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CP Red Hawk Road Gas-Powered Breakers

CP Red Hawk Road

There are probably few things on this planet that could make you feel as much like a man as firing up a big’ol gas powered concrete breaker and going to town until you are standing on a pile of rubble. The Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk (and its sibling the Atlas Copco Cobra) have been the most popular of these types of breakers and with this latest update have made several improvements to compete more directly with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic breakers. (more…)

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Which Walk Behind Concrete Saws is Right for You?

Core Cut Concrete Saws

When it comes to selecting the right walk behind concrete cutting saw there are a lot of important considerations including: costs (upfront, operating, repair), capacities/speed, reliability, features, maneuverability just to name a few. Below we’ve highlight a couple of what we think are very good options from a Small to X-Large size Walk Behind Saws for cutting concrete or asphalt. (more…)

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CS Unitec Eibenstock 7” Concrete Grinder Walk Behind or Handheld Unit EBS 180 H

Concrete Grinding

At the World of Concrete earlier this year we had the opportunity to run the CS Unitec 7” Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H ($980) with the optional walk behind stand 37217 ($560). For anyone who has spent time using a traditional 7” grinder on concrete will understand while they can do a decent job they are not well designed for this application off extended periods working on the floor. The EBS 180 H has a very powerful 20amp motor specifically designed and geared for this tough application. With a built-in dust port, adjustable guard, flush front, vibration control and duel top handles make this tool ideal for applying various levels of pressure that give the user excellent control, from lightly skimming the surface smooth or heavy material removal. (more…)

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Bosch Dust Collection Wet/Dry Vacs VAC140 & VAC090

Bosch Vacuums

The Bosch AirSweep Wet/Dry Vacuums have long been considered top of the line when it comes to jobsite vacuums. The Bosch units were some of the first to include a power tool activation outlet as well as pulse clean feature to keep the filter from clogging prematurely. The unit has always been sealed tight and well powered making it the standard for everyone from woodworkers to those grinding concrete. In recent years these features have become more common as OSHA & EPA regulations become more and more strict. Bosch has now updated these very popular units, available now, check out the 14 gallon automatic VAC140A ($669), 14 semi-automatic VAC140S ($619), 9 gallon automatic VAC090A ($599) and finally the 9 semi-automatic VAC090S ($549). (more…)

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Bosch Hollow SDS-Max & SDS-Plus Vacuum Drill Bits

Bosch Hollow Bits

Last year at the World of Concrete one of the big product launches out of the Hilti camp were their version of the hollow SDS-Max and SDS-Plus drill bits. This year it is Bosch and Simpson who have teamed up to create a system for anchoring up to 50% faster. Both systems work basically the same where the drill bits are connected to any decent vacuum and while the hole is drilled it’ll such up all the dust and debris. This of course reduces the heat and friction so drilling can go much faster. When the hole is drilled there is no need for additional cleaning, simply fill with epoxy and set your anchor.


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Bosch to Reclaim Title of Hardest Hitting Rotary Hammer with RH540M / RH540S

RH540M SDS-Max Hammer Drill

Bosch has had some of the most popular SDS-Max and Spline rotary hammers on the market for decades. In the entry level “1-9/16” rotary hammer category the SDS-Max 11240 ($389) and Spline 11247 ($389) have been very dominant performers for basic units without extra features like anti-vibration technology. As these Bosch models have become older however competitors have launched new hammers which hit harder and drill faster. Of course Bosch being so well known for their solid engineering and superior performance in the rotary hammer category certainly does not want to be out gunned in this arena. (more…)

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Makita 4-Stroke 14” Gas Cut-Off Saw EK7651H Have Arrived!

Makita 4-Stroke Saw

We made mention of the First Ever 4-Stroke Saw earlier this year at the World of Concrete and since then it has been a hot topic of conversation for many user of these types of saws. Well a handful of the Makita EK7651H ($1199, Ohio Power tool) have landed at select dealers around the country and are already getting some field use. We’ve got some good things to report, some bad and nothing ugly so far! (more…)

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Diamond Products Core Cut Liquid Cooled 66HP Concrete Saw CC6566

Cut Core Diamond Saw

Just announced at the 2013 World of Concrete, the Diamond Products Cut Core CC6566 (06/2016 * Note CC6566 is now CC6571 Tier4 Final) walk behind saw might not find a home in every garage in America but if you are in the market of a large walk behind saw it should definitely be on the short list of considerations. The goal of this new saw design was a clean, simple, trouble free design that would be tough as nails and put out the most power they could squeeze into the frame. The saw is big but still small enough to fit through a standard 36” door way, so fairly compact for a saw fitted with a 42” concrete diamond blade. Keeping the cost down on this saw was another very big driving force as well, not only in initial purchasing price, which starts at $25,000 but also to greatly reducing operating costs, expensive repairs and downtime. (more…)

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The New Electric Dragon Saw 46095 by Diamond Products


As you may or may not know, I love the Dragon Saw. There is nothing about it that I do not think is great, and I routinely find myself coming up with reasons why I would need to Dragon Saw things (like opening cans, changing the cat’s litter, etc.). Unfortunately, my wife is less than happy when I use my Dragon Saw in the house. She says the exhaust fumes from my gas powered Dragon Saw give her a headache. I am not sure I am ready to buy a hydraulic power pack and switch to a hydraulic powered Dragon Saw, but my inability to use the Dragon Saw in areas where a gas powered saw would not work was starting to get to me. Luckily, Diamond Products saw the need for a Dragon Saw that could be operated safely without ventilation and without the need of a hydraulic power pack. Allow me to present the Diamond Products Electric Dragon Saw 46095. (more…)

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Bosch Grinder Overhaul with 11 Models Announced in 4.5” – 6” Sizes

Bosch Grinders

By May it looks like many of the tried and true Bosch grinders will be getting an upgrade to more power, increased control and the promise of longer tool life. Bosch has been known for many years as having some of the most dependable grinders on the market, but in recent years we have seen many other manufacturers do similar revamps to improve their grinder offerings. (more…)

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