the equipment might go unused for weeks at a time until he builds that part of his business. On the other hand he could offer these services and simply rent a SeeSnake (from $125) as needed until the frequency goes up and buying becomes more attractive. Additionally rental equipment is a great way to supplement your current inventory. You may already own a mag drill but an upcoming job requires a few hundred holes drilled. It might make sense to rent a second or third drill for the job and speed up that step of the process. Often times this will more than pay for itself when consider man hours and project bottle necks.

Financing & Economic Slow Downs

During slower economic times it can become harder to secure financing and/or justify purchasing new equipment but the absolute worst thing you could do is turn away business. Shop your local rental house and know what inventory is available and what the rates are so you can speak confidently about your capabilities and build those rates right into any quotes. Also most places will offer discounts if you are planning to rent the tools several times per month.

March Rental Madness Deal – Ohio Power Tool

If you are near the Columbus, Ohio area and looking to rent any tools or equipment in the near future you might want to check out rental tools & equipment from Ohio Power Tool before the end of the month. Any rental items checked out before the last day of the month will be eligible for 25% back in free good which can be used on any new tools or accessories. At minimum it should cover the costs of any accessories you might need, such as saw blades or drill bits but the savings can add up quickly into free tools.

Outside Central Ohio you can still rent from Ohio Power Tool on a weekly and monthly basis if you would like to take advantage of the 25% in free goods offer. Shipping rates will apply so some items may not be cost effective but on weekly or monthly rental there are defiantly items which can be pretty reasonable to have shipped direct to your jobsite. If you have any questions call 800-242-4424 or email    


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Free Diamond Products 14” SpeediCut Gas Saws

If you are shopping around for 14” Diamond Saw Blades, now is the time to buy, while supplies last you can pick up a 14” SpeediCut Gas Saw for Free just by purchasing a few blades. If you purchase 10 Cut-All Multi-Purpose Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $334.10 each, then you get a Free 14” SpeediCut Jr Saw SC6514 (Sale Price $629.10) instantly. You could also purchase 15 of the Heavy Duty Orange Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $364.65 each and get a Free 14” SpeediCut SC7314 (Sale Price $1032.40) instantly. Either way both of these deals are instant rebates so the saw will be delivered with the blades in a few days. No mail-in rebates or any of that nonsense, just a high quality gas saw to your door for free.

If you have any questions about this deal, Diamond Products or any concrete sawing applications please feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email With some many different style blades and applications if you would need a different style blade or 16” saw or any other kind of substitution please contact us and Ohio Power Tool, there probably is a way to accommodate you.


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New Milwaukee 4.5″ Grinders for Metalworking

Milwaukee has recently introduced 7 new 4.5" grinders aimed at the metalworking grinder market. These new grinders will compete directly with other top names currently dominating metalworking grinders such as Bosch, Makita and Metabo.

Some of the new features that will make Milwaukee competitive include: Debris Baffles, basically an engineered L-shape intake vents protect the motor and other components by deflecting debris particles out of the airflow before entering the grinder. Another feature is the Multi-Port Exhaust vents on all four sides of the gear case allow more hot air to escape preventing motor burn-up, others typically have only 2. Also Milwaukee uses a 25% Longer Lasting Epoxy Coating to increase tool life by preventing debris from damaging copper wires in the motor. 

Some of the connivance and safety features include: Tool Free Adjustable Guard allowing the user to quickly adjust the guard without the use of a tool. Burst Resistant Guard Positive detents lock the guard in place so if a wheel burst, the guard is more secure and less likely to rotate. Finally the Soft Grip 3-Position Side Handle provides optimal control for any application.  Top position is ideal for cutting.

The reason there are 7 models is because for each version there are locking and non-locking triggers, for compliance reasons. Ohio Power Tool sells all 7 models call 800-242-4424 if you need any help determining which would be right for you.

Models Include: 6122-30 10AMP Rat Tail w/Lock, 6122-31 10AMP Rat Tail no Lock, 6148-30 10AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6148-31 10AMP Paddle no Lock, 6148-33 10AMP Slide Trigger w/lock, 6140-30 7.5AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6140-33 7AMP Slide Trigger w/lock

See YouTube Videos: Debris Baffles & Milwaukee Rat Tail Grinder


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New Rental Tools & Equipment

Everyone is aware of the tough economic times we are currently in and there is no need to beat on that dead horse. We are all hoping things will get better and doing what we can to get by. On a positive note I did just filled the gas tank up for $1.69/gallon.


Like everything else new tool and equipment sales are down and most companies are running tight, trying to make do with what they have. When it is time to invest in new tools obviously we all still need professional grade tools but perhaps are doing a little more price shopping to find the best deals. Ohio Power Tool is doing what we can to help our customers in anyway possible. We sell new tools and try to get the best price out there we can. We are not the biggest so we limit the number of brands we carry which allows us to get the very best pricing on those lines we do stock and pass the savings on to the customers.


Ohio Power Tool also Repairs Tools and equipment in-house because sometimes tools don’t actually need replaced they just need a new switch and some other part to get them working again. Another service Ohio Power Tool offers customers is rental tools and equipment which we are currently in the process of expanding our inventory. Some customer will rent while their equipment is being repaired, while other customers will rent for specific jobs or until it makes sense for their business to buy a new piece of equipment. Checkout the New Rental Pages to see some of what we offer from Seesnakes to core drills to full hydraulic systems. Outside of Ohio you can rent this equipment on a weekly or monthly basis and have it shipped directly to you.

The good news is there is still a lot of work out there that needs to be done and things are going to improve. Whether you need new tools, repairs on your old ones or just need to rent something for a specific job Ohio Power Tool can help. Most of our staff has 10-20 years in the business and can answer all your questions so call us 800-242-4424.


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New CoreCut SpeediCut Jr Concrete Saw from Diamond Products

The new SC6514 SpeediCut Jr. handheld gas saw is a great new product at an incredibly low price. The unit is powerful with a 4.8 HP “hemi” engine and a poly V-belt for maximum torque transfer. It is also versatile using 12” or 14” blades with 22mm or 1” arbor. These units are used to cut concrete, steel, masonry, stone, asphalt, wood and many other materials. Handling the SpeediCut Jr. is pretty easy thanks to the compact lightweight design at 22 lbs and enlarged protected trigger guard which allows the user to wear gloves. Emissions and noise concerns are a growing factor these days but with advanced exhaust features, digital ignition and fuel efficient gas tank this is one of the most efficient saws on the market.

Ohio Power Tool is currently selling the SpeediCut Jr. SC6514 for $629 which is a great price for such a versatile saw. The similar size Partner/Husqvarna saws are in the $900-1000 range. If you are looking to save some money this is defiantly a great saw. If you have any other questions about the CoreCut SpeediCut saws or any of our other Diamond Products please call 800-242-4424.   


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New CP Rivet Busters with Power Control System “CPS”

The New line of Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Busters replaces the previous models of CP4181 Duler, Duser, Puler and Puser. Some of the key features of the new CP4608 & CP4611 models are listed below.

– Auto Stop System – reduces sleeve breakage & cylinder wear
– Solid Pin on Valve – eliminated valve misalignment
– 1/2" Pipe Thread inlet bushing – swivel can install into bushing
– Longer Piston – hit the steel but not the bridge. Retainer spring will break before cylinder.
– New Rubber Bumpers – 90 durometer rubber recommended
– Teasing Throttle – smooth performance & easy operation
– Florescent Band – an added safety feature for night crews and other applications
– CPS – Indicates when the bumper is worn out and needs replaced

Rivet Buster are extremely powerful tools able to hit as hard as a 60 lb. paving breaker but with half the weight. These tools are ideal for bridge work and meet the necessary requirements for bridge deck repair. These CP tools have many other uses as well from general demolition work or specialty applications such as removing underground storage tanks.

The new rivet busters come in 4 models CP4611D, CP4611P, CP4608D & CP4608P. All models use 45 CFM and weight is relatively the same, between 31-34 lbs. The main difference is handle setup and stroke length which you can determine in the model number itself. 4611=11” stroke, 4608=8” stroke, D=D-handle & P=Open Handle.


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