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Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch! World of Concrete 2018

Oh, this monster isn’t a myth. It’s the Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch! We’ve got a short demo of this portable table saw at the World of Concrete.

A massive 15A, 16-5/16″ Magnesium saw will power through anything you throw at it. It’s the biggest worm drive saw on Earth with a 6-1/4″ cutting capacity and will cut 6x with ease We were very impressed seeing this beast up close!


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Paul Jr Designs Builds Skil Saw 75th Anniversary Edition Chopper


In 1924 SkilSaw invented the first wormdrive circular saw and was an instant hit. The Model 77 was introduced in 1937 and is now celebrating 75 years as one of America’s favorite circular saws. The name SkilSaw is often used on the jobsite as a generic term for all circular saw whether they are red, yellow, blue, whatever because it was the original.


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New Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool OMT For $79 at Walmart

If you still have not treated yourself to an Oscillating Multi-tool you may want to consider looking at the new Skil when it is available in May. The 2.0 amp motor is slightly less powerful compared to the Bosch, Rockwell and Fein but certainly so is the $79 price tag.

One big selling feature with the Skil system is that it uses the ever growing Bosch OIS accessories platform shared with Milwaukee, Ridgid, Bosch and others. These tools really are only limited by their accessories so it is extremely important to get a tool that has a lot of existing accessories, which can be found on the weekend at a home center store but also something where the most future innovation will occur. At this point it is safe to say the OIS system will be around for many years to come. For more information on the new Skil 1400-02 ($106, Amazon) check out the official press release below.


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Perfect Tool for Installing Floors, New Skil Flooring Saw 3600

Here is another tool we got to see in action at the STAFDA show. This Skil saw is specifically designed for use in installing hard wood, engineered & laminate flooring. I imagine it would also be pretty handy for ripping plywood and other sheet materials. Basically it is designed to take the place of a miter saw and table saw on flooring installations. It is also extremely compact and easy to carry around and use right where you are installing your flooring. For a price expected under $200 it’s an easy sell for professionals and DIYers alike. The new Skil Flooring Saw will be in stores soon.       


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Skil 18V Lithium Ion Tool Review – 4 Tool Combo Kit 2895LI-20

In support of the recent Power Tool Drag Races (I promise no more mentions again until next year) Skil Power Tools donated a 4 Tool Lithium Ion Combo Kit which was the Grand Prize for the event. We are grateful for the support and hope they will be involved again in the future. I couldn’t help myself I had to crack the box open and give these tools a once over, just to see how well they perform.

I put them to the test building a few of the first sections of the race track. Originally the track was build for outdoor use and looked like this (below left), later we moved it indoors and took the base supports off for a more level surface on the concrete. To keep things simple we built the track in 8’ sections so all that was required was to rip the plywood and stager the 2×4 rails which were later screwed together for the race. This way after the race we could break the track back down to the 8’ sections and store it for next year.


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Power Tool Drag Races – This Saturday @ Idea Foundry

Have you ever wondered what that Pine Wood Derby Car you built when you were 8 would look like if you feed it steroids and powered it with a circular saw…

If you will be anywhere near Columbus Ohio THIS SATURDAY I would encourage anyone and everyone to come out for the 1st Annual Power Tool Drag Races. The event will be held rain or shine and there will be plenty of food and delicious BBQ but also feel free to bring your own food and beverages of your choice. If you want to build your own racer here are The Rules and you will need to register by Friday 4:00pm. If you don’t feel comfortable building one of these awesome machines on your own but would like to give it a shot, for just a few more bucks you can sign up for The Workshop ($30). All the needed parts and instruction will be provided but you are also encouraged to bring your own parts and stylistic design elements. The Workshop includes the $15 race fee so it’s really a great deal. The deadline for the workshop is also Friday 4:00pm but space is limited so don’t wait as we will stop taking registrations when it is full.

Thank you to Skil Power Tool for donating a 4 Tool Lithium Ion Combo Kit prize ($250), CH Hanson for a variety of prizes and Ohio Power Tool for various prizes and lumber for the track. I’m thinking most everyone could easily win more than the price of admission, thanks to all our generous sponsors this year.

If you just want to enjoy the BBQ, see something totally different and possibly witness some actual bodily injuries simply show up for the actual race around 3:30-4:00pm and pay $5.    

When:   Saturday June 20th, 2009
Where:  Idea Foundry – 2038 Leonard Ave (directions)
Times:   1:00pm – 4:00pm Workshop & 4:00pm – 6:00pm Races
Cost:     $5 watch – $15 race – $30 workshop & race
Who:     The event is open to anyone and everyone.


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SKIL Worm Drive Challenge

Check out the latest contest from Skil Power Tools. One thing I really like about this contest is that there are lots of prizes to win if by chance you don’t get to drive off with the grand prize Big Dog Chopper. If you have a pretty good story and picture about using your Skil saw you stand a pretty decent shot at walking away with at least a $50 visa card or New Worm Drive SKILSAW, 35 total 2nd and 3rd place prizes. If you don’t have a good story, you still have until August 1st to come up with something. Also the website looks great, defiantly worth checking out even if you don’t have a Skil saw.   

The contest runs through August 1. For official SKIL Worm Drive Challenge rules and more information on how to enter, visit


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SKIL New 18 Volt Lithium Ion Power Tools

Recently Skil launched a new line of Lithium Ion 18 volt tools. The price points seemed to be aimed to directly take on the other DIY targeted brands that are very popular at Lowe’s and Home Depot such as Ryobi, Ridgid and Porter Cable. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on any of the new Skil Tools and give them a good test but will do a follow up post when I do. Read the full press release below:   

SKIL Power Tools
powers up its lithium ion collection with a new line of cordless 18 Volt Lithium Ion tools giving home project enthusiasts and professionals the enhanced performance, durability and convenience they need to tackle any project at affordable prices. Using lithium ion technology that consistently outperforms and outlasts traditional Ni-Cd batteries, SKIL’s new 18 Volt Lithium Ion line offers a unique mix of cordless power tools well suited for a wide array of home repair, outdoor and professional projects.


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