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Selecting the Right Concrete Core Drill & Diamond Core Bits

I apologize in advance for the dry material but we get lots of questions about concrete core drilling and hopefully we can clear it up a few of the basics in this post. There are lots of options when it comes to coring drills & rigs in terms of price, quality, size, power source, etc. Each type of drill has its place and it’s not always easy to select the right one and not make the decision totally based on which is cheapest. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of different types of core drills to cover the majority of needs out there which we’ll look at but obvious there are dozens of other brands out there that could be matched up.


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Bosch Power Box & Other New Products for 2010

At the World of Concrete this year Bosch had several impressive displays inside, outside and even sponsored the tools competition. It was also a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at many of the new tools which will be coming out in the next few months. Some new things in cordless, lasers, detectors, new Power Boxes, innovative accessories and much more. Here are just a few of the highlights; as we get more info and get closer to the launch dates we will circle back and do full posts on each of these.

Litheon 18V Cordless – SDS & Grinder

There were 2 very interesting products I had the opportunity to try out for the Bosch 18v Litheon line. First was the cordless grinder which was set up along with the Makita, DeWalt & Milwaukee cordless grinders. All had cutting wheels and we were cutting a standard size metal pipe. The Bosch held up amazingly well compared to some of the competition, the Bosch was clearly more powerful and with their battery protection system I was assured would far outlast in heavy use. Bosch also had a SDS-Plus 18v cordless drill on hand to demo. I’m not sure how the power/battery compares to 36v 11536-2 ($522, Ohio Power Tool) but it felt very solid and would be ideal for setting tap cons or more heavy duty applications.


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World of Concrete 2009 Review – Las Vegas

This year surrounding the world of concrete there was lots of talk about how the show size shrunk and how the economy is affecting the construction industry. This Las Vegas Review Journal article looks at those aspects of the show and managed to sneak in some key buzzwords like Obama, stimulus packages and unemployment. Not the most positive spin I’ve ever read.

In the area of power tools, new laws and regulations are requiring silica dust to be handled in specific ways; lawsuits have already popped up on the subject and are an area of concern for many people. Bosch has been one of the companies leading the way in creating new tools and accessories to combat the silica dust problem. Bosch has a new Dust Collecting ¾” Rotary Hammer 11250VSRD ($299) available now that is light weight and features a micro filter system that dramatically reduces any type of dust in the air. Bosch also has introduced a line of dust extraction grinder covers that work with almost all grinders from 4.5” to 9” and cover the work area and suck all the dust and debris out into the Bosch Airsweep vacuum or other wet/dry vacuums.


The World of Concrete website has a full list of all the 2009 MIP (Most Innovative Products) which you can see on the MIP page. You can’t find this page from their regular web page because WOC waisted no time and is now already planning from 2010.      

New technologies and techniques are making so much more possible with concrete. Checkout this short video I found on Youtube which highlights some of the different new processes.


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