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Reversible, Variable Speed Magnetic Drill CS Unitec ECO.32T


When drilling through thick steel a magnetic drill is an essential tool. The most common versions typically come in a single speed or two speed versions to provide a little control to properly estimate the best RPM of the Annular Cutter in use. While the correct RPM actually varies by each 1/16” (SFM x .262 x diameter = RPM) for most general applications single or two speed is good enough. The CS Unitec machines have been in the US for over a decade and are manufactured in Germany thanks to a partnership with BDS, one of the largest global mag drill manufacturers.

The CS Unitec ECO.32T ($1425, Ohio Power Tool) machine is one of the only compact machines on the market that has the capability of variable speed and reversing. These features are not only nice for accurate drilling but absolutely essential when it comes to tapping. These units are also nice for using with a chuck (can either mount directly to the motor or use a Weldon shank adaptor) because of the near 6” stroke.


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