DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless 3-Speed Drills DCD991 & DCD996

Dewalt 2nd generation

Each of the last 2 years we have compared the Best Pro Cordless Hammer Drills, in the most recent 2015 review the DEWALT units had fallen short of to the newer Makita and Milwaukee which both were boasting well over 1000 in-lbs. These new DEWALT units look like they will get close or beat those number as their UWO (Unit Watt Out) rating jumps from 650 UWO to 820 UWO, DEWALT is still not reporting in in-lbs. Of course this means we will need to do a 2016 head to head comparison of Hammer Drills with the new DEWALT hammer drill DCD996. Will they become the champions, Stay Tuned? Increased power is just part of the story on these new drills, below is the full DEWALT press release.    

20V Max Dewalt

TOWSON, MD – DEWALT’s 20V MAX* XR® system is engineered to perform Faster.Stronger.Better.™ than products in the 18V line. DEWALT continues to deliver improvements over previous 18V models in technology, power, and speed with its new 20V MAX* XR® Premium 3-Speed Drill/Driver (DCD991) and 20V MAX* XR® Premium 3-Speed Hammer drill (DCD996).

The 20V MAX* XR® Drill/Driver (DCD991) and Hammer drill (DCD996), each feature a powerful brushless motor that supplies 820 Units Watts Out (UWO) for a faster application speed. DEWALT’s proprietary 3-speed transmission delivers maximum power and speed for the tough applications, including 2-9/16” self-feed bits. At just 8.4 inches long and 4.7 pounds, DEWALT’s Premium 3-Speed Hammer drill (DCD996) features up to 2.8X faster application speed at 0-38,250 BPM and 2,250 RPM, is up to 82% more powerful, and provides up to 2.8X more runtime**.

An ultra-bright 60-Lumen LED light at the base of each unit has three settings, including a spotlight mode with 20-minute delay optimal for dimly lit areas on jobsites. Featuring durable nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks and comfortable handle grips, these tools are GUARANTEED TOUGH® for durability on the jobsite and include coated and sealed switches that help to resist moisture and dust contamination. In addition, the DCD991 and DCD996 are made in the USA with global materials.

DEWALT’s new Faster.Stronger.Better.™ 20V MAX* XR® Premium 3-Speed Drill/Driver (DCD991) and Hammer drill (DCD996) add to the brand’s already extensive 20V MAX* system, which currently includes over 70 brushed and brushless tools. For those not already invested in the 20V MAX* system, DEWALT’s 20V MAX* Battery Adapter (DCA1820***) works with most DEWALT 18V tools and is a solution for professionals who want to use their existing DEWALT 18V tools with the latest 20V MAX* battery technology and are interested in beginning to invest in DEWALT’s 20V MAX* battery platform. Available in April 2016 where DEWALT products are sold, the DCD991 and DCD996 each come standard with a 3 year limited warranty, 90 day money back guarantee, and 1 year free service contract.

SKU Description MSRP

DCD991B 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion 1/2″ Premium 3-Speed Drill/ Driver (Tool Only)        $139.00
DCD991P2 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion 1/2″ Premium 3-Speed Drill/Driver Kit (5.0AH)       $279.00
DCD996B 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion 1/2″ Premium 3-Speed Hammerdrill (Tool Only)      $149.00
DCD996P2 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion 1/2″ Premium 3-Speed Hammerdrill Kit (5.0AH)    $299.00
DCD996P2V 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion 1/2″ Premium 3-Speed Hammerdrill Kit w/ Vehicle Charger (5.0AH)                $319.00
DCK299M2 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion Hammerdrill / Impact Driver Combo Kit (4.0AH)   $379.00
DCK299P2 20V MAX* XR® Lithium Ion Hammerdrill / Impact Driver Combo Kit (5.0AH)     $399.00



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  1. Matt says:

    Is the hammer option the only difference between the two??

  2. Jay Amstutz says:

    Yes the motor looks to be the same as well as other features. Just adds a hammer drill option.

    • Hamilton says:

      Hammer means ideal for drilling in concrete, yes?
      What if my intention is only driving screw for gypsum works and carpentry works , shall I just need 991?

  3. With hammer option AND 20 V cordless drill, I am sure it is going to be an amazing addition to the tool closet.

  4. Andy says:

    Also adds 3 speed torque instead of 2.

  5. Now this is a tool I would like to own.

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