Milwaukee 2nd Generation M12 Hammer Drill (2504) and Impact Driver (2553)

Milwaukee released a new generation M12 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver a couple months back. We’ve played with them a bit and man they were impressive. All the same power as it’s previous model, now in a smaller package. Cutting off over an inch of length and dropping a few ounces, these new tools are feeling great.

Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill Driver 2504, 2nd Generation
Hammering through concrete block and drilling a block of wood, this really didn’t feel so different from an 18V drill. Sure, it’s still 12V, so it’s not as powerful as an 18V, but size is also important. It’s nice to have a small, lightweight drill on hand. Especially if it’s hanging on your hip all day!

Looking at the specs, this is rated at 350 in-lbs. That measurement seems a little low as we hammered and drilled easily. Check below for a list of key features and specs.

  • Most Capable
  • Lightest Weight
  • Most Compact
  • Most Capable 12V Hammer Drill with the power to perform a wide range of applications
  • Lightest Weight in its class for tool belt portability and less fatigue in the work day
  • Most Compact in its class for the best access in tight spaces
  • 1/2″ All Metal chuck for maximum grip and bit retention
  • E-Clutch for consistent repeatability in driving applications
  • 1700 RPMs for faster drilling speeds
  • 350 in.lbs of peak torque
  • LENGTH: 6.6”
  • WIDTH: 2.1”
  • HEIGHT: 7.8”
  • WEIGHT: 2.3lbs

If you’re looking for a lightweight compact solution, the search is over. Order yours today at Ohio Power Tool:

Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill Kit 2504-22 ($179)
Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill Bare Tool 2504-20 ($129)

Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver 2553, 2nd Generation
The same objective as the Hammer Drill, this Impact Driver focuses on reduced size for ergonomics and actually managed to produce more power than it’s previous model. The POWERSTATE brushless motor provides up to 3,300 RPM of constant power and outputs 1,300 in-lbs of torque!

The 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL provides greater control over output speed and power for greater versatility.

  • Mode 1: 0-1,300 RPM
  • Mode 2: 0-2,400 RPM
  • Mode 3: 0-3,300 RPM
  • Mode 4 is Self-Tapping Screw Mode which is designed to reduce walking when starting self-tapping screws as well as reduce overdriving, breaking and stripping out screws.

Here is a list of key features and specs:

  • Fastest Driving Speed
  • Most Compact
  • 4-Mode Drive Control
  • POWERSTATE™ brushless motor delivers 1300 in. lbs. of fastening torque for faster driving speeds
  • REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence prevents damage to the tool and battery due to overloading or overheating
  • REDLITHIUM™ batteries deliver more work per charge and more work over the life of the battery
  • 4-mode drive control provides greater control over output speed and power
  • LENGTH: 5.1”
  • WEIGHT: 1.76lbs

This bare tool and kit is also available at Ohio Power Tool

Milwaukee Impact Driver Kit 2553-22 ($170)
Milwaukee Impact Driver Bare Tool 2553-20 ($119)




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