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Cliff Claven Says #BringBackShopClass

Article Written by Jennifer Murphy from NetPlus Alliance (Where all the Top Tool Brands get together to become more awesome!)

Cliff Claven STAFDA

The theme at this year’s STAFDA convention in Austin, Texas was ‘Raising Leadership,’ and I was lucky enough to have my own future leader in tow with me at the show. It was an exciting moment when Georgia Foley, the Executive Director at STAFDA, gave my son Henry a shout-out during her opening address, welcoming him to Texas and to his first STAFDA show. Henry has wanted to come to STAFDA since he was little. The keynote speakers, usually retired NFL players and coaches, or the Shark Tank stars were always a draw, but also my stories about the tool displays and the big parties hosted by the major construction manufacturers also fueled his interest. (more…)

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Makita Auto-Start Wireless System AWS Cordless

Makita AutoStart Wireless System AWS

Two big changes have been hitting the jobsite this year, we are seeing more heavy duty cordless tools taking the places of corded tools and clouds of silica dust are being eliminated. Unfortunately these 2 things don’t seem to work together as typical dust extractors turn on/off based off the tool plugged into them. Makita wireless AWS technology looks to change that, Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), which uses Bluetooth™ technology for wireless communication between tool and vacuum/dust extractor to turn on/off makes a cordless vac system feasible from a power usage stand point. New AWS solutions announced was teased at their event last summer but fully launched last month at STAFDA including their first Cordless SDS-MAX hammer.

Makita Cordless SDS-MAX (more…)

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Diablo Red Fire

Each year Freud Diablo launches and/or updates several of their main products for a media event just before the STAFDA tradeshow. This year the event was named the Red Fire Media Event although it was a bit confusing because we were expecting to see some new product named Red Fire. Not the case. We did get to see some cool stuff including updates to their carbide recip blades, new carbide hole saws (coming soon), a carbide pruning blade, new Cerment II metal circular blades and finally the Track Point technology added to the Demo Demon Blades with some additional improvements. (more…)

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Makita 18V Cordless & Brushless 2016 Preview

Makita 18V brushless saws

While 2015 marked Makita’s 100th anniversary it’s looking like 2016 might be a bigger year for new Makita cordless products. To kick-off the year off they are launching a couple nice looking Brushless tools including a couple high torque impact wrenches as well as a couple of Brushless reciprocating saws. Not to mention cordless shop-vac, backpack vacs, 6.0Ah batteries with gauges, all new 12V cordless and a slew of other products. The other important 2016 news from Makita, meet Miss Makita & Senorita Makita! Last but not least, Makita 18V Cooling Jacket!

6.0Ah Batteries Makita (more…)

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Bosch Launches Best Built 12V & 18V Brushless EC Tools at STAFDA

Bosch Brushless

At last year’s STAFDA event we got a look at the new Socket Ready Impact Driver IDH182-02L ($279, Ohio Power Tool) however shortly after that show we got the unfortunate news the launch was going to be delayed for an entire year. This was extremely disappointing news however that year has passed and the folks at Bosch are confident this tool will live up to the hype. For more information on the Socket Ready Impact Driver check out our original 2012 Coptool post. We will also take a look at the other “Best Built” Brushless EC tools which should all be launching in February 2014.

***Video Added 5/9/2014

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What’s New at 2012 STAFDA Tool Trade Show


Last week we were at the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors (STAFDA) Trade Show, where tool and accessory manufacturers get together to promote their products to tool distributors around the world. There were some exciting new products we finally had a chance to get our hands on, some of which we already knew about, but others that were pretty exciting new things. In the coming weeks we will circle back and do full reviews on many of the products we take a look at here. Also check out our Facebook Album for more photos from the show. (more…)

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Dust Collection a Strong Focus at 2011 STAFDA Show

As OSHA and EPA get tougher on regulations and penalties it is a fairly safe bet there is no such thing as over cautious when it comes to dust containment. All the power tool manufacturers are getting on board with more solutions to work with traditional tools as well as building in more dust collection features on new units. Here are just a few of the highlights we saw from the recent STAFDA trade show.

Makita Dust Collection


There were a few interesting new dust collection items in the Makita booth. The common focus this year was on drilling in concrete. The first item we got a look at was the attachment handle which is compatible with most standard chuck and SDS-Plus drills. Once attached the spring loaded nozzle extends out to the drilling site and stays right at the point of contact as the drill moves in.


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Great 2011 STAFDA Summary Coverage with Home Fixated

Fresh from the 2011 Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) trade show there are several posts worth of new products and discussions that will be fueling the pages of for the next week or so. In the meantime if you want the quick look at the whole show plus after party coverage in a single post we have got to give it up to our buddy Marc from Homfixated who had done an excellent job of recapping it all rather nicely. See Full Post Here. Check back later as we will be diving in deeper on a few posts very very soon.

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2011 STAFDA Tool Dealer Convention in San Antonio TX

It is that time of the year again, on Monday & Tuesday next week we will be attending the 35th annual Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) trade show. The show will be in San Antonio, TX this year so hopefully there will be a little extra time to stop and check out a few of the watering holes along their famous Riverwalk.


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DeWalt Tools Launches Its First Ever Line of Hand Tools

We can honestly say when Stanley Black & Decker announced we would be seeing a DeWalt line of premium hand tools we were not in the least bit surprised, as Stanley is one of the most popular hand tool manufacturers around. When the company merged and acquired the popular brands DeWalt & Porter Cable this was really the first thought that came to mind as the Stanley hand tool line is not synonymous with a premium quality. Our biggest fear however was that we were basically going to see the Stanley tools coming in a DeWalt name with a higher price tag, it’s been done before.

At the 2010 STAFDA show (see pictures here) however we got to see many of these new DeWalt hand tools and have to say we were really impressed with several of them. Obviously when they are talking about “100 new tools” you are going to find some that just got the name, how do you really innovate the crow bar.


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