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Bosch SpeedClean SDS-Plus & SDS-Max Dust Extraction Bits

Bosch SpeedClean Carbide

When it comes to drilling, grinding, cutting or working with concrete in general, times they are a changing. It used to be acceptable to kick up clouds of silica dust and people just dealt with it. Not the case anymore and even on many the jobsite this is just not tolerated. When it comes to drilling holes in concrete whether overhead, horizontally or vertically this can be create a bit of a mess but the Bosch SDS-MAX SpeedClean and SDS-Plus SpeedClean carbide bits offer several advantages above and beyond just a cleaner, safer work environment.


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First-Cut Early Entry Concrete Control Joint Saws – Diamond Products

Diamond Products First-Cut

Everyone knows when you pour fresh concrete you need to build-in control joints so that if/when the concrete is stressed there is a controlled path for how the concrete will crack. This is the common practice but there are several ways which those concrete joints are installed. “Early Entry” saw cutting is method which refers to cutting while not fully cured or 2 – 10 hours after being poured. Husqvarna Soff-Cut is a well know name for Early Entry cutting but there a couple new kid in town from Diamond Products Core Cut with First-Cut Early Entry Saws. Of course they’ve got several reasons why their saws are best.


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ICS Concrete Chainsaws, Like a Hot Knife through Butter

Diamond Concrete Chainsaws

The World of Concrete is just a couple weeks away and one of the most functional but underutilized concrete tools is the Concrete Chain Saw. The down side for these saws is that the chains are a bit pricey, we won’t disagree it is definitely cheaper to use a standard circular diamond saw blade. However a handheld 14” cut-off saw ($699-$1199) can only cut into material with a depth of 5”. The smallest (& cheapest) diamond chainsaw 680ES-12 ($1399) can actually cut a full 12” depth of concrete and these saws can go all the way up to 25” cutting depth. It can be a little misleading, side by side, 14” cut-off saw next to a 14” chain saw, while the measurements in the titles are the same these tools are very different. (more…)

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Makita New AVT 70lb Breaker Hammer HM1812 (& HM1812X3 with Cart)

Makita HM1812X3

At the World of Concrete earlier this year we got a first look at the new Makita AVT Breaker HM1812 (HM1812X3 $1899 with cart). The display setup ran this new break against a 70lb air breaker so users could see and feel the difference. Additionally Makita had what looked like a real unit with a portion cutout so you could actually see the internal counter weight.

The existing Makita Breaker AVT HM1810 (HM1810X3 $1599 with Cart) will stay in the lineup which includes many of the same features such as counter balancing and AVT Anit-Vibration Technology. The new model builds off a great unit and packs a little more punch, slightly lower vibration at a price tag that is still very reasonable. Below is highlighted a few differences and similarities of the HM1810 vs HM1812 as well as a look at the Hilti TE 3000-AVR which is another great hammer but almost double the price.   (more…)

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Bosch 5” Concrete Surface Grinder Update CSG15

Concrete Surface Grinder

Grinding concrete can be messy business no question. One of the first grinders that was specifically designed for the task was the Bosch 1773AK ($398) which added a wraparound handle, fully enclosed dust shroud with one of the first vacuum ports to come standard plus some additional modification to help this grinder handle working in the harsh silica dust. It was truly top of the line when it launched but of course other have done similar designs and with Bosch’s advancements in grinder performance it is naturally time for an upgrade. The new Bosch CSG15 ($399) fills its shoes nicely with a bump in power from 10 AMP to 12.5 AMP, sealed bearing system, better gearing for concrete removal and a new adjustable guard with allows for grinding against a wall.


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Diamond Products Core Cut 14” Electric Concrete Saw C14

C14 Concrete Saw

When cutting concrete you’ve got some choices to make, first is are you going to cut wet or dry? In most situations wet cutting is the recommended choice because this will keep dust down and the blade from over heading. Of course wet cutting is messy business and slurry gets everywhere. In block or other less dense material dry cutting is a good option but you’ll create huge clouds of silica dust which is not safe to breath. To get a useable depth of around 5” you’ll need a larger saws with a 14” blade which are most commonly gas powered to get enough ass behind it. These are ok for working out in the open but never fails we constantly hear of people using these in poorly ventilated areas and breathe in dangerous levels of carbon monoxide fumes. Diamond Products new Core Cut Electric Saw C14 ($699) looks to address many of these concerns and possibly change the way many cut concrete. (more…)

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Makita Cordless Circular Saws 18V Brushless 6-1/2” XSH03Z vs 36V 7-1/4” XSH01Z

Makita Brushless Circular Saw

When the Makita 36V circular saw XSH01Z ($219) hit the market it was the first time Makita or any major tool brand had built a 36V tool specifically to run off two of their more popular 18V batteries. Now they’ve gone back and converted all their 36V tools to this platform which we think is a very smart move which allows more flexibility for users on the same battery platform. The one complaint is however they didn’t make the XSH01 saw brushless so runtime still leaves a little to be desired. With the new brushless circular saw XSH03Z ($219) coming very soon Makita hopes to level the playing field a bit more.


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Bosch 18V EC Brushless Screwgun SGH182

Bosch Screwgun

If you are looking to shed weight and go with a thin profile screwgun that might fit into a holster or tool belt look no further than the Bosch Screwgun SG182-03 ($319). This new Bosch 18V EC brushless screwgun may look like a toy but don’t let the compact size fool you this is a tough workhorse with all the power and runtime you would expect from a Bosch. With a 4.0Ah battery it can drive up to 3400 screws on a full charge. Attach the Bosch MA55 ($129, sold separately) and you’ve got a perfect solution for a cordless auto-feed screw gun.

Bosch cordless screwgun

This new screwgun will join the Bosch 18V Cordless lineup shortly and should be a very nice compliment to some of their other cordless tools. For more information on the SGH182 see the full Bosch Press Release below. (more…)

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Bosch Dial-In Grade Rotary Laser with Anti-Theft Alarm GRL 500 HCK

Bosch Rotary GRL500

A few years ago Bosch acquired CST Berger, a top name in rotary lasers adding a team with tremendous skills and knowledge in the laser measuring category. Since that time we’ve seen a number of innovations coming from Bosch/CST in the line and rotary laser categories. The new Bosch GRL 500 HCK ($1299) brings a lot of firsts to the market and one of the first very functional anti-theft systems we’ve seen in the category.


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Bosch 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer RH328VC-36 & 4.0Ah 36V Batteries

Bosch RH328VC

One of the first new Bosch 36V tools we’ve seen in a while is this 1-1/8” SDS-Plus RH328VC-36 ($749) which will feature the same power output as the very popular corded Bulldog Xtreme RH228VC ($259) and almost identical to the RH328VC ($299). This new 36V rotary hammer will also come with the new 4.0Ah 36V batteries for one of the largest full tanks available for a cordless power tool. Additional features include the Active Response Technology (ART) a nice safety feature which keeps the tool from spinning out of control when it binds up. The Electronic Precision Control (EPC) utilizes soft-start and a reduced output for more precise drilling in cinder block or fine chiseling.

Interestingly we saw this tool demoed against the popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL rotary hammer 2715-22 ($549) which sports the same 1-1/8” rating and in testing seems to be able to hold its own against the corded Bosch RH228VC. The 36V Bosch is not a Brushless motor so we would think this might be better compared to the Makita 36V Rotary XRH05Z ($359, Bare) also not brushless.  Historically Milwaukee has not been a big player in rotary hammer drills but in world of cordless tools easy access to battery packs can sometimes be the deciding factor and M18 batteries are powering more and more tools these days. For serious all day applications in concrete many users would probably prefer a true cordless Bosch bulldog hammer but it’ll be interesting to see how price and access to batteries factors in. A full size cordless SDS-Plus hammer showdown is definitely in the Coptool pipeline.   (more…)

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