Milwaukee Continues to Expand Cordless Lighting Solutions

Milwaukee’s expansion of their cordless lighting line has made them a major player in cordless L.E.D. lighting. They have continued their innovation with the introduction of their new cordless high output lighting systems. The lineup includes 4 all new cordless lights to suit a variety of workplace conditions and uses. Utilizing the M18 and M12 systems, these lights are designed to perform all day and offer unmatched true-color lighting.

M12 & M18 Rover Flood Lights


The M12 Compact Floodlight (2364) runs off the M12 system and gives off 1000 lumens of true color lighting. It is shatter resistant and can take up to 9 foot drops without being damaged. The key features on this light are its hanging options. The Rover has built-in magnets so that it can be attached to metal surfaces like beams, tool boxes, car hoods, electrical boxes and anything else metal you can find on the job but it also has a spring loaded clamp, key hole hanger, and wire hanger for when you can’t. This light will ship out in October of this year and will sell at $79.2364-20-2

The M18 Floodlight (2361-20) gives out 1100 lumens of lighting and can operate for up to 8 hours of runtime on a charge. Featuring a unique octagonal roll cage design, this light can be hung or placed in countless ways. It also features an EMT hanger, key hole hanger, cross bar hanger, and handle hanger.  This model is available now for $99.


The M18 TRUEVIEW HP Flood Light (2360-20) adds to this with more power and features. With 3 lighting settings, the M18 Floodlight is the industry’s brightest 18V LED flood light. The high output setting will emit 3,000 lumens of lighting, and runs up to 2, 4, or 9 hours with a XC 5.0 battery depending on the power setting. It also features an AC inlet for all day power. This light also features 3 keyholes for hanging just like the M12 model. The big feature here is its 240° rotating head that allows for easy placement and movement. The 2360-20 is available for $149.


M18 Search Light 2354

The M18 Search Light (2354) is designed for long range applications and has a 730 yard beam distance and 1250 lumen output. It has an IP54 ingress rating, which claims to be all around water and dust proof, making it a useful tool in the harshest of work or outdoor environments. It has 4 lighting modes: spot mode for a narrow beam (600 lumens), flood mode for a wide beam that’s ideal for work lighting (1200 lumens), spot/flood mode (1250 lumens), and strobe mode (1200 lumens). It also features a 198° rotating head. It will be available in October 2016 bare tool ($99) or as a kit with a 5.0 battery pack ($229).

M18 Radius Site Lights

The Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light is an extremely versatile area/overhead/task light that is capable of 4,400 lumens of all around lighting. This light also has an IP54 ingress rating as well as high impact lens to withstand the toughest conditions. This light offers 360° or 180° lighting to allow for all-around or partial jobsite illumination. AC in/out ports allow for up to 10 Radius Lights to be strung together. This light is available with or without ONE-KEY to allow for remote adjustment of brightness and light direction of one or more units at a time, as well as programmable time schedule putting complete control of all your lights in the palm of your hand. The 2145-20 is available now for $299 and the OKE-KEY enabled 2146-20 will be available in October for $349.


There is a pretty great video review below from our friends at Tool Box Buzz in their “Tools on Tap” series for this Radius light, drinking beers and really beating the crap out of it.

M18 Rocket Tower Lights

The newest addition to Milwaukee’s line of tower lighting is the M18 Rocket Tower Light 2135. The new 2135 model builds off the features of the TRUEVIEW M18 Stand Light 2130 by adding increased lighting, improved light heads, and AC inlet. These tower lighting systems are designed to be set up in a few seconds and provide powerful overhead lighting to reduce shadowing and obstruction.  The 2135 Rocket Light is adjustable from 4 to 7 feet and has a multidirectional head to allow for easy adjustments as well as 3 independent light heads for upward or downward lighting. The tower light has 3 lighting modes: high (3000 lumens for 2+ hours), medium (1700 lumens for 4+ hours), and low (900 lumens for 8 hours). It also has an AC inlet to allow for corded, all day lighting that will also charge any M18 battery. The 2130-20 is available now for $249. The new 2135-20 will be available in October starting at $399 bare tool, and the 2135-21HD kit model including a 9.0 Ah HD battery pack in November starting at $549.


The new Milwaukee High Output Lights are all available at Ohio Power Tool as soon as they are released. Be sure to check out our website for any of your lighting needs or give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424!



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