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Hard Hats Custom Logo, Made in USA $6.99

ERB Hard Hats

When it comes to adding a level of professionalism on the jobsite, outfitting your team with custom logoed hard hats and apparel goes a long way. The ERB Hard Hats are made in the USA at their factory in Georgia and provide an exceptional value with the 6 Point Ratchet Suspension Omega II Cap at $6.99 and 6 Point Ratchet Omega II Full Brim at $9.99. For optional custom logo printing, since these are made in the USA the turnaround time is less than 2 weeks with only a low 24 hat minimum. Options from 1 color to full 4 colors, front/sides/back printing locations and a wide selection of hard hat color options and styles. (more…)

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SawStop Sues Bosch Over REAXX Table Saw

Lawsuit Sawstop vs Bosch

Well no surprise here, SawStop who seems to get more press coverage for involvement in lawsuits than their actual saws is now filing another lawsuit, this time with Bosch over their REAXX Table saw GTS1041A ($1499). Timing falls just days before the largest national Woodworking Shows AWFS, July 22nd-25th where both companies will most likely be displaying their latest products to dealers and professionals alike. (more…)

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Blaklader Flame Retardant HRC 2 FR Rated Work Pants

FR work pants

Not all FR Rated clothing is created equal, as several materials, treatments and combinations will qualify for various Ratings. The standard compliance is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E, which then further rates appeal into HRC (Hazard/Risk Category) from 1-4. It should be not surprise the new Blaklader FR Work Pant 1636 ($119) meet and exceed the HRC 2 rating required 8.0 calories/cm2 arc rating. These pants actually provide 11.7 cal/cm2, higher than many other HRC 2 rated pants and certainly more than the HRC 1 items which only require 4.0 cal/cm2 arc rating. (more…)

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IN360LIGHT Jobsite Tough Work Light, 20,000 Lumens of Daylight

360 degree worklight

When it comes to jobsite work lights it seems there has always been a frustration to get a decent quality light source that can handle the abuse of the job. Halogen work lights have been the staple because they are cheap and put out a lot of light. Unfortunately the bulbs also break super easily and the whole units get so hot they cause hundreds if not thousands of fires and injuries each year. These are also mostly for task lighting when it comes to portable lighting for an entire shop or jobsite there are even fewer options. The IN360LIGHT ($249-269) was developed by a team with over 25 years of construction background with the simple goal to make a light that is bright, easily portable and can hold up to tough jobsite conditions.


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Ridgid New Professional Wet/Dry Vacuums Motor-On-Bottom 1650RV

Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacs

Ridgid has actually totally overhauled the Ridgid wet/dry vacuum line so there is a total of 12 new wet/dry vacuums in all (these are in addition to the Ridgid “Orange” vacs at home centers). The new Pro series offers several compact options in 4-6 gallon range as well as some nice specialty options for HEPA, stainless steel tank and a couple 2 stage options. One of the really interesting options that caught our eye was the 16 gallon Motor-On-Bottom 1650RV ($189) which has a couple of very nice features that make it a smart option for professionals.


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Bosch Jobsite Table Saw REAXX GTS1041A with Active Response Technology

bosch vs sawstop

All of the information on the new Bosch REAXX table saw, which we mentioned previously, is available now. Price came in slightly higher for the GTS1041A-09 ($1499 includes stand) than the SawStop Jobsite JSS-MCA ($1399) which was a little surprising for us. The Bosch does offer several advantages with the smart phone integration and the REAXX does not ruin the blade when the safety is triggered which is a pretty big deal. We will keep an eye out for any additional information and should expect this saw to be available, hopefully in fall 2015. For more on Bosch Tools, additional info on the REAXX from the Bosch press release below video.

Power – 15 AMP, 4.0 HP
RPM – 3,650
Capacity – 25″ ripping
Blade Size – 10″
Weight – Saw, 78 lbs  Stand, 45 lbs
Cut Depth – 3-1/8″ at 90 degrees
Arbor – 5/8″
Price – $1499 (more…)

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Bosch ReaXX GTS1041A Jobsite Table Saw to Challenge SawStop Top Safety Feature

Bosch ReaXX


We all know the story of SawStop with its patented technology to stop a table saw blade once it touches your skin. It’s a wonderful technology, we are very happy was invented and think this was a great leap forward. SawStop has a very nice line of stationary table saws and recently also launched a portable jobsite table saw JSS-MCA for $1399 which is priced significantly higher than other jobsite table saws but if it saves a finger or two, worth every penny. For the first time since SawStop hit the market however they will have some competition in this super safe saw space as Bosch is also launching a new super safe jobsite table saw with flesh detecting technology called the Bosch ReaXX GTS1041A ($1499, Shipping as of 6/1/2016).   (more…)

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Step Ladders vs Platform Ladders on the Jobsite

A 2014 study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cited ladders as being a leading cause of all workplace injuries. According to the study, an estimated 81% of construction related falls treated in the US emergency rooms involved a ladder. Large General Contractors like Turner Construction have created programs such as “Ladders Last” hoping to remove ladders complete from their job-sites or at least reduce the numbers dramatically. This trend is picking up with more and more companies, at a minimum, requiring Platform Ladders instead of Step Ladders as these have been shown to be safer and less fatigue on the user.

Louisville Ladders

The big difference in platform vs step ladders is instead of standing on a thin 3” ladder rung the user has both feet firmly planted on a 1’x1.5’ (or larger) platform. While the price is a little higher for the platform ladder it is a bit misleading when you compare the step ladders vs platform ladders because they are measured differently. Folks using a standard 8’ Step Ladder rated IA FS1508 ($127) then price out an 8’ Platform Ladder rated IA FP1508 ($212) and there is naturally a bit of a sticker shock. (more…)

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Gray Wireless Lifting System WPLS-135 & WPLS-185

Gray Wireless Lifts

Most well known for their heavy duty floor and transmission jacks Gray Manufacturing has recently updated their wireless lifting systems. Gray was the first to market with these a wireless system over 10 years ago and has made a significant number of improvements which make these new models not only very easy to operate but also the safest we have seen. The two new models WPLS-135 (13,500 lbs per column) and the WPLS-185 (18,500 lbs per column) are sold in sets of 4 but can be bought/easily used in pairs of 2, 4, 6 or 8 depending on application and weight of the vehicles you plan to service. (more…)

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Blaklader Windproof / Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket 4939

Blaklader Jackets

This brand new addition to the Blaklader lineup brings the same high quality we have come to expect from their work pants. It is a Windproof and Waterproof soft shell jacket 4939 ($109) with a very similar fit and style to like shells you’ll find from Marmot, North Face or Arcteryx. While it is very stylish jacket and you may never want to use it under grueling conditions it is 100% designed and built for a demanding jobsite with full integrated hood, lower cut back and breathable 3 layer engineering to keep out the elements. (more…)

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