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Dewalt Large Angle Grinders with E-Clutch DWE4597

Dewalt Large Angle Grinder

Another exciting new product announced at this year’s World of Concrete show was the new Dewalt large angle grinder DWE4597. Of course the new grinder is lighter (by almost 1 lb) and more powerful (by almost 1HP) than its predecessor, the Dewalt D28494S ($163, Amazon). The biggest differentiation for us, however, comes from the new E-Clutch. At the show they set up a terrific demo that really highlighted how this feature worked by using a pneumatic clamp to stop the blade while running at full speed and engaging the E-Clutch while in use. It was all very well protected, as this could be a pretty dangerous scenario if things went wrong, but it does a great job letting users feel how well the E-Clutch actually works. (more…)

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First Ever 4-Stoke Handheld Cut-Off Saw from Makita EK7651H

Makita Gas Saw

One of the biggest announcements from Makita at this year’s World of Concrete show was their new 4 Stroke gas 14” cut-off saw EK7651H ($1199, Ohio Power Tool), slated to launch this summer. This is pretty big news as it is the first production model 4 stroke from anyone, including Stihl or Husqvarna. The obvious advantage moving away from the 2 stroke is no oil to mix or separate gas cans to keep track of. The 4 stroke engines also use less gas, run quieter, produce less fume exhaust and overall cleaner running equipment. You don’t have to be a psychic to see the EPA writing on the walls, as regulations get tighter and tighter it is not hard to imagine that soon none of the 2 stroke engines will be able to meet requirements. (more…)

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Bosch Partners with Ram Trucks to Support Farmers & Skilled Tradesmen

Bosch & Ram Truck

You might remember the “God Made a Farmer” Ram Truck Commercial from the super bowl last week. Personally, it was one of the best messages we’ve seen in a commercial in recent memory. So only a few days later at the World of Concrete, when we heard the announcement Bosch Tools would Partner with Ram Truck in several efforts including the 2013: The Year of the Farmer (which will raise $1 million for the FFA), we thought it was a very smart alliance.


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RockStar Girls Favorite New Tool at WOC13 – Makita 36V Hammer Drill HRH01ZX2

Rock Star Girls

One thing that never seems to fail at the World of Concrete or any show Makita is presenting are the very attractive ladies they bring to inform the public of their latest and greatest products. We already had a chance to see and actually test out the Makita SDS-Plus HRH01ZX2 ($359, Amazon) at the STAFDA show a few months before. Our interest was, however, reinvigorated when the nice girls from Rock Star Energy Drink give us a full tutorial on how Makita was able to get the 36V power from 2 of the extremely popular 18V LXT batteries. (more…)

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World of Concrete ’13 Means Bosch World of Concrete Sale

world of concrete sale bosch

For the past 39 years the World of Concrete show has been the place to go for professionals  as well as tool distributors and OEMs searching to increase their visibility and learn about innovations in the concrete and masonry field. This year’s World of Concrete exhibition from February 4-8 in Las Vegas will certainly be no exception. Over 1,300 exhibiting companies and 50,000 registered professionals will be present in more than 500,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibition space. The World of Concrete offers training and safety seminars where professionals can get certified or learn about new tools and methods. They even have races and competitions for people to show off their concrete skills. Of course, power tool manufacturers will be there to show off and demo  their new goods as well. You can check out a video highlighting all the reasons why you should attend the world of concrete below. (more…)

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Did you Miss World of Concrete 2012? Here is the Video Recap

Nice recap from Makita on all their new tools and ample opportunity to show their support of the RockStar Girls! See you next year at WOC 2013. 


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Ultimate Drilling Machine Core Bore Diamond Products Core Drill

For when you absolutely positively need the best possible option for coring concrete and don’t mind paying for it. This thing is self propelled, self contained (with water), self feeding, hydraulically controlled with an onboard tachometer and can core anything between ½” to 24” at the flick of a switch. Overkill for 99% of core drill users probably but we love to see it in action making the job of precisely drilling a dozen 24” holes look as easy as playing a game of Frogger. Diamond Products Core Drills are some of the best on the market and the “Ultimate Drilling Machine” 4250025 ($43K, Ohio Power Tool) is certainly the show piece that lives up to its name. See it in action in this video from the 2012 World of Concrete.

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Bosch Unveils New Tools & Accessories – World of Concrete 2012

Well known around the world for their high quality rotary hammers, Bosch is serious when it comes to all their concrete tool and accessories. The 2012 show is not exception with full outdoor hands on set up which allows spectators to go through the full process or concrete manipulation from form to finish. Stations include using tools to find rebar, cut, grind, break up and anchor in concrete.


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World of Concrete 2012 Las Vegas, NV – January 24–27

The World of Concrete show is one of the largest annual trade shows that hits Las Vegas each year and it is quite a site to see. Home to some very special events including the SpecMix Brickyard 500 brick laying championships, heavy equipment racing, as well as some amazing talent in the decorative concrete competitions (see WOC 2010 album). We are hoping to keep up with some innovative new products that are getting launched at this year’s event over the next week. Check back soon! Also check out twitter @WorldofConcrete #WOC2012 #WorldConcrete #WorldofConcrete … apparently 60,000 people can’t agree on a hash tag.

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Diamond Products 14” SLR Fast-Cut Saw 03853 with Free Blade

The new Diamond Products Cut Core 14” SLR Cut-Off saw 03853 is completely redesigned from the ground up. Tested to complete and out perform against the most common models of Husqvarna/Partner K760 and Stihl TS420 Cut-Off saws. The new Diamond Products SLR saw has a lot to prove if it plans of converting any of their faithful users. Launching officially at next week’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas thousands of professionals will have their opportunity to test it out and see for themselves.


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