Dremel & Lowe’s Team Up with Scouts for Pinewood Derby Days

One of our fondest memories from boy scouts was building pinewood derby cars. Perhaps it was huge trophy we won each year or because it was the only time I was actually allowed to play with dad’s tools without getting into big trouble. Either way we are happy to see Dremel and Lowe’s supporting the tradition.

Clinics will be held on select Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at all Lowe’s locations including Jan. 15, Jan. 29, Feb. 5, Feb. 19 and March 5. Parents and children alike are invited to learn from local experts the best tools to use when building their race cars and best design techniques. Dremel has designed a website for the most avid of race fans called www.dremelderby.com. Check out the video below, they even got Jimmie Johnson involved.





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