Jet Industrial Bench Grinders & Metal Dust Collection Stand

Jet Bench Grinding

For years Jet has offered several competitively priced, pretty good 6″, 8″ & 10″ bench grinders. JET now offers a solution for heavy duty applications with their new line of Industrial Bench Grinders. Built to work in demanding, high volume environments, these grinders are durable enough to tackle the toughest grinding applications all day long while delivering high quality results you’d expect from a JET shop tool. Paired with JET’s new Metal Dust Collection Stand, these grinders become the perfect solution for high volume shops.

JET’s new industrial grinders are offered in 8”, 10” and 12” (230V) wheel diameter models and only see a small difference in price compared to the smaller shop models of similar wheel size. While the industrial and shop models of comparable size offer generally the same stats as far as RPM, motor size and weight, the main advantage of the industrial models is seen in the durable construction, safety features, and offering of accessories.

Jet Industrial Grinders

The smallest industrial model, the 8” IBG-8 ($259.49) houses a 1 HP, 115V motor while the largest model, the 12” IBG-12 ($1199.49) boasts a 2 HP, 230V motor, with the 10” IBG-10 ($479.49) meeting them in the middle at 1.5 HP, 115V.

The Industrial series also come with a host of safety features.  Reinforced cast iron guards and adjustable safety shields are a given, but the 8” and 10” models also feature heavy duty ON/OFF switch with safety key to prevent accidental start-ups. While the larger 12” model lacks this feature, it does offer low voltage protection. All 3 models come with dust collection ports. Industrial models also may utilize an adjustable LED lamp (sold separately) that provides low heat lighting in dim environments.

Jet Grinder Stand

When it comes to stands, the industrial series offers a standard pedestal model and heavy duty deluxe model for enhanced stability (for models 10” and up). Both feature extra large water pots for cooling. And then we have what some may call the Super Deluxe model, the new JET Metal Dust Collection Stand.

The Metal Dust Collection stand is the first of its kind, and adds several safety and convenience features to heavy duty grinding, and its universal mount system makes is compatible with ANY bench grinder (not just JET models) along with most bench top belt and disc machines.

Metal Dust Stand

This high powered stand features a turbo fan design that is capable of up to 472 CFM of air, providing effective metal dust removal from grinder dust ports and creating cleaner and safer work environments.  The metal debris is drawn into a non-sparking housing that reduces the risk of fire during heavy use and then into a metal collection drawer that utilizes high temperature filters. It also features two outlets on the side for grinders and lamps, along with two additional removable water pots.

The JET Dust Collection Stand is available now but  not cheap at $999. It can also be bought as a kit with your choice of JET Industrial Grinder. For more on Jet Tools give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be more than happy to help you find the right tool for the job.



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  1. James says:

    Woah, they really slapped these with some hefty price tag! Although the features are nice, I don’t think my budget (or my wife) will ever allow me to buy this – shame. I guess I’d stick with my random orbit sander as my favorite for now.

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