DeWalt Launches New Compact Router – Fixed & Plunge Base


Announced yesterday from the Yellow team is a new 1.25HP Compact Router available as a fixed base unit DWP611 ($139, Amazon) or a combo kit which can be used with fixed or plunge base DW611PK ($199, Amazon). The router is a variable speed unit and designed to do the work of both a palm router and many jobs of a full sized router. We have not seen one of these units in person so we are not sure how it would compare in size to the 1HP Bosch Colt Palm Sander PR20EVSK ($121, Ohio Power Tool) but our guess it would be very similar. It looks as though the new DeWalt is going to compete directly with the Bosch Colt which has been one of the most popular palm routers for years.

The DeWalt Compact Router also has some nice improvements such as clear base and LED lights which will make it much easier to see your work. We first saw these features on another Bosch router, the MRF23EVS but delays have kept the much anticipated 2.3HP Bosch router from being launched. Looks like this DeWalt router could beat it to market when it launches in October 2010. Checkout the full DeWalt Press Release below for more info. 

TOWSON, Md.  – Today, DeWalt announces the launch of its new Compact Router, which combines power, ease-of-use, ergonomic features and innovations designed for visibility, control and overall performance. The Compact Router, which is available as a fixed base unit (DWP611) and a fixed/plunge base combination kit (DW611PK), merges the ergonomic features associated with trimmers and the power of full-size routers to deliver the performance and versatility building professionals require.

“DeWalt’s new Compact Router offers woodworkers a number of features for operator control and ease-of-use when handling a variety of applications, from small bevel cuts to large edge profiles and heavy flush trimming,” said Bill Harman, product manager, DeWalt. “We are committed to delivering solutions that give professionals absolute confidence in our products and exceed their expectations.”

The new router features a 1-1/4 peak HP motor that delivers significantly more power than competitors’ models to help users be as productive as possible. Additionally, the router includes several features designed to improve operator control compared to what they experience with other routers on the market today.

For instance, variable speed control allows professionals to better manage the tool and determine the speed that is best suited for the application at hand. A low, contoured grip that is close to the work surface also contributes to the level of control users experience compared to other products on the market. This leads to precision and productivity on the jobsite.

Knowing that its end users requested improved visibility and accuracy over existing units, DeWalt’s new Compact Router features dual LEDs to provide ample illumination of the work surface and an extended ¼-inch router collet. The router collet provides greater bit contact with the bit shaft than traditional routers, allowing users a firm grip on the bit and less vibration. For the durability professionals demand, the new Compact Router also incorporates an all-metal motor can.

The fixed-base unit includes an adjustable ring that enables intuitive depth setting, and a flared base arch provides a point of reference for the user’s hand. The D-shaped sub-base provides stability and flatness when running edge profiles, allowing for precision.

The spindle lock has been designed to greatly improve the ease of bit change compared to other routers on the market by incorporating a large button that can be actuated with the same hand that stabilizes the router, and the 12 motor shaft detents work so the lock pin and shaft are not more than 15 degrees from alignment. The router incorporates an electronic speed control feature that maintains speed when under load and offers a soft start feature to reduce torque at start-up. The new model features two tabs that allow for a quick and simple base release, and a new base/adjustable clamp design so the motor location is maintained through the toughest applications.

The plunge base that comes as part of the combination kit features a clear and precise depth scale and marker, a release-to-lock lever to maintain the designated depth setting and rubber handles for a non-slip grip.

The plunge mechanism delivers excellent user control via its smooth and light depth stroke, and the five-step adjustable turret stop enables stepped plunge cuts for accuracy and consistency.

At just over four pounds, the fixed base unit offers sufficient power to perform most small to medium routing applications while the plunge base (six pounds with motor included) provides a simple and accurate way to make interior cuts, such as flutes, inlays and mortises.

The Compact Router will be available at home centers and industrial distributors starting in October 2010. The fixed base unit (DWP611) is expected to retail for approximately $139.00, and the fixed/plunge base combination kit (DW611PK) is expected to retail for approximately $199.00.

The product comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, there are a number of accessories that are compatible with the product, including a dust adaptor for the fixed base (DNP615), a dust extractor for the plunge base (DNP616), a straight edge guide for the fixed base (DNP618), a straight edge and circle cutting guide for the plunge base (DW6913) and template guides (DW6188)  



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    I want to buy the DW611PK.
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