Dremel Multi-Max Accessory Breakdown

The Dremel Multi-Max 6300-01 (avoid the Big Box 6300-02L) has been a huge seller over the past few month and it will continue through the holidays and beyond. This tool is very handy, has a great price and has been very popular with the tool press along with the other new oscillating tools.

While the oscillating tools have many possibilities obviously you need the right accessories to take full advantage of all that potential. Below is a quick reference for all the Dremel Multi-Max Accessories currently available, hopefully this will help you get the most of your new tool.

MM450 – 3” Wood & Drywall Saw Blade – $8.75
The round saw blade is really great for precise cuts in drywall, plaster and plywood. The MM450 is ideal for cutting openings in walls or floors for venting, repairing damaged floors or installing electrical boxes. Depth of cut is ¾”. One of the most popular blades so far this is included in the 6300-01 kit but not the 6300-02L sold at your local big box store.

MM440 – ¾” Wood Flush Cut Blade – $10.94
This blade is ideal for soft materials such as wood, drywall and plastic. Typical applications for this blade would be cutting doorjams, windowsill or trim work while installing flooring. Depth of cut is 1-1/4” giving it a full ½” over the MM450 or MM422. This is included in the 6300-01 kit.

MM422 – ¾” Wood & Metal Flush Cut Blade – $12.63
Very similar to the MM440 however this blade is also rated to cut non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass or copper. The blade also does a great job of cutting wood, drywall, etc however the depth of cut is only ¾”.

MM411 – 3/8” Wood Flush Cut Blade – $10.10
This blade is identical to the MM440 with a smaller width. Still a good choice for cutting doorjams, windowsill or trim work while installing flooring, this blade is better for the more detailed cuts. Best as a secondary blade.

MM500 – 1/8” Grout Removal Blade – $30.65
Oscillating tools in general have made the task of grout removal so much easier than this has ever been in the past. This blade makes it very easy to cut out and replace a broken tile in minutes. Watch Grout Removal Video

MM501 – 1/16” Grout Removal Blade – $30.65
Identical to the MM501 blade except it has a thinner cutting surface. Ideal for smaller grout lines common with smaller tiles or wall applications.       

MM610 – Flexible Scraper Blade – $10.10
The flexible scraper blade is ideal for removal of softer material such as caulk, glue, paint, etc. The scraper has rounded corners and blades on both sides so it is good at getting into hard to reach spaces. This is included in the 6300-01 kit.     

MM600 – Rigid Scraper Blades – $10.94
Similar to the MM610 but this blade has an even larger scraping area and as the name would indicate is much more rigid. This blade is a great option for removing vinyl flooring, carpet or tile adhesives which can be particularly difficult to remove.

MM11 – Hook & Loop Pad – $8.75
This pad is included in the 6300-01 kit so you will probably not need a replacement for a little while unless you accidentally loose it of course. It is an important item because it’s required for all sanding and grinding.

MM70W – 60, 120 & 240 Grit Sanding Paper for Wood – $5.24
This sand paper is for direct contact of bare wood, nothing stained or painted. Each pack includes 3 different grit sanding paper to take your raw wood from rough to very fine. One of each of these pads is included in the 6300-01 kits.

MM70P – 80, 120 & 240 Grit Sanding Paper for Paint – $5.24
Each pack includes three levels of sanding paper. The 80 grit is ideal for removing paint. The 120 grit is for sanding primer, removing brush strokes and paint runs or drips. The 240 grit paper is best for final sanding of primers before coating.

MM900 – 60 Grit Diamond Paper for Grinding – $38.52
The Diamond Paper is for rough grinding, shaping and smoothing of masonry, stone, cement, plaster and thin-set mortar. This pad is also good for preparing surfaces for tile replacement and other installations.  

I have been in contact with the nice people at Dremel and it looks like this list will possibly double by the first quarter next year. We can’t wait to see more accessories come out for the Dremel Multi-Max and make this tool even more multi purpose.    




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  1. Are these the sale or normal prices?

  2. Trung says:

    ” MM450 – 3” Wood & Drywall Saw Blade – $8.75 ” .This is the best price I have found. I would prefer to buy them in larger lots at a still lower unit cost.
    Unfortunately, as with the other Multimax blades, the cost exceeds what is reasonable for the material, packaging, and shipping, but when one company has a monopoly you have few choices. I expected a longer life for the teeth, but there is no competitor (yet) making a superior product.

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