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Tradesmen of the Month Awards with Tool Prizes!!!

TBBPROS Tradesman of the Month

Our friends Rob, Todd and the rest of the team over at Tool Box Buzz have come out with an awesome monthly contest to salute the Tradesman or Tradeswoman of the month! With the Support of Milwaukee Tools there will be certainly be a very nice prize package for each month’s winner. The TBB Crew is made up of real professional tradesmen themselves and we’ve always been impressed with their promotion of the trades. Please take a moment to submit some of your own handy work and/or pass along to your coworkers!  (more…)

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Cliff Claven Says #BringBackShopClass

Article Written by Jennifer Murphy from NetPlus Alliance (Where all the Top Tool Brands get together to become more awesome!)

Cliff Claven STAFDA

The theme at this year’s STAFDA convention in Austin, Texas was ‘Raising Leadership,’ and I was lucky enough to have my own future leader in tow with me at the show. It was an exciting moment when Georgia Foley, the Executive Director at STAFDA, gave my son Henry a shout-out during her opening address, welcoming him to Texas and to his first STAFDA show. Henry has wanted to come to STAFDA since he was little. The keynote speakers, usually retired NFL players and coaches, or the Shark Tank stars were always a draw, but also my stories about the tool displays and the big parties hosted by the major construction manufacturers also fueled his interest. (more…)

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2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award WINNERS!!

2017 Pro Tool Awards

The 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards proved to include some of the toughest calls we’ve ever had to make. After all, innovation doesn’t squarely fall to the highest performing tools. It’s about making them better in small steps and occasionally giant leaps. But thanks to a team of judges spanning the trades and the country, we finally got it all sorted out. (more…)

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Would you pay $200 for a Tool Box?

Tool Box Cool Box

Watching Shark Tank the other day and saw a couple of guys who were showing a new Tool Box called the “Cool Box”. First thought it might be a tool box with cooler built-in (and thought, genius) but then realized they just thought their product was so “cool” they needed to put it in the name. You shouldn’t have to call you own product “cool” especially if it doesn’t cool anything. Then they listed the features which all sounded good USB charger, power strip, Bluetooth radio/speakers, LED light, magnetic lid, bottle opener, etc. But then they came to the price tag $250 (on their site now $199). Huh… Does it come full of tools for that price? It is hard to imagine paying that price for an off brand tool box but on Indiegogo right now they are near a half million dollars in pre-order. WOW.


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Preventing Frozen Pipes with an Electric Heating Solution

Electric Pipe Heater

Our long time friend Rob Robillard, Concord Carpenter is a wealth of knowledge on home repairs, remodeling and prevention of potential home disasters. For our readers soaking up the Southern California sun, you can just skip right past this article. While this year has been extremely mild so far there is still plenty of winter left for an extreme cold snap in the North. Check out this solution for keeping pipes from freezing.


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Hitachi to Acquire Metabo Tools

Hitachi Tools Metabo Tools

Well it looks to be true from this Hitachi Press Release that controlling interest, (80% or 100%) of Metabo will soon be acquired by Hitachi. We’d guess both companies would remain intact because the Metabo name is very strong but how will this shake out? Recently we have been very impressed by what Metabo has begun to do in cordless tools, innovating not only the batteries with Li-HD but really stepping up the game in brushless grinders, hammer drills and big plans for new products in 2016.


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2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Winners

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015

We’ve been following the PTIA (Pro Tool Innovation Awards) for several years now and they have certainly been growing the depth and breadth of their coverage each year. Lots of innovations launch each year in tools, accessories and their various other categories. We at Coptool try to keep our arms around the whole all the new products and it’s a challenge, trying to rate and compare them all across the board even tougher. We do not envy these guy’s job but after spending some time reviewing the various lists we’ve got to say we’d agree with many of their findings. Certainly we’d encourage every shopper to do their own research but the PTIA are a good resource and just fun to see all the new products in the industry. See the various Categories Below: (more…)

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2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners Are Out

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards


Curious what new products rate the best for 2014? Head over to the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards and find out. Dozen of categories for everything from boots to blades to drills to lawnmowers.

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Cleaver DIY Workshop Storage Solutions for your Tools

We are always looking for better ways to organize our tools and accessories to make them there when you need them. A couple of our friends have recently posted some clever solutions you can most likely build from scrap material you have in your shop right now.

Drill Storage

Quick Drill Slot Storage

When you need a drill/driver it seems like it can’t be close enough. Ours is often sitting very close on the work bench however that’s not a great place for it as it’s very easy to knock off the table or often in the way. This solution is very nice because it keeps it off your work surface but still very close at hand. I like the holster feel although I might waist too much time trying to improve my quick draw skills. Get the full How To on (more…)

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Contractor Supply Magazine Cover Story: Ohio Power Tool

Contractor Supply Magazine

Contractor Supply Magazine is a terrific trade publication for all the companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of power tools, accessories and other supplies. While the magazine is very focused on the distributor’s side of industrial and construction products we find it is also a great resource for new product reviews, industry trends and other insight that might appeal to all sorts of other professionals. In the current January 2014 issue there is an in-depth interview that takes a look under the hood of Ohio Power Tool as a brick & mortar store as well as as an ecommerce destination and how the two complement one another.

Contractor Supply Magazine – Cover Story: Ohio Power Tool – Live & Online

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