Milwaukee M18 SuperCharger 0-60 in 12Ah

Milwaukee SuperCharger

You just got home with your brand new Milwaukee M18 High Output Battery 12.0Ah and like an excited kid on Christmas tear open the box and through it on your standard red charger… then wait. Yes 241 minutes later your M18 battery with all 12.0Ah of juice will be fully charged. Even with the M18 RapidCharger 48-59-1808 you are still over 2 hours with this monster. Enter the new Milwaukee M18 SuperCharger and presto down to 60 minutes from zero to full, the new M18 6.0Ah High Output in just 35 minutes. All the speed does not come cheap however the new 48-59-1811 which does charge both the M12 & M18 is a hefty $159 and launching in July. It looks as thought the Rapid charger will remain the charger included with the high performance tools, this SuperCharger will be an add-on for now.

Milwaukee Battery Charge Times

M18 M12 Super Charger



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  1. Craz75 says:

    Does anyone now if this charger is like the rapid charger
    where it’s a Sequential charging system or would it do
    a M18 & M12 at the same time. Hopefully so

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