Makita 18V Black Sub-Compact Cordless CX200RB, the 12V Killers

Makita 18V Brushless CX200RB

Available Now in-stores and online! Makita Subcompact 18V brushless drill/driver and 18v brushless impact that are smaller but more powerful than most 12V tools. Makita lead the way in taking 36V tools and putting them on the Makita 18V platform with the 18Vx2 (using 2 18V batteries). These new subcompact tools much the same way now gives you the ability to have all your tools on a single 18V platform.


That and they just look awesome blacked out, favorite nick names around here “Murder Edition” and “Vader Edition” neither Makita would probably put on the box but we have not heard any official trade names for the blacked out tools CX200RB ($229) other than 18V Subcompacts.

Makita XFD11ZB

Makita 18V Subcompact Black ½” Drill/Driver XFD11ZB ($119)

Max torque on the XFD11ZB drill is 350 in/lbs which is similar to other new brushless 12V tools aimed for balancing good power with a very compact design. At only 6-3/8” long this 18V unit is smaller than their own 12V drill. Brushless motor means great run time and this tool is built for pros. It’s the lightest 18V drill we’ve used and a great value.

Makita XDT15ZB

Makita 18V Subcompact Black ¼” Impact Driver XDT15ZB ($119)

Max torque on the brushless subcompact impact XDT15ZB is 1240 in/lbs which again is respectable and going to get the job done but certainly the focus here is on size and power-to-weight ratios which are some of the best we’ve seen. The Assist Mode is a new feature designed to eliminate screw cam-out and cross thread by driving at lower speeds until impact begins. At 5-5/16” also more compact than their own 12V impact but on the 18V platform.

Makita black cordless cx200rb

Makita 18V Subcompact Black Combo Kit CX200RB ($229)            

The CX200RB includes both the blacked out brushless 18V subcompact tools 1/2″ drill/driver XFD11ZB & impact XDT15ZB, as well as 2x of the BL1820B batteries (2.0Ah with fuel gauge), 18V charger and bag. Of course these tools will work with the larger batteries as well but using the compact batteries really makes these tools feel amazingly compact.

These tools are built for professionals looking for lightweight compact tools but that can perform with solid power. Until recently it has seemed like the focus for pros was always more power but not all pros actually need 1000 in/lbs in a drill and often that much power can cause more problems than it solves. Solid performance but super lightweight compact designs definitely has a place with many pros.

Our Friends at Tool Pig on Instagram posted these shot compared to M12 FUEL drill and M12 FUEL impact. Both brushless with similar power but the Makita 18V are actually more compact. Very Impressive.

Makita 18v Black vs Milwaukee M12 FUEL

We really think Makita has done an excellent job listening to users and created some awesome tools for those looking for 18V tools with a tiny footprint. Blacked Out awesome design for these tools and a very nice value at $230 just makes the upgrade that much easier. These pictures don’t do them justice they look really awesome!



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  1. Ramiro Fuentes says:

    Picked up a set at Home Depot. I’m trying to figure out if I want to keep it or return it and but a Milwaukee Fuel 12v kit instead. I already own a Milwaukee Fuel 18v drill driver and impact driver so it would make sense to stick with Milwaukee for the 12v, but I was really taken by the compact size and look of the Makita Subcompact. Any opinions in comparison to the Milwaukee Fuel 12v?

    • J says:

      There is no comparison. Mikita is milwaukee btw

      • J says:

        There is no comparison. Mikita is milwaukee btw. Milwaukee is the best

        • Mike says:

          No Milwaukee is most defiantly not Makita.
          I have owned and currently work with both ( at home and work). Makita is by far the best longest lasting tool on the market PERIOD. Makita was started in 1915 and is still operating the same way. Milwaukee is currently owned by Techtronic, the same people that make Ryobi. Milwaukee are a little more powerful ( SOME TIMES ) but will not even come close to lasting like a Makita.

  2. Tyler says:

    Just get the Milwaukee m18 fuel and u won’t get anything more powerful that’s what I have and it blows every single drill or impact away I’ve ever used even makita brushless and ridgid gen5x brushless and they r really small for 18v impacts

  3. Paul says:

    I have both 12V and MAKITA is lighter and over an inch more compact than the Mikwaukee Fuel. Plus it’s 18V so there is increased run time and tool offerings. This is a no brainer to me. Torque on both drills are the same but the MAKITA feels so much better.

  4. Shyrel says:

    Long used Makita. I think it’s very good in all the tools they make. They are among the best!

  5. Jay says:

    Great article and news on upcoming Makita tools. However, the some of the commentary and photos are a lopsided attempt at equating brushed 12V Max CXT tools with the new compact brushless 18V LXT tools. As such, what is needed here is an “apples-to-apples” comparison of the Makita 12V Max CXT brushless tools with these new 18V brushless models:

    Makita FD07 12V Max CXT Brushless Driver-Drill –
    6-1/16″ L | 2.3 lb (w/battery) | 280 in-lb torque | 0-450 / 0-1500 rpm

    Makita TD111D (Canadian designation, No US model no. yet) 12V Max CXT Brushless 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver – 5-5/16″ L | 2.1 lb (w/battery) | 1195 in-lb torque | 0-1300 / 0-3000 rpm | Assist Mode

    Clearly, the 18V brushless models are not more compact than their 12V Max CXT brushless cousins. Further, the 18V compact models weight some 0.5 lb more than their 12V counterparts with a compact battery; with a full-size battery this difference would be close to 1 lb.

  6. jim egan says:


  7. Douglas Nelson says:

    great tools.

  8. Ivan Torres says:

    I would like one

  9. John says:

    I work at a big (orange) box DIY retailer, and had been eyeing the Milwaukee 12v for a LONG time (they don’t pay us enough to cavalierly spend $200), but I’ve been stuck on the fence though, because while I like the compact size and weight of the MKE 12v, and as just a hobbyist woodworker, they have ample power for my needs, I was hesitant to pull the trigger because of how limited the MKE 12v range is, and I know that sooner or later I’ll grow into needing a wider range of tools with more power. Enter the Makita Subcompact, comparable size, weight, and power; plus entry to a HUGE range of 18v tools? My mind is made up. Just waiting for Xmas now.

  10. How much is its torque?
    Can it drill into concrete?

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