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Freud Diablo Thick Metal Carbide Tooth Recip Blades

Diablo Thick Metal Carbide

At the recent STAFDA trade show we got to see several of the new blade in person and had the opportunity to make a couple cuts with each. While we would not consider this a full blow product test it does give you a fair idea of what to expect. These new Freud Diablo recip blade are designed specifically to cut thick metals such as high-strength alloys, cast iron, and/or stainless steel from 3/16” to ½” thick. We’ve used many bi-metal, carbide and diamond grit blades in the past to varying success but until now there really has not been anything that we would really consider a good replacement to traditional pipe cutting tools. We still are not convinced in a production situation plumbers are going to replace their larger electric or hydraulic pipe cutting tools with these blades but for small jobs or the occasional cut in various materials an $11 blade is a pretty inexpensive solution or at the very minimum a cheap insurance policy. (more…)

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Coptool Is Giving Away a Bosch Brushless Rotary Hammer

rhh181 core brushless rotary hammer

We just wrapped up our Skil Worm Drive saw contest and are sparing no time in announcing our next giveaway! Now up for grabs is a Bosch CORE brushless rotary hammer drill kit with batteries and charger included. The Bosch RHH181-01 is available for purchase from Ohio Power Tool, but you can enter to win one from us on our Facebook page. Contest ends July 1st, so be sure to enter now.

The pros at Ohio Power Tool love to help people that need to put holes in concrete. If you need a rotary hammer, carbide bits, or even diamond core drills, get in touch with Ohio Power Tool at (800) 242-4424.

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Milwaukee Fastback Family of Pocket Knives

Fastback Pocket Knife

We had an opportunity to see all the new Milwaukee Fastback Knives at the media event earlier this summer which was really a delightful surprise to us. These knives will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks and we were lucky enough to have received an early sample of the Fastback Smooth Blade 48-22-1990 ($17, Ohio Power Tool) pocket knife for testing. We have used as our daily carry for the last several weeks and overall we continue to be delightfully surprised. (more…)

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Greenlee says goodbye to UT2, Hello to G3 Tugger

greenlee puller g3

The Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger cable puller is riding off into the sunset, and will be discontinued within a year. It is set to be replaced by the new G3 Tugger, which will boast 20% faster cable pulls and a 25% stronger continuous pulling load. The G3 will be able to pull at 1200 lbs. continuously and 2000 lbs. intermittently, making it a versatile puller for a variety of cable pulling applications. (more…)

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Irwin’s New FK Series Folding Utility Knives with BladeLock Technology

Irwin Utility Knives

We’ve done several utility knife comparison posts including: 1) Utility Knife Showdown 2) Utility Knife Showdown 2 – Irwin Strikes Back 3) Return of the Utility Knife – The Final Showdown but of course the trilogy didn’t die there as we also had the launch of the Milwaukee Fastback 2 and now the new FK Irwin Series. Time to accept the utility knife will continue to evolve and we will do our best to keep up to date. (more…)

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Carbide-Tipped Oscillating Tool Blade From Bosch – OSC114C


It may be fair to say that we have been sufficiently spoiled by carbide. The proliferation of carbide-tipped blades, rasps and bits has made the useful application of anything that is not carbide-tipped seem ho-hum and ineffectual by comparison (unless you start getting into the serious diamond embedded stuff, but that is another story for another day). Due to the rising popularity of both carbide-tipped tools and oscillating multi-tools it comes as no surprise that these would meet in the middle and we would start to get more and more carbide-tipped oscillating tool accessories. (more…)

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project Review

annie sloan chalk paint

With so many people focused on thriftiness and creativity it comes as no surprise to me that a lot of people are re-purposing and refinishing old furniture rather than going out and buying something new. Whether you have inherited an aged hand-me-down, are a weekend garage sale warrior, or have a reliable piece of furniture that you think needs a change, the thought of simply sanding and/or priming an old piece of furniture and applying a new finish is often a more attractive option than shelling out $100 or more for something brand new. (more…)

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CopTool’s Official Apocalypse Survival Kit


With the Mayan apocalypse rapidly approaching, a lot of people are finding themselves woefully under-prepared. For those of you that still have a little shoring up to do for your emergency kit, bug-out-bag, or whatever you happen to call it, I have gone through the trouble of identifying a few tools that can help you keep on keeping on after the end of days. (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 Six Pack Charger 48-59-1806


Milwaukee has recently announced their plans to release a six-bay sequential M18 charger, lining up well with the recent release of their higher amp hour M18 batteries. The Milwaukee M18 Six Pack Charger is the first multi-bay charger for the M18 batteries, and arguably the first multi-bay charger for the M series of batteries, unless you count the M12/M18 multi voltage charger. (more…)

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Ridgid Pinup Calendar 2013-2014 Hot Off Press

2013 Ridgid Calendars

Every other year, just before the end of the year, the nice folks at Ridgid Tool Company produce a high quality calendar which will hang in garages, workshops and all over for the coming two years. The 2013-2014 Ridgid Calendars are now in-stock at Ohio Power Tool and can actually be had for free with any Ridgid Tool purchased from the company (you just need to ask for it). If you don’t have any need for tools at this time they are also selling them for $14.99 with free shipping. (more…)

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