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Columbus Idea Foundry 2.0 – Grand Opening January 22nd

This Saturday night 6-10 pm the Columbus Idea Foundry is having its grand opening event for the new space which is now 400% larger than the previous space. You may have heard about this awesome community workshop as the host of the Ohio Tool Racing Championships ( along with several other really fun events. There will be live flaming demos, blacksmithing, welding, ShopBots, metal art gallery, Free PBR & Cupcakes… if you live within 100 miles of here and don’t show up you should probably just stop reading now, there is nothing for you here.


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Are you a Woodworking Entrepreneur?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Of course you have but what would you sell? How would you sell it? Most importantly how long before you make any money? Well if you have some basic woodworking skills and tools you might be interested in checking out the website The company provides nearly everything needed to get an outdoor furniture business started almost instantly.


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Show Us Your Shop – Columbus Idea Foundry


The Idea Foundry was the Brain Child of Alex, Mandy & Nikki with the cooperation of a dozen others who helped build the place a little over a year ago. Since then the space has morphed and transformed itself almost weekly to accommodate new equipment and ideas to the point some of the more exotic non-working equipment had to be edited out. As it stands today the shop is a very functional space for many different avenues of creativity including: woodworking, welding (mig, tig, stick), plasma cutting, blacksmithing, sand casting, CNC/CAD (Shopbot, Bridgeport, Makerbot), screen printing, electronics, jewelry making and much much more.


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