Lincoln Lube & Mityvac Gift Card Promotion

If you are shopping for some new Lincoln Lube or Mityvac tools it’s that time of the year again for the gift card promotion. Mail-in this Rebate Form with any amount of the selected items and get up to $250 in gift cards. This year some of the gift card options have changed to include Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Target, Best Buy, Applebee’s & Starbuck’s. Also some of the products included in the promotion have changed, the new & very popular PowerLuber 1844 ($276, Ohio Power Tool) is included. The promotion runs until June 30th 2010 so there is still plenty of time to get your orders in.  




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    I purchased a mitivac product from my Snapon Dealer. He purchased through his G2S distributor. It was to come with a mail in rebate. We sent in all of the required paperwork to redeem my gift card and didn’t hear back regarding this. I have kept all my paperwork and request some sort of communication from someone who can help me out. I believe you had all documentation required to complete request. please reply at earliest possible convenience.

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