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The JawHorse 9003 in The CopTool Shop


The Rockwell JawHorse 9000 is a portable, all-steel workstation that we’ve been using for years in our shop and studio. It’s light, quick to setup and has done a solid job of holding the material we cut, drill, and generally disassemble with the help of various power tools.
The upgraded JawHorse 9003 was released nearly 4 years ago, but our reliable 9000 never left us wanting more, so we stuck with what we had.

The 9003 still has a respectable 600 lb max load, a cabinet clamping 37″ range, and 2,200 lbs of clamping force. All of this capability is still presented in the easy to use format we’re familiar with. Just as before, if you need a second hand with you on the job, you just can’t beat a Rockwell JawHorse.

If you’ve got a 9000 in your shop already, we can’t recommend you upgrade, but we could however see the benefit of having two! So you might want to grab one anyways.

The Rockwell JawHorse 9003 is available everywhere, for $149.

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Milwaukee Cordless M12 Drain Snake 2571-21


Milwaukee has been dipping their toes into the cordless plumbing tool market for a little bit now, with their pex tools, press tools, and a few others such as their recently announced copper tube cutting hand tools. The professional plumber can now look forward to another contribution from Team Red, because Milwaukee has announced a cordless drain snake ($249, kit) that runs on their M12 platform.


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Paint Spinning Off a Drill Bit in Slow Mo

We’re always happy to help you waste a few minutes, here’s paint spinning on a drill bit. Million views day 1…. We hate to think what the “Slow Mo Guys” will make for an afternoon of paint splatter.

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New Butterfly Impact Wrenches from CP

cp7711 butterfly impact

The demand for lightweight and maneuverable air tools has driving Chicago Pneumatic to come to the market with ultra-compact butterfly impact wrenches. The ¼” CP7711 and the 3/8” CP7721 both weight less than 1.5 lbs, offer 80 ft. lbs. of torque, and are less than 6” long.  These smaller and lighter tools were recently unveiled at the SEMA show, and would likely find a home with any technician who has to perform delicate transmission, engine, or body work. (more…)

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$165 Makita 4-Stroke Blower and Other Makita Year-End Deals

makita 4 stroke handheld blower

Makita made some waves in the gas power equipment market recently with the release of their MM4 line, the first (and as far as I know, only) line of gas powered handheld equipment with 4-stroke engines. These new engines add a great deal of usability and convenience over the more traditional 2-stroke tools without sacrificing power. But this is kind of old news. (more…)

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Bosch Saw Deals November: Drop Price, Free Blade & Shipping

Bosch Free Blades

Bosch Power Tools are getting ready for the holiday shopping season with a couple of great deals on their benchtop saws, dropping prices for their most popular Glide Saws for all of November. Ohio Power Tool is sweetening the deal by not only give FREE SHIPPING on all Bosch Tool orders over $99 but is throwing in an extra high precision blade with the Bosch Glide Saws and Table Saws. (more…)

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Brushless Grinder Challenge 2015 – Milwaukee, Makita & Metabo

Metabo vs Makita vs Milwaukee 18v Grinders

Over the past several years we have seen some great leaps forward in cordless grinders. Until recently many would not even call them “cordless grinders” only “cordless cut-off” tools because they would stall almost instantly if you actually tried to grind with them. Thanks to the advances in brushless motors and new higher amperage 4Ah, 5Ah, 6Ah+ batteries we are now seeing cordless grinders start to outperform many corded models. If this trend continues and prices continue to come down we could see a big shift towards cordless grinders. For this comparison we are looking at the cordless brushless 18V grinders from Milwaukee, Makita and Metabo.

The goal of this test is to basically look at these 3 top grinders and compare how they perform in heavy applications, speed as well as battery life. Grinders are much tougher tools to compare side by side with stats because there are no torque ratings only RPMs which means very little without a solid motor behind it. Of course we will also look at costs, aerodynamic, safety features and other aspects of each tool.  (more…)

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Built in the USA – The 2015 DeWalt Experience

dewalt built in usa

The biggest star at the 2015 DeWalt Tools media event wasn’t Matt Kenseth and the rest of the number 20 NASCAR crew, the cordless welder, the brushless impact, or any of the other tools.


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CP Concrete Trowels Coming Soon, Honda Engines STG245, STG365, STG465

CP Honda Concrete Trowel

When it comes to concrete demo and construction Chicago Pneumatic has been a leader in the industry for many years. To further expand their offering coming Spring 2015 CP is launching 3 new concrete trowels the STG245, STG365 and STG465. These new trowels will feature Honda engines, compatible trowel blades and new safety features to protect workers on the jobsite. You’ve probably seen the “Concrete Buffer Gone Wild” video below, as 7 million + others have already. This demonstrates a very real safety risk, although attempting to be comical in this video (luckily nobody was injured) it represents a problem which the new CP trowels have fixed.


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Bluetooth Cordless Speakers Coming to Milwaukee M12 Line


The next innovation in the Milwaukee 12 volt cordless tool lineup is a Bluetooth ready wireless jobsite speaker. Powered by the Milwaukee M12 batteries, these speakers feature Bluetooth capability up to 30 ft., a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a rugged construction with a metal speaker grate for durability. Also included is a USB port capable of charging your smartphone. The Milwaukee 2592-20 M12 Wireless Speaker is debuting at under $70 from a lot of retailers, including Ohio Power Tool. This particular speaker will not be available until early January, so it is probably not a good Christmas gift, but you can always get one on pre-order for someone that already has a lot of M12 tools. (more…)

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