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Message to Youth – You Need A Skill

Yesterday our good friend and Skilled Carpenter Rob Robillard from Tool Box Buzz posted this video “Thinking About Learning A Skilled Trade?” which is directed at high school aged kids. College is a fine path for many people but if you’re not sure what you want to do there are a ton of opportunities to make great money in the skilled trades. When taken seriously young apprentices can easily outpace their friends in earning even well after they graduate.

For the parents of these kids here’s another great bit of advice from Mike Rowe, “Stop Lying to your Kids” most parents really push college on their kids but in a lot of cases this is just bad advice. A communications degree with no experience and $80k of debt at 23 years old is not a sure ticket to financial freedom, quite the opposite.

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National Lineman Appreciation Day 4/18/17 #ThankALineman

Thank A Lineman

National Lineman Appreciation Day (April 18th) is a time to express our utmost appreciation to the great men and women that work so hard for us every day. It’s our honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of Electrical Lineworkers. #thankalineman

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Pre-Orders and Release Dates for M18 9.0 Batteries!


The Milwaukee 9.0 batteries have been a hot topic of discussion among fans of their M18 lineup this summer, and it’s safe to say that they have an official release date.

The Milwaukee 9.0 Ah batteries (48-11-1890) with 162 Wh are scheduled to ship on September 1st and will be available for $199 alone or $$249 as a starter pack (48-59-1890) that includes the new Rapid Charger. These are probably the most highly sought after batteries in this release. The $199 price point is a little steep, but I expect them to be available as kits with some of their newer, higher powered tools (like the miter saw) which would make it much easier to add the high demand batteries to your arsenal. With double the gas tank the charge time is of course also greater which is why you’ll want to get that rapid charger for a 95 minute charge time, 180 minutes on a standard M18 charger.  (more…)

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Heated Gear Savings During Christmas in July


For a limited time, Ohio Power Tool is selling Milwaukee Heated Gear at deeply discounted prices.

While supplies last, Ohio Power Tool is offering $60 off in-stock Milwaukee Heated Hoodies, $80 off in-stock Milwaukee Heated Jackets, and $120 off in-stock Milwaukee Heated 3-in-1 Jackets. Because it is Christmas in July, Ohio Power Tool is also offering free shipping on the orders, as a special gift to you. This is the Season 6 version, so none of the updates that were discussed in the earlier blog post are present on these jackets. Why wait until September for the Season 7 stuff when you can get Season 6 for a steal now! Check out all the different jackets that have a discount here, and be sure to check back in the fall for the Season 7 gear here.

Most Stock Currently in these SKUs and Sizes:
2369 Grey Hoodie Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – L, XL, 2X, 3X
2381 Black Hoodie Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – XL, 2X, 3X
2171 RipStop 3-N-1 Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – 2X
2395 Black Jacket Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – S, 2X, 3X
2385 Camo Hoodie Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – L
2393 Camo Jacket Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – XL

Limited Stock Remaining in these SKUs and Sizes:
2392 Camo Jacket Only – L, XL, 2X, 3X
2382 Camo Hoodie Only – XL
2390 Red Jacket Only – XL, 2X, 3X
2399 Women’s Black Jacket Kit with M12 Battery & Charger – S, M
2387 Camo 3-N-1 Kit with M12 Battery & Chager – S, M

Other SKUs and Sizes still available in very low quantities Call Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 to confirm availability. Should go without saying but if you purchase a size that says SOLD OUT the item will not ship… 

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2016 Builders Exchange Craftsmanship Awards

BX Craftsmanship Awards 2016

Each year the Builders Exchange member nominate candidates for the Craftsmanship Awards based on the several criteria including: Nominees who are being considered for an individual award must be the craftsman who actually performed with his or her “hands on,” the particular piece of work nominated. Nominees who are being considered for a crew award must be for the craftspeople who actually performed the particular piece of work nominated, including the direct supervision of such work. A crew cannot exceed 5 individuals. Nominations must be for work in commercial, institutional or industrial projects within the past year. Nominations for residential work will not be accepted for judging.

Ohio Power Tool is very proud to be able to Co-Sponsor this annual award with Ice Miller because it is extremely important to recognize the highly skilled individuals and crews who work on our commercial projects! The winners will the announced in July and 2016 Craftsmanship Awards will be presented at the BX Annual Meeting.

And the 2016 nominees are… (more…)

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The M12 Rover Compact Floodlight Is Made to Move

m12 flood light

The Milwaukee M12 LED Rover Floodlight is as powerful as a 250W halogen while being safer and more portable.

THe M12 floodlight is a great light for on-the-go use, perfect for replacing 250w halogen for the trades that go from jobsite to jobsite throughout the day like service MEP users and remodelers. The M12 Floodlight’s compact size paired with it’s variety of integrated hanging features allow the user to stick, clamp, hang, or carry it in multiple orientations. (more…)

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The Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Is Also a Charger

rocket light

The new Milwaukee M18 Tower Light has integrated AC Power and charges batteries.

The older Milwaukee M18 Stand light was a reasonable success, largely due to its runtime, brightness, and the fact that it collapsed down into an easily transportable package quickly and without tools. In September of 2016, Milwaukee will be launching their update to this product with a couple of key feature changes. (more…)

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The M18 Radius Site Light Wants to Show You the Way


The Radius light from Milwaukee is engineered to provide an area lighting solution that replaces its halogen and fluorescent predecessors.

The M18 radius light  can be used as a cordless light or using Milwaukee’s M18 batteries, features a maximum output of 4,400 Lumens and a maximum runtime of 10 hours (with 9.0 high output batteries). The AC on the light is pass through, so at the worst you don’t totally occupy a cord you may want to use for something else (providing that other thing has low amp draw, like a radio or charger) and at best you are able to string multiple lighting solutions together.  Up to 12 lights can be strung together. However, the light is not a charger, and no power comes from the AC outlet when the light is running off of its battery.  (more…)

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Milwaukee Has Made the Most Powerful Single LED Rechargeable Flashlight

M12™ LED<br /><br /><br /> Metal Flashlight Kit

Milwaukee Tool has created the brightest single LED flashlight on the market and powered it with their versatile M12 system.

The Milwaukee 2355-20 LED Metal Flashlight should be a great addition to the tool kits for automotive, mechanical, MRO and utility worker, and particularly those who already use M12 or M18 tools. The new M12 Metal Flashlight has an innovative one-handed mechanism to adjust from floodlight to beam lighting, and a 6000 series aluminum housing to stand up to punishing drops. Boasting 5 hours of runtime on its high output (800 lumens) setting and 7 hours at low output (325 lumens) this tool, which ships at the end of June 2016, exceeds the light output of nearly every competitive flashlight on the market.  (more…)

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May Deals at Ohio Power Tool


Summer is almost in full swing, and while construction is picking up all over the country lots of tool manufacturers have deals that you can take advantage of to get the tools you need to get your job done. There are more than a dozen currently running promotions at Ohio Power Tool, and whether you are looking for an upgrade, a new tool, or something for a father’s day present, there’s probably a deal that will help you get what you are looking for a little cheaper. (more…)

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