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2014 Triple Crown of Tool Races – Power Tool Drag Racing

Tool Races

If you were at the Detroit Maker Faire earlier this summer you already got a peak at the updated 2014 Power Tool Drag Racing Track! Of course the Tool Racing circuit has found a great home with the various Maker Faire events and continues to grow through support of the area Maker Spaces. The first of the official Triple Crown of Tool Races is this weekend in Cincinnati and should drawl a nice crowd of spectators.

While Bosch Tools strongly discourages altering power tools in anyway they have been an amazing supporter or the Maker movement for many years and the Columbus Idea Foundry, we could not be more grateful. Bosch Tools has really stepped up this year and donated awesome prizes for each of the 3 events. FOR EACH EVENT = 1st Place = Bosch CLPK233-181L ($399 Retail Value)PB360S ($199 Retail Value), 2nd Place = Bosch IDH182-02 ($279 Retail Value) & Crowd Favorite = Bosch IDH182-02 ($279 Retail Value). Prizes will be onsite and awarded to the winners of the races that day! Considering there are normally only about a dozen racers per event your chances are pretty good you could walk away with some new Bosch gear. So stop sitting on your hands, go to the garage and turn grandpas old circular saw into a racing legend!

This is the 2nd Tool Race to be held in Cincinnati and the 2nd Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.
When: September 13-14th@ 11am – 6pm
Where: Cincinnati Museum Center
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

This is the 2nd Tool Race to be held in Louisville and also the 2nd Louisville Mini Maker Faire.
When: September 27th@ 10am – 10pm
Where: 800 Block of Market Street
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

This is the 6th Tool Race to be held in Columbus and the 3nd time as part of the Columbus Mini Maker Faire.
When: October 11th@ 12pm – 6pm
Where: COSI (Center of Science & Industry), 333 West Broad St.
Race Times: Official races start at 2pm
Register a Racer: FREE

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Ohio Tool Racing Championships Five Years Strong

Power Tool Drag Races

Last Sunday was the 5th annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship held in Columbus. The event continues to grow in popularity thanks in to the tie in with the Columbus Maker Faire which brought a wide range of new attendees of all ages. This year’s race also expanded to some new geographic locations thanks to collaboration with maker spaces in Louisville & Cincinnati. New competition as always, this year one of which strapped a GoPro Hero 3 to his racer for some new POV videos. Finally a brand new geeked-out track complete with photoelectric sensors, arduino controls and a fully functional race light tree really elevated the entire level of legitimacy, so no more blaming loses on the track! (more…)

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2013 Tool Racing Championship Triple Crown – Louisville, Columbus & Cincinnati

Power Tool Drag Racing

You read that correctly the 2013 season of power tool drag racing is upon us and will be hosted in 3 different cities, at 3 different Maker Faire events, all the info is however on 1 website! This will be the 5th time for the race in Columbus and with several returning season veterans expect to see some stiff competition. Cincinnati & Louisville are not going to be out done however and while in their inaugural seasons already have some racers with some pretty advanced designs that look to take their glory on the road to all 3 events. (more…)

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2012 Ohio Tool Racing Championship Winners

Power Tool Drag Racing

When it comes to the sport of power tool drag racing aren’t we all winners, well at least that’s what we are saying because our racer never actually made it all the way down the track. An overcomplicated porta-band chain drive and suspension proved to be just too unreliable. A special thanks to the wonderful sponsorship of Columbus Idea Foundry, Bosch Tools, The Adcom Group, Ohio Power Tool and COSI for making it all possible. (more…)

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Ohio Tool Racing Championships & Maker Faire

Tool Races 2012

In a every man/women/child’s life there are opportunities to test oneself against their peers and see how they really measure up. Sure your mommy thought you were real handy when you put together that Ikea furniture she brought home but do you have what it takes to turn dad’s favorite circular saw to your old skateboard and compete in the Big Leagues? Probably high time you found out this Saturday, September 29th at


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