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The Earth Drill Post Hole Auger – Definitely Made In America

One of our personal joys in writing for this blog is the rare opportunity to talk to a guy who has “An Idea” and then sees it through to a product. Such is the case with Keith Sands from Oklahoma who though there must be a better way to drill post holes than traditional 1 or 2 man post hole augers. Some time ago he created the EZ-Way Earth Drill which has a simple crank mechanism, dolly style wheels and aggressive gearing to drill a post hole up to 10”x28” with literally no sweat. The unit also saves from any stress on the back in setup or operation, no dangerous jerking when the drill catches a root or rock and produces a very clean hole, quickly.


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Hyundai Power Generators – HY2000si, HHD6250 & HHD7250

New to Ohio Power Tool and pretty much the whole US market is the Hyundai line of Power Generators. These models have done well in Canada and Europe for some time and are now are making their way to the states. Currently there are 3 models available in the US which would be classified more as residential or recreational models vs heavy duty professional equipment the rental houses would use. The prices are very competitive and it looks like Hyundai really wants to be a player in the generator world. The Hyundai brand has been associated with dependability and very low prices which hopefully is exactly where these units will deliver. Here is a quick look at the 3 current models with 4 more models available by the end of the year.


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World of Concrete 2010 in Review

This was the first year anyone from has had the opportunity to attend the World of Concrete. As a first timer I have to say it was a very impressive sign to see. Perhaps, down from last year but still just an amazing show with all the indoor and outdoor exhibits, vehicles, competitions and hands on demos. There is a true art to a trade show of this proportion, what kind of freebies you got, how you run the hands-on and demos, floor placement, how pretty the girls are if you have any and its probably important that you’ve got good tools as well. Just the shear effort alone that went into the setup and the volume of concrete poured just to destroy everyday… Checkout this time laps video of the effort it took to set up just one of the hundreds of outdoor exhibits.  


All week long there were several competitions which were really interesting to watch and/or take part in. The Bricklayer 500 would have to be the main event where teams build brick walls in 60 minutes and get judged on speed as well as accuracy and precision. There was also a Bosch Tools skills challenge open to anyone and several truck & large equipment contests for anyone with a license. The artistry in Decorative Concrete was surely the most skillful competition. Some real head scratchers as to how they did some of this amazing work. (See some pictures here)


Everyone in the concrete product business was here it felt like. Some personal highlights in tools; seeing Concrete Cutting Saws & Wall Saws in action from Diamond Products, Bosch had nice hands on demos for breakers, hammer drills as well as a few new products (post coming very shortly), Makita had some attractive girls I wasted some time talking with and alright Hilti’s booth was kinda impressive (which is saying a lot because Hilti is my mortal enemy). For the bigger equipment like the Ride on Trowels and smaller compaction, Wacker had a huge area (see video below) as well as Multiquip and a slew of others. Two days of 9 to 5 walking and I still didn’t see close to all the booths.

All in all it was a great show and really could not even begin to do it justice in just one post. There are new videos popping up every minute on YouTube and Also checkout all my photos in this facebook album.   


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2010 Upcoming Trade Shows for New Tools & Products

January & February means prime time for industry trade shows, up north things are a little colder, slower and people perhaps have a couple of days to see what’s new in their industry. Here is a quick list of just a few of the shows happening in the next two months.

International Builders Show – January 19-22, 2010

The largest building industry tradeshow in the country! More than 175 education sessions and great keynote speaker! All the top vendors will be there for building supplies, tools, etc with interactive booths and displays. Plus its Las Vegas.

AHR Expo – January 25-27, 2010

This is the world’s largest HVAC&R industry trade show. In Orlando, Fl for 2010 this show is not only a great place to see new products, attend education sessions, network but also has great deals on some of those expensive products from many vendors. This trade show is designed specific for those in the Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration industries. We mentioned the show earlier as the place where Ridgid is planning their 2010 World Premier Product Launch.      

World of Concrete – February 2-5, 2010

The industry’s ONLY annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits with the industry’s leading suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies, exciting demonstrations and competitions, a world-class education program, and the information you need to help sustain and grow your business. This show is also another great Las Vegas show, maybe the only place big enough for the indoor/outdoor requirements in February.

The Rental Show – February 7-10, 2010

This show features a wide range of products from heavy construction, light construction/general tool and party/special event products together on one floor, in one continuous hall. The show is also in Orlando,Fl for 2010 and I am just curious who provides all the rental party/special event products for the show.

Pumper & Cleaner Show – February 24-27,2010

In Louisville, Ky for 2010 this show is specific for professionals in septic system installation & service contractors, drain and sewer cleaning & repair contractors, portable restroom operators, industrial maintenance & cleaning contractors, municipal water & sewer system maintenance managers and other related professional.

The Wood Working Shows – January 15-17, 2010
This show really isn’t in the same league as these others; it’s a much smaller show that travels around the country all year long. It will be making a stop in Columbus, Ohio in about a week and I’m planning to attend. Check the website and see when it makes it to a town near you.

Obviously there are many more shows throughout the year worth attending however these are just a few in the next 2 months. If you can’t make it but are interested in a particular show I would encourage you to check out the websites. Many have interactive floor plans and a lot of details. Also specific trade publications will attend and do a good job covering the shows with articles and videos (see  


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Power Tool & Equipment Rentals


Renting vs Buying

It can be difficult to predict the future and determine what is going to be best for your needs in the long run. There are a few basic things to look at which will help guide you in making the right financial decision for what is right for you personally or your business.

Frequency – How often will you need this item, what is the likelihood the usage could change in the future?
Urgency – When you need this item is it for something urgent or can usage be planned and therefore group projects together.
Versatility – Can this equipment do multiple jobs; are there different options that you might want down the road?
Availability – Is this item even available in your area to rent? It might answer your question real quick if you can’t even rent it.
Maintenance – Do you have someone to maintain/repair the equipment, what are the typical repair costs; could there be problems if the item sat dormant for the winter?
New Business – Is there additional business you could do if you had this new equipment? Are you missing opportunity on current jobs where you refer business to others?
Technology – How quickly does the technology change? In 2-4 years will something better be available and you will need to upgrade?

Using Rentals to Grow Your Business

Renting is a great way to expand your business without the costs of additional equipment. For instance if a plumber who owns his own business wants to do pipe and drain inspections he might look at adding a Ridgid SeeSnake for a cost of $4000-$10,000. Then the risk is the equipment might go unused for weeks at a time until he builds that part of his business. On the other hand he could offer these services and simply rent a SeeSnake (from $125) as needed until the frequency goes up and buying becomes more attractive. Additionally rental equipment is a great way to supplement your current inventory. You may already own a mag drill but an upcoming job requires a few hundred holes drilled. It might make sense to rent a second or third drill for the job and speed up that step of the process. Often times this will more than pay for itself when consider man hours and project bottle necks.

Financing & Economic Slow Downs

During slower economic times it can become harder to secure financing and/or justify purchasing new equipment but the absolute worst thing you could do is turn away business. Shop your local rental house and know what inventory is available and what the rates are so you can speak confidently about your capabilities and build those rates right into any quotes. Also most places will offer discounts if you are planning to rent the tools several times per month.

March Rental Madness Deal – Ohio Power Tool

If you are near the Columbus, Ohio area and looking to rent any tools or equipment in the near future you might want to check out rental tools & equipment from Ohio Power Tool before the end of the month. Any rental items checked out before the last day of the month will be eligible for 25% back in free good which can be used on any new tools or accessories. At minimum it should cover the costs of any accessories you might need, such as saw blades or drill bits but the savings can add up quickly into free tools.

Outside Central Ohio you can still rent from Ohio Power Tool on a weekly and monthly basis if you would like to take advantage of the 25% in free goods offer. Shipping rates will apply so some items may not be cost effective but on weekly or monthly rental there are defiantly items which can be pretty reasonable to have shipped direct to your jobsite. If you have any questions call 800-242-4424 or email    


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